Book Part 8


Under Vulcan is Prometheus, the main white system (presentations) controller punisher. His punishments include fire, burning, and intense pain, depending upon the traumas the person has undergone. During the early years, the Jesuits will incorporate primary punishment traumas that include:

·    Flagellation with a whip that has attached sharp rocks and razors

·    Burning at a stake

·    Having feet and legs chewed on by rats

·    Being stung by a swarm of angry bees (the child is given anti-venom before and after to prevent death)

·    Infants being dropped, and startled into a mechanical panic reaction

·    Being attacked by birds and wolves

·    Demonic attacks

·    Rapes with steel instruments

·    Shocks throughout the body

·    Death and near-death experiences

·    Paralysis and being tortured while unable to move

·    Drowning and smothering

There are others; these are just a few representative traumas. The death experiences can be accessed and used to make the individual believe that they are dying as a result of disobedience; the heart may even stop beating for intervals that range from skipped beats to no beat for up to a minute. Breathing may also stop when the individual attempts to break core level punishment programming, since the ultimate punishment is physical death, and this is deliberately installed by the Jesuit Fathers as a “fail safe” if all other protocols fail.


Saturn will be the primary reprogramming system, and is responsible for reprogramming the systems nightly with the traumas described above. Horrific reprogramming traumas will be instilled, first physically and later using virtual reality. Small core-level infants will be dropped, pounded, shocked, raped, burned, cut, eaten on by rats, blinded by needles, suffocated and otherwise traumatized during the reprogramming.

Jesuit systems reprogram constantly, with the reprogramming sequences changing every two hours throughout the day. This ensures that all systems are reprogrammed daily.

E. Jesuit Master Controllers

The primary master controllers for a Jesuit system will reflect the primary spiritual relationships in the child’s life.

Althea (the Tree of Life)

These will include the “unholy trinity” of the Father (Satan), the Son (the antichrist and the beast) and the Spirit (Althea, the tree of life).  The Fathers worship all three. In fact, the Arbor de Vitae monastery just north of Rome (the primary Jesuit monastery) is believed to be the dwelling place of Althea, the tree of life. This wicked creature lives in the basement of the monastery, and the young children (and adults) will often hear her moaning at night to be fed. And they do feed her, at regular intervals, with sacrifices of every human variety.

The Jesuit children are taught from infancy to participate in these rituals; as infants, the Fathers place their hands over a baby’s, and teach them to make the sacrifice. As the child gets older, they must take a more active role, or suffer severe punishment by Althea (which appears at times like a huge willow whose branches “whip” the child terribly).

No Jesuit child ever wants to be called down for a spiritual whipping of this manner, and so they quickly learn how to feed the tree very efficiently. After a ritual, the tree will be quiet for days or weeks, but will always begin moaning again to be fed. The child grows up knowing that in order for there to be peace, they must give this entity what it asks for. The child will have been dedicated to Althea, will have a representation of her in their system, and must dismantle it, kick out the spiritual entity, and heal the human part.

Helping the Survivor

When the tree of life is pulled out, the three roots (white, black and silver gray) must also be rooted out, since these represent early infant demonic traumas used in installing the roots of the tree of life and the q’ballah internally. This takes extensive prayer, seeking the Lord, and asking the Holy Spirit to help the survivor overcome the fear of uprooting these demonic strongholds.

The tree of life will often have grown to a large tree with 1,000 points of life, each representing a life taken (including those of infants), and the demonic that entered as a result, during the installation of the tree. These lives must be grieved for; the murders repented of, and forgiveness received, to break the hold of the tree of life on the survivvor’s mind.

Some survivors will also have a mirror images of the tree of life, or a “tree of death” internally, that again is based upon the ritual murder of young infants, with the roots attached to the heart of the survivor (they are wrapped around the heart, and the survivor may believe that they will die if the tree is taken out).

The survivor will need to realize that the Lord is able to undo even this type of programming; can overcome the fear of uprooting the demonic. It can help the survivor if they are reminded that the fear they feel is the fear that the demonic feels at losing its “home” inside, and that they will actually feel more peace once the tree is rooted out. They can pray and ask the Lord to uproot it for them; this may be seen visually inside as Jesus reaching in and pulling it out, or as an increased peace as the rituals are repented of, and the person exercises authority.

The relief may be dramatic, or occur over several weeks. But the survivor will have more internal peace and healing once they choose to get rid of this voracious entity, and allow the Holy Spirit to fill them instead.

