Are Vaccinations the Mark of the Beast?

Note: due to the censorship regarding opinions that conflict with that of mainstream media, this post may be taken down; I suggest saving it in case this site is taken down.

Due to a number of emails asking what I think about vaccines, I have decided to write a post on my thoughts. First and foremost, I cannot give medical advice on this blog. But I can share opinion, and share resources to help readers find further information, in order to make their own decisions.

The number one question I get asked regarding vaccines, is are they the “mark of the beast” (as mentioned in the book of Revelation in the Bible).

My honest opinion is no, they are not. But the mandates by some businesses and places to vaccinate, and the requirement for vaccination in some areas in order to travel and even work, are worrisome because they represent a lack of freedom that could set the stage for further restrictions and requirements – and, eventually, lead to coercion and greater control by a world leader in the future. This will include the future real mark of the beast. So, the short answer: I believe they are preparing the way.

Another question I am asked is “Are vaccines safe? And are they part of a bigger agenda?”
This is a complex question, and I will provide some links to resources below to allow readers who are interested to learn more in order to make informed decisions.

First, I do believe that it is worth mention that those in leadership in the CDC, the NIH, and Anthony Fauci are all Jesuit-educated (see this post for further information regarding Fauci: Anthony Fauci, product of Catholic education, oversees pandemic response ( If you have read my previous posts, you will read what I have to say about the Jesuit order; it is worrisome that those who control the reporting of some of the medical research done in the United States were educated in institutions affiliated with this group.
Here are the main questions to ask regarding vaccinations is it necessary? Is it safe? Is it effective?
To assist in answering these questions, I suggest studying both sides of the issue.

Here are a couple of pro-vaccine sites:

The CDC has articles and resources for information about COVID vaccinations: COVID-19 Vaccination Clinical and Professional Resources | CDC
This is what the NIH has to say about coronavirus vaccinations and research regarding them:

Here are several sites that urge caution and/or further research on what the authors consider a still experimental vaccine:
This is what Sherri Tenpenny had to say about vaccinations during a hearing before the legislature in Ohio:

This is what Dr. Robert Malone, one of the creators of mRNA technology had to say regarding coronavirus vaccines in an interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News:

A large concern when considering the efficacy and usefulness of the coronavirus vaccine is the role that money plays in decisions made in what information is shared publicly, and what is not. The larger pharmaceutical firms have consistently contributed significant funds to both mainstream and some independent media sources, and this could create some bias when discussing vaccines that bring in billions of dollars for these firms: Drug company influence on journalism | (

Another concern is the role that large corporations, such as Bill Gates, the President of Microsoft, have played in the development and urging of mass distribution of vaccines as part of its “philanthropy”: How Bill Gates Helped Make the COVID-19 Vaccine Possible | Observer. I don’t even want to begin discussing Gates, his occultic connections, and how anything he does that is “philanthropic” could be the exact opposite…

Regarding the safety of vaccines, it is important to be aware of some of the risks of vaccination (including death from side effects) that have been reported by some physicians:

I believe in becoming informed, and reading both sides in a debate. You may have noted that I have left out citing Anthony Fauci in this article. One reason is that he has given out poor and conflicting information in the past year and a half, and his veracity has recently been questioned in conservative media: Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Accuses Dr. Anthony Fauci Of “Cover-Up” – Deadline.

I will now share my own opinion, and some concerns based on my own memories of the group’s agenda. This opinion is not meant to be medical advice.

At this point, I believe that the vaccine is still “experimental” and has some serious side effects seen in those who receive it. I also believe that those who receive it risk weakening their immune system, and this could cause difficulty in fighting what I believe will be a next wave of the virus coming out. This next virus wave will not be any deadlier than the first wave, but those who receive the vaccine could have a weakened immune system response to it.

I believe this weakening is purposeful, and will lead to media claims that the next wave is “deadlier” than the first wave.
Why do I think this? Because no organized occultic group would knowingly unleash a bio-weapon on the world that could not be controlled, or they would risk killing their own members. Instead, they would rather weaken the immune systems of individuals, and then simply release what would amount to a simple flu – but which those with weakened immune systems will have difficulty fighting off or recovering from. I do not believe that members of occult societies are receiving real vaccines, but instead, are receiving placebos or saline injections, while the general public is receiving the vaccine.

This will be used to create even more panic, and to attempt to implement even more control over society.
At the same time, I believe that as Christians, we do not need to fear. God is truly able to protect people, and to heal from the effect of vaccines if an individual has received one. My trust is that God will see us through this time, and will help to strengthen the church and our nation as we turn to Him for help.

The Occultic Agenda

Trigger Warning: the things shared in this post have the potential to be very triggering for some survivors

In recent months, the reports on the news have become quite alarming at times; it feels as if I am hearing on the news the things that I was told (and helped plan) in the cult years ago that would happen.
I want to begin by first stating I do not have a political agenda when I share the following. I believe that both Trump and Biden are equally mind controlled, and have never believed that “Trump winning” would mean that the “good guys win” (as some online seem to believe).

