Mizpah is Hebrew for “lord watch over me” and is the name for my ministry to educate others about ritual abuse and mind control. For years, I chose to heal privately, and this site reflects what I have learned in the past ten years.

It is meant to help those wanting to learn more on this topic. I am aware that ritual abuse and mind control are done differently by various groups. The articles and posts on this site reflect my healing journey which may be different than yours. But I do hope that the information is helpful, whether you are a survivor or a therapist who works with survivors.

Note: this site contains Christian content, and graphic discussions of how mind control is done. If you are a survivor, please take care of yourself and check with your support or therapist before reading information, since the information could be triggering.

If you have a question, there may be a period of waiting until I can get back with an answer. Also, I do not answer every email inquiry.

May the LORD bless you.