The Beast

The Beast has a room and a lair in the Vatican dedicated to him. This room supposedly dates from early Roman times, when sacrifices were conducted in the original cave located there that the Vatican was built over. This angry and vindictive spirit makes its presence known, and is eagerly sought out by the Fathers, since they believe he gives great power over enemies. The young child will be placed during the second year of life in a dark, cave-like lair underneath the altar in the Beast’s room. They will spend 24 hours in this lair, where the Beast visits with the child, makes suggestions, and eventually has the child give in to its requests (to kill another child put in with them).

This is extremely traumatizing to the young child, who feels intense guilt. The child will have internalized the Beast (see the above discussion on programming methods used). This internal Beast only knows and understands killing and destroying, and spiritual warfare and deliverance must be done to free the human part trapped by the spiritual part. The Beast also gives energy to the punishment systems described previously, and will demand absolute obedience to it and the Pantheon, until the individual learns their authority in Yeshua, and is able to break free.


Many times, it can take years of dedicated work to go beneath the tree and beast layers, and reach the true system master controller: Satan.  From pre-birth and birth dedication, this is the being the Jesuits truly serve, in both his incarnations: as satan (cruel, vicious, demanding, destructive and lying) and Theo (kind, benevolent, manipulative, charming). The child will have been bonded to both, as described previously.

Satan’s Throne

During the toddler years, at times the child will be physically placed on satan’s throne. When supplicants crawl up the hall on ground glass, or nails, or hot rocks, satan will be sitting on the throne next to the child. He will ask the child what kind of judgment should be made; or what price should be paid for a request, and the child will answer. If satan is pleased with the answer, he and the child will simultaneously make the pronouncement. If the child is too kind-hearted, they will be punished severely until they learn the types of judgment that are acceptable.

This internalizes the satan identity for the core master controller, since the adults treat the child on satan’s throne as if he/she were satan himself, in every way. The child is actually temporarily possessed, in that part, by satan during the ceremonies and judgments. The evil behavior convinces the survivor that he/she is evil and anchors the belief in the part that they are actually satan.

Helping the survivor

 In later years, the adult will have to overcome very difficult memories of the lives taken or asked for when in that role, and the cruel decisions made. They will need to repent of these deeds, and ask the Lord for forgiveness (which He offers freely). It can help to remind the survivor that the Lord knew all about their past, even when they didn’t; that He is not surprised or repulsed by them or their past. When they came to Jesus, He knew all about each act they committed, and forgave them.

They will also need emotional support to process the pain of these memories, and to be treated as loveable, in spite of the horrific acts that they committed. This is a challenge, since many Christians want to “turn away” from those with a past such as this. But the survivor is looking to their therapist or support person to demonstrate the love of Christ to systems that may have no idea of what true Christianity is.

Once they “get it” and realize they are forgiven, these parts will quickly give up their old jobs and choose freedom, if they believe they have the physical safety to support healing.

 Demonic Chess

The Jesuit Fathers are accomplished “chess masters.” The term comes from the original, demonic origin of chess, which was first used by the ancient Babylonians, then the Egyptians, then passed down through the centuries. The original form of chess is considered an important part of mage training.

During the game, the young child is taught to first control the easier, white pieces, which are made of stone. During the game, the pieces come demonically alive, and they will try to turn on and attack the child. At first, the toddler needs the help of their spiritual mentor (the Father) to control the pieces and to prevent being bitten and wounded terribly. As the child gets older, and stronger in the occult, they are eventually able to demonically control and move the pieces on the board. They also learn to move and control the much more difficult black pieces in the same manner.

The winner of the game is allowed to ask the board for the answer to a question. If white wins, the answer will be written in black on the king’s square; if black wins, the answer is written in shining silver on the black king’s square. The monarchs of Europe often played this form of chess in order to get answers as to which battle strategy would be best to use, or to get “inside” information on their enemies. A true “chess master” is actually an ascended master who is able to win frequently at this form of chess.

The occultic form of chess is one reason why there is a chessboard in the Alice in Wonderland books; the game is actually based on a demonic game being played.

Torture Training

The Jesuits are considered the “best” (or, worst would be a better adjective) torturers in the world.  They were the ones who conducted the Inquisition (Torquemada was an infamous “interrogator”) and they refined the art of torture throughout the centuries.  All Jesuits undergo training from infancy on in how to torture and interrogate others.