According to my memories of the occult agenda for 2020 and beyond, these events were planned:

  1. That a viral pandemic would be unleashed in the media, to see how people would respond to what the media (and the media subliminals) were telling them, and try to discover where pockets of resistance were. The goal was to see if people would believe what the media told them over what science and real data indicated. I am not saying that there is no coronavirus, or that there has not been any loss of life; but I believe that the reporting, testing and media coverage and the responses of various nations (such as shutdowns with severe economic and social impact) has not been commensurate with the actual situation. I personally know several people who refused to be tested for coronavirus, and received “positive results” for COVID-19 in the mail; and of individuals whose family members died of a heart attack or surgery complication whose deaths were attributed erroneously to COVID, when it was not the cause of death. This makes it difficult to believe to believe the numbers reported in the media. I am grieved to see events that years ago were planned for by the occultic groups come to pass at this time.
  2. That Trump would serve two terms in the US. This agenda has changed since I left the group I was in; I could only speculate on why.
  3. That Trump would betray the nation in 2024, and this betrayal would cause civil unrest (again, this did not occur, so apparently a “plan B” was developed and carried out).
  4. That the US dollar would become completely devalued, and a martial law/authoritarian regime would be put in place with loyalty to a one world government in return for economic stabilization.
  5. During the above, a second pandemic would be unleashed which will purportedly be fatal to younger people, including children. This would be used to overcome any initial resistance to government protocols to be instituted, such as requiring vaccination to buy and sell, or travel, and other citizen rights would be surrendered “for the common good”.
  6. That legislation based on “anti-hate” laws would be instituted that will sound good, and legally appear to be protective of previously oppressed groups, but will ultimately be misused by the occult societies to criminalize certain faith groups, including Christianity, Judaism, and any political group that does not agree with the cult agenda.
  7. That a world leader will appear on the scene around 2030, who will appear to have workable solutions for all of these issues. He will lead a one world government with the consent of almost every nation.
    Okay, so the above is what I understood would occur during the next decade. BUT this does not mean it will necessarily happen (although recent news items, such as the vaccination legislation seen in Israel in recent months, and other international events make the above appear to be much closer to occurring than ever).
  8. While the above is the occultic agenda, I believe in a God who can heal, deliver and save, and who can change world history. We need to pray, as never before, for the US and other nations; that truth will come to light, and that this wicked agenda will be thwarted. God is more powerful than the occultic societies, and this is a time to pray and believe that He can – and will – act in response.
    I am not posting this to promote fear or alarm, but as a call to prayer and intercession to the one who can truly help the nations. This will not be a “world leader” or a political agenda, but instead a God who loves people and hears our prayers, which do not go unheard.

Some Thoughts and Prayers

In 2000, I had written on my blog that in 2020, the cult had planned to change things and come into the open more, and they did. Discussion of a “secret cabal”, a “deep state”, an “elite that runs things” is now done openly in the media. With the events of the past few months, I no longer feel that I can be called a “conspiracy theorist” as some label me; if I am, I have plenty of company, including this label being applied to anyone who questions the results of the US election or supports Trump.

 The US is in unrest, because nearly half of the nation believes that there was election fraud – not due to the proclamations of Donald Trump, but due to the evidence mounting regarding its occurrence. But whether or not there was fraud, the greatest concern is the increasing censorship of any discussion, or the unwillingness to even review the evidence (or lack) which in itself fosters division and fear.

Our media has had censorship for years (which I also wrote about years ago; how the cult has attempted to take over media, education, government, finances, science and spirituality in our country, which some Christians are now calling “the seven mountains”). Google changed its algorithms years ago to filter results to those it wants viewers to see first. If there is any doubt, try using an alternative to Google or Bing (which is also filtered), and compare the results when you enter in the names of some well-known conservative leaders, or attempt to research various stories (such as “Italygate”), etc. And both liberal and conservative media have increased the amount of open hostility, disparaging comments and fear to what each considers “the other side”. Our media, on both sides, is fomenting division in this country, and has been for years.

I have known for years, and told close friends, that the agenda for the cult has been civil war; but I believed it would be later (2025). I now question that timeline, which is from years ago, since it appears at least on the surface, that things are happening faster than I was told at the time. I was told that years ago that there would be a Covid phase 2 media campaign, with it supposedly causing deaths in children in order to create greater fear, which has not occurred yet.

The US is in fear, because some of the things which have been done in secret are coming to the light – and our nation has been in denial. For years, survivors have mentioned what is going on, and nobody listened, or believed them. Now, what has seemed unbelievable is now occurring, openly. And people are afraid.

This kind of environment can be unsettling for survivors, especially, who will have internal programs firing off as events occur that validate their concerns about world events and the cult agenda. This is understandable, when events that were formerly only programming scenarios are seen in the daily news. There are end times programs, civil war programs and others that can increase the fear beyond what such events would normally cause.

