I have been on my own healing journey for 27 years. It started when I went for deliverance years ago, and continued during the time when I realized that I was a member of a satanic cult, chose to leave the group, was abused and tortured and forced to recant, and then by God’s grace chose to continue to heal from those traumas. I wrote numerous articles that have been published on the Internet and shared with others earlier in this healing journey. Those articles reflected my understanding of healing at that time. This book reflects my understanding in the years since, after numerous access attempts (some successful, many not), and a deepening walk with God, who is my true healer.

I used to be a programmer, for a group that stands behind the Illuminati, Knights Templar, Opus Dei and the other 12 international occultic organizations. In fact, I used to be their head programmer, and ran the programming labs for this organization after Mengele died, when the torch was first passed on to another, and then to me. I developed or helped develop many of the programs discussed in this book, or “improved” on those developed before my time. I no longer work for that group, and this site and articles is my restitution. My other restitution is this: I pray that all who were ever programmed by me, or with the technologies that I developed, would be freed and released, in the name of the true Jesus who heals and blesses and forgives. I am forgiven for all that I did, by a God who shows amazing grace and mercy. He has literally held me as I shook and cried and screamed at times, both during the actual traumas, and during the healing of them. He has never left my side, throughout the journey. He never abandons during the journey, even though it can be difficult at times.

Many will ask “Where did you go during the years you disappeared?” I chose to go offline, have no cell phone, and live with a safe friend during five years of that part of my healing. I was then tested greatly, and found that God would come through. During this time, one my daughters (Hoji) chose to leave the group as well, in large part due to my testimony for Christ. She remembers (as I do, as well) being there when I was tortured for my faith in Christ, and that I whispered “I forgive you” to her and the others present (leaders of this organization). With this I want to add: “I want you to get free” to each of my loved ones who are still in the group. It really is possible to get free, and this site is my testimony to this fact. May it help and bless those who read its pages.