The lower levels of all Jesuit monasteries, and the Vatican, contain rooms that are literal dungeons, with torture instruments that range from medieval (such as racks, water wheels – a favorite of the Fathers), pincers, and iron maidens, as well as every variety of whip (including those with small stones and razors attached), to more modern equipment.

The Jesuits are infamous for their ability to keep individuals they wish to make examples of alive for weeks while undergoing torture such as having the skin peeled off and reattached; having digits removed, blinding the victim with hot pokers, needles or other instruments; doing “dental work” without anesthesia; electroshock, paralysis and suffocation, burning digits and working inwards, and other methods. They have very sophisticated medical equipment on hand, and will insert I.V.s and use other methods to prevent dehydration; and will give a variety of medications to either enhance and prolong pain, or to resuscitate the victim.

The toddler is forced to learn to do all of these things, and others. If they hesitate or refuse, the toddler is tortured in the same way they were asked to torture another, until under great pain, they finally agree. The victims they learn on are often homeless adults at first, or traitors; the child is taught that these tortures are what happen to those who betray the Order, or try to leave it.

A favorite form of torture at the monasteries is actual crucifixions; the “traitors” are nailed to crosses, and slowly suffocate and dehydrate over a period of three to four days. The Jesuit classes are marched by at intervals to watch the result; the individuals always lose their bodily control during the first day, and their minds by the second. It is a terrible sight to see the incoherent screams and begging for mercy by the last day or two, and it makes an unforgettable impression on the young Jesuits in training. They rapidly decide that being a “traitor” is something that they never want to experience.

The toddler is at first awkward with knives, but during early childhood, with instruction by the Jesuit Fathers, they become quite skilled at using a knife for torture and/or slaughter. Important rituals are “practiced” ahead of time to ensure that the children are all able to fulfill their roles without hesitation and perform perfectly. The slightest error is not tolerated in these settings.

F. Anti-Christian Programming

The Jesuit Fathers create innumerable setups to ensure that the young child will learn to hate and fear the real Jesus of Christianity.  These setups can include the following:

·    The child runs away when very young, because the gates to the monastery are “miraculously” left open. Eager to escape their torture and abuse, they run down the road. There is a house to the right, and in front is a kindly, smiling figure in a white robe who introduces himself as “Jesus.” He invites the child in for a meal and “safety” from the “bad Fathers.” The child accepts the invitation and once inside the house, is locked in and terribly sexually abused and tortured for several days. The child finally “finds” an opportunity to escape and is found by a Father as they run back to the monastery, which is better than what they experienced in the “Mansion with many rooms” that the false “Jesus” lives in.

·    When a bit older, the child may be taken to a monastery near the coast of Ireland, where there are numerous caves. While there, they meet a shepherd in a white robe with a flock of sheep; the shepherd has a staff, and introduces himself to the child as Jesus. Others with him are the disciples. “Jesus” ties the child to himself with a rope, and takes the child into different caves, where sexual abuse occurs. The false Jesus and disciples also practice bestiality, torture the child, hit the child with the shepherd’s staff, all the while reciting scriptures about the “Good shepherd and His sheep,” “Let the little children come unto me” (when sexual abuse occurs), “My sheep hear my voice,” (the child is beaten), and other shepherd scriptures, from the “rod and staff comfort me,” to “entering the gate.”

·    Theta, or dark spiritual parts, are taught that “Jesus smells.” At some point, the child is taken to the shore of the ocean, where there is a boat filled with very rotten fish. A false “Jesus” who smells like the fish, and his “disciples” grab the child and take them retching out onto the water in the boat, declaring that they are “fishers of men” and will make the child one as well. In the ocean is a rotting corpse which they “fish out.” The memory of the smell will make these parts of the child feel ill for days, and they come to equate Jesus and Christians with this smell. When they come out, they cannot come near the Christian presenters without smelling this foul smell, until the memory is worked through.

·    Numerous “Witch Trials” are set up starting during the toddler years, when spiritual parts are brought before a jury of “Christians” who condemn them for witchcraft, and consign them to death by burning at the stake. A Jesuit Father “rescues” the young witch or mage from “death” and the part is left with a deep hatred for Christians.

·    Spiritual parts go before a false representation of “God” on his “throne” where they are judged and sent to “hell”. Again, this reinforces hatred for the Christian God in the darker spiritual parts. In these scenarios, “satan” will come and rescue the child from “hell.”