When this type of fear comes, take time to journal; process with those who are trustworthy, or seek a safe therapist if you don’t have anyone to talk things out with. Be aware that this type of fear and anxiety is normal in a time when it appears that fears that the “new world agenda” is taking over might be coming true. Specific programs to respond in specific ways to specific events or code phrases used when events are described need to be processed and the traumas that instilled them worked through. It is important to realize that an individual does not have to respond to environmental cues or triggers in the ways they were programmed to. That they can create an internal environment that allows a sense of safety and internal control, regardless of what is happening on the outside. This sense of safety can come through internal communication, cooperation, supportive friends, and a strong faith, among others.

Whether you are a survivor or a supporter of survivors, another thing that can help is to meditate on scriptures regarding God’s love, care and protection. There are numerous books out there with scriptures arranged by topic that can be helpful. It is important to remember during times like this that God is still the one in control, not the cult. The main source of the fear is the belief that the cult (or the “bad politicians”) are in control of things. But God is the one who knows the end (He wins!) regardless of the events that man’s free will are bringing about right now. God is not surprised by current events; He predicted them in the Bible, and we can trust Him to help us through this time.

I believe this is the time to turn to God and pray, as never before, for the US. While the cult has an agenda which is being fostered, I believe that God is greater, and that He really can change things. Some prayer points I would like to suggest include:

  • Pray for repentance for a nation that has sanctioned the murder of millions of unborn children (abortion), which the cult has viewed as a sacrifice and used to build up spiritual darkness in the land. God can forgive when we ask His forgiveness, and as a nation, we need to repent for allowing this practice
  • Pray for our lawmakers in both parties; for our judges, to have encounters with the true God who can change hearts and bring about right decisions. Pray for a new wave of Christians to enter the political arena
  • Pray that when things come to the light, that instead of fear or hatred, people will turn to God for the ability to endure and that they will seek Him
  • Pray that the hostility, division and lawlessness promoted by our media will stop
  • Pray for freedom of speech in the US
  • Pray for revival throughout the nation

America at the Crossroads

Nearly 20 years ago, I noted in one of my posts that 2020 would be a year of huge change for the occult world, when the world would be able to see the agenda becoming more public.

I noted in my book, Breaking the Chain at that time that the goal of the Illuminati and other occultists was to control several sectors of society: finance, religion, education, government, the media and sciences. In recent years, these have been identified as the “7 mountains” or gatekeepers of a culture that have been systematically targeted for control by those who oppose the wellbeing of mankind and Christianity. I believe that we are seeing some indications of the extent of this control in the US, in recenty months.

While I rarely express views on politics, I cannot remain silent about the dangers that I see in what has basically turned into “media wars” on both sides of the political fence. I have been increasingly concerned about the increasing use of hostile, derogatory language, whether the media is Fox, Newsmax, Breitbart, CNN, ABC, or MSNBC. Simply put, our media has shown itself to be incredibly biased, with cries of “they are liars” and inflammatory speech from both parties and viewpoints.

For the average American, it means that they can no longer trust what they are seeing reported on the news, as evidenced by recent polls ( regarding whether there was election fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election  (note: this link does mean that I endorse any particular news site).

Because I believe that both candidates are mind controlled, I don’t believe that “the good guy” got “taken out” by the “bad guys” regardless of who ends up becoming president (although I cannot support a political party that promotes killing unborn children in the womb). I do believe that the reporting on the fraud was designed to create intense hostility on both sides, and to create increasing fear that our society is corrupt (it is). My concern is that amid cries of corruption, politicians, lawyers and others with influence seemingly appear helpless to change anything – which creates despair in a public that is becoming increasingly convinced that our media, our judges, our lawmakers and those who represent us in government are corrupt liars.

The truth about what is going on behind the scenes is being slowly revealed to the American public. But why? That becomes the greater question. Why create this amount of hostility, mistrust and anger on both sides? Who wins when there is less and less discussion, coming to the table and working together to resolve problems? It is not the people, or our nation, or our culture.

I believe the anger, media messages and lack of workable solutions to this issue are meant to lead us towards division in our country; to weaken it and promote increasing violence on both sides of the political fence.

What is the answer in a world where the media reports on Covid, the election fraud or lack of fraud, and other issues impact people’s fear levels?

I believe that as never before, as a nation we need to pray. Specifically:

  • Pray for godly wisdom and discernment for our leadership at all levels.
  • Pray for love for others, regardless of their political stance
  • Reach out to those in influence: How many representatives and senators receive emails saying “I am praying for you” and thanking them for decisions made that reflect a godly agenda?  
  • Pray for judges who will make decisions that our good for our nation, regardless of political party
  • Pray for the ability for the major influencers in both political parties to come together and discuss issues, where honor for one another is emphasized, rather than fear and mistrust
  • Pray that God will show our nation solutions to the issues our country faces at this time

 I believe that God is in charge of our nation, regardless of who becomes President. But I believe that our responsibility is to pray for those who lead, and to take steps to impact our culture in a positive way. We need Christian influencers as never before, since they know the One who truly has the answers to the problems America faces right now.