I have recently written a book that describes in detail how programming is done by cult groups, and the issues that must be looked at in order to heal. This book is available in pdf format for $25.95. Below is a Table of Contents that describes the information it contains.

To order the book, please email me at svalispeaks@gmail.com. Thank you.




Chapter One: Essentials to Deprogramming

Chapter Two: Why Programming Works

Chapter Three: Accessing: Why It Occurs and How to Prevent It

Chapter Four: Dealing with Emotions


Chapter 5: Presentation Programming

Chapter Six: Working with Healing Blockers

Chapter Seven: Antichristian Programming

Chapter Eight: Working with Cult Loyal Parts

Chapter Nine: Helping Littles and Infants Heal

Chapter Ten: Reprogramming Systems

Chapter Eleven: Suicidality and Self Harm

Chapter Twelve: Working with the Birth Mother

Chapter Thirteen: Working with the Core

Chapter Fourteen: Building Joy

Chapter Fifteen: Relating to Support People

Chapter Sixteen: Why People Don’t Heal