Book Part 7

Trigger warning: this post contains graphic descriptions of programming and methods

Assassin Training (ages 2-4)

The early assassin training is continued during the second year of life. The parts that will do physical assassinations are taught to wring the necks of kittens and other small animals.

During the second half of this year the toddler will undergo the extremely cruel training to kill that Mengele developed. The child will be placed in a cage with other children the same age (there are thirteen cages in all, with six on the bottom, four in the middle, two above and one at the very top.

The children in the bottom six cages undergo terrible abuse. The children above urinate and defecate on them, since they are at the bottom. They are also painfully raped frequently, and are not given any food or water.  It is a type of “hell” for a small child. Once a day the toddler is taken out, and a kitten is placed in front of them. Mengele then would give the order, “Papa says ‘Kill’”. They are expected to instantly snap the neck. If there is the slightest hesitation, or the child refuses, they are placed back in the bottom row of cages, where the terrible deprivation and abuse occur.

The next day, the child is given another chance. The children that survive learn to instantly and without thinking obey the order. If they do, then Mengele would hold the child in his lap; tell them what a good job they did, and give them a treat.

After two weeks, the child will be either on the top two rows, or dead.  By then, Mengele would spend significant time praising the child, bonding with them, for doing such a “good job.” The animals to be killed were placed in the center of a red circle, and they become bigger. Finally, a small infant is placed in the center of the red circle, the child is given a knife, and the command is given. If the child refuses, they are placed back in the bottom row of cages, and the training begins all over again until they obey or die.

This is a primary assassin code: “Papa says kill” and is used by all Jesuit Fathers and top trainers as well.

Traveling the Dimensions

As part of their mage training, the toddler is taught to begin to travel in the spiritual realm. Before age 24 months, they will have learned to travel to the First Dimension.  Dimensional travel usually involves theta parts which have never had contact with the outside world other than during their first creation in a black room.  These parts are taught to leave the body through the application of intense torture (electroshock, burning, skin peeling, cutting with razors, beating, flagellation, smothering, heart stoppage, freezing, burning or other types of trauma).

The First Dimension

Once the part can leave the body, they are accompanied by an older spiritual mentor, who travels with them to the first dimension. This dimension is described in the Alice in Wonderland books (Lewis Carroll was an infamous occultist, and his books actually describe the demonic realms). In the first dimension, plants and flowers talk, and the young child is fascinated by the seeming beauty of the landscape at first glance. They are initially unaware of the dangers, but quickly learn: the flowers will try and grab the child and hold the child against their will; or will beat upon or even try to bite the child. Oversized bees and insects also come, and can cause great pain.

The child traveling will cry out for help, and will be “rescued” by their spiritual mentor, who will take them back to Gaia (the physical world we inhabit here; that is the name for this dimension).

The controllers for the First dimension are a large cat (the “Cheshire cat” in the Alice books);a large, demonic caterpillar that can sting with ferocity, and the white rabbit. These beings are actually demons that have been trapped in the dimension; they cannot leave it, but try to entice humans to visit them in order to ensnare their souls.

The Second Dimension

The second dimension is fire, and is inhabited by Vulcan. It is very hot, and the dimension is much like entering into an underworld with hot lava streams and fires. The child and their mentor travels, enduring being chased by fire lizards and other creatures, until they meet up with Vulcan.

Other Dimensions

The other dimensions include:

  • a dimension of extreme cold and ice, overseen by a demonic “ice queen”
  • a “reverse world” where everything is reversed, causing extreme disorientation
  • an underwater dimension overseen by neptune
  • a dimension of extreme dark and nightmares, overseen by Charymedes (god of insanity and chaos) with harpies that chase the child and attempt to kill them:
  • a dimension (the 12th) of electricity charges, overseen by Electra

Each being that rules a dimension will always ask for a sacrifice of some kind from the child, in order for the child to be allowed to return to Gaia. At first, the sacrifices might be “the screams of someone being tortured” or for the child to undergo torture themselves. As the child goes to the higher dimensions, with worlds inhabited by beings such as Charymedes, the sacrifices become much more difficult, and can include betraying the person the child loves most, or killing someone the child cares for, including their spiritual mentor(s).

Traveling the dimensions is considered a primary part of mage training; a mage does not become an ascended master until they have traveled to the 12th dimension, or the 13th (travel to these dimensions involves being put to death for several minutes).

Helping the survivor

The early childhood traumas will be very difficult for the presentation to accept, especially because of the deep denial and guilt that will be programmed in. If the survivor does begin to recover these memories, their punishment programming will immediately begin kicking in (see following section for further details).

Jesuits are always international, highly trained assassins and information gatherers, and the grieving will be tremendous. This is when they will need outside support, to vent the anger and grieving over the abuse and manipulations, and to hear that the Lord can forgive what they were forced to do from a very young age.

The survivor may cry out as Jeremiah did, “Why did I come forth from the womb to see labor and sorrow, That my days should be consumed with shame?:( Jer.20:18). It can help them to understand that the Lord really does understand their grieving and pain, that He took that on the cross for them, and paid the price for every death they were forced to participate in. 

It can help the presentation to remind them that when they came to Jesus, while THEY were unaware of the back parts and their deeds, Jesus knew all along – and forgave them, too; that this information doesn’t surprise Him. His love doesn’t change just because the survivor remembers what they formerly didn’t.

As they attempt to break bonds with their early abusers, they will run headlong into feelings of abandonment and being alone, which are meant to prevent their fully leaving. Leaving will mean giving up all of their deepest unconscious relationships, the ones formed during these earliest (amnesic) years that have been wiped out from conscious memory.

It can help the survivor to understand that the Lord can fill their attachment pain, and stand in the place of father and mother to these young parts:

Ps.68:5. “A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy habitation.”

Isaiah 66:13. “As one whom his mother comforts, So I will comfort you; And you shall be comforted in Jerusalem.”

It can be difficult for the presentation that came into therapy to realize that THEY are not the true “host” (which is placed behind an amnesic barrier). The real “host” the first three years of life will be Jesuit, will have a Jesuit name, and will carry the memories of the first three years that are wiped out when the child undergoes amnesia programming at age three prior to being placed within their host families.

The child at that age will have agreed willingly to forget the Fathers that they love in order to protect them; the presentation must be able to grieve this loss of their early childhood memories, and supported in dealing with the very painful betrayals and loyalty programming that will come up if the true host does ever present in therapy.

D. Punisher Training

An important part of a Jesuit system is the punishers. These punishers are modeled after people and spiritual beings the infant and child have seen portrayed by actors and in VR from earliest infancy. The beings (actirs) come to the infant’s crib, talk to him or her, and tie themselves to the infant with a slender cord, as they teach the infant how the being talks and acts. This becomes internalized, along with the demonic spirit they impart.

The head of the punishment systems for Jesuits are in several layers. In the false Christian layer, these will include a false Jesus (head punisher), a false God, and a false Holy spirit. These parts, who are actually sabotagers and punishers, explain why the presentation can be very “Christian” and yet not be actually listening to the Christian God; instead, their conscience, which is Jesuit-trained, will believe that they must obey “God” and they may be completely misled into actually obeying the group and its directives and feel extremely guilty and even think they will “go to hell” if they disobey.

They will not know that these are Jesuit directives, however; they will believe that “God” is “telling them to stay with their husband (handler)” or that they must “honor their Father and Mother (cult parents)”, etc. They will feel very “Christian” and “peaceful” when they obey these directives, and feel guilt, confusion and anxiety when they disobey, until the programming is broken and they can differentiate between the Lord and the false god placed within.

Core Level punishers will include Vulcan and Prometheus, and the main reprogramming system will be named Saturn (due to the numerous rings and levels of the punishments).

Internal Hell Punishment

The foundation of a Jesuit punishment system will be the deeply ingrained belief, from the core outwards, that the systems must not be allowed to descend and thus enter into the punishments of “hell.” Since earliest infancy, and deep into the subconscious and unconscious, this fear of descending (through disobedience to the order’s directives, or to the pantheon) is inculcated. All core controllers for all systems will unconsciously believe that the punishments are “good” since they are keeping the systems and core from “going to hell” or descending into a mortal state. The pain of the programming (re-experiencing) is seen as “proof” that the systems are descending, since ascended systems “do not feel pain” in the programming scripts.

This will be translated in the presentation into a deep fear of angering God, and an unusual ability to “hear from the Lord” and “hear His direction” which is actually listening to the false god planted inside in order to prevent experiencing the excruciating pain that will result if they disobey. The presentation may experience severe guilt at the thought of the smallest infraction, or fear going to hell for even slight errors, due to the unconscious pain of this programming.


Vulcan is the primary core level punisher, and has an anvil that is used to literally pound the primary system core splits with (ensuring that the resulting pain and trauma go throughout the system being punished). If he fails in his duty, a large black bird swoops down on him, tearing out his liver and entrails and eats them. This is based upon primary infant traumas that involve the Jesuit Fathers bringing a bird into the infant’s crib, and allowing its talons to tear at the infant. The traumatized infant retains this memory, which is built upon over the years.

Often this is reinforced with virtual reality, with a highly realistic predatory bird swooping down and piercing the bowels. Physical needles and knives are used for the initial traumatic pain, which is accessed and re-experienced over the years.

Vulcan is taught to punish the systems, and even the core, for severe disobedience and/or betrayal. The worst type of disobedience includes failure to maintain contact with the Fathers or their representatives, and trying to leave the Order. To the Jesuits, an individual attempting to leave is considered a traitor of the highest degree. They are actually considered “insane” since only insanity, to their thinking, could cause a person to take the path to descension, feeling the body and mortality, and giving up what they consider “godhood” and choosing to “go to hell.” The members of the Order literally believe that the person choosing to leave is straight on the path to hell, and they will do anything to try and “save” them from this path.

This “salvation” can and will include extreme torture and reprogramming, in order to put the person “back on the right path.” They believe that these measures are needed to bring the person to their “senses.”

Helping the Survivor

The internal punishers and master controllers will also hold these beliefs, unless they can be reached and worked with. They will torture the person into literal insanity and/or death, believing that they are “helping” to “redeem” the “errant” person.

The hell punishers and system punishers themselves will be in agreement with the tortures, since as a child, they were taught to punish severely “traitors” and those who “disobeyed” with these same tortures. They internalized the beliefs of the Jesuit Fathers, and so were in agreement with inflicting this type of pain upon others, first externally, and then internally. They believe they are doing a “good” thing.

As the survivor remembers doing these things, they will feel immense guilt, and believe that they “deserve” these punishments because of what an “evil” person they are. They must be shown that Yeshua paid the full price for their sins, and that they and their systems can never do restitution for their deeds. This can help to break the cycle of guilt, penance and pain that has been set up since infancy.

Meditation on scriptures regarding forgiveness, the love of God, and listening to worship music that underscores the forgiving heart of God can be helpful in understanding this, since music can reach the “right brain” and bypass the faulty logic the Jesuits installed.

Exposing the Vatican: Part 6

trigger warning: explicit discussion of programming, traumas and negative spirituality

Q’Ballah Programming

Mengele always installed the Q’Ballah in those he worked with, and he installed it into Jesuit systems as well. Althea, or the “Tree of Life” is the basis, with the three cords (white, black, grey) roots demonically entwined and going back to the systems described above. There is a primary death trauma for each of the core controllers for each of these roots.

An important part of q’ballah (black Kabbalah) programming is the creation of demonic portals. These are installed at points known as the sephiroth in the body and above it (see illustration below).
There will be death rituals, and demonic entities attached to each of these points, which become a portal or opening for demonic travel and communication. Tiferet represents the core, sits above the umblicus, and is the portal for satan himself. This is the first, or prime trauma, and this ritual involves the newborn or fetal umblicus being burned with a hot needle as the infant is put to death, then resuscitated.

Each portal (sephiroth) is installed via death trauma, and will have a portal guardian who is an ascended master from the grey (celestial)system sitting above it, who is both human and demonic. The guardians will have been heavily programmed to misrepresent their true names, due to the need for cover programming described above. These guardians supposedly “protect” the body and systems from “intrusion” by beings in the dimensions; but in reality, they are open doors to the demonic and must be closed through spiritual warfare (giving up of the demons) and by these ascended guardians accepting Yeshua and giving up their former beliefs in demonic “protection.”

Helping the Survivor

The survivor will often initially be terrified at the thought of closing these portals when this comes up in therapy. This is because of extensive programming to believe that closing the portals will result in “death”, “insanity” or cruel punishment by internal or external masters. They will literally believe that their safety and survival depends upon keeping these portals open, and will question how to survive closing them.

There may be parts instructed to take the other parts into the dimensions and punish parts that try to close their portals, or break this programming. The survivor may even re-experience the death traumas and agony involved in the original creation of the portals. Once the portals are closed, the survivor will be amazed at the relief, and the fact that they are indeed alive and sane. The therapist will need to help counteract the programming with truth, and develop enough trust with the survivor that they are willing to give up this method of demonic interaction.

Once the portals are closed, the survivor may experience significant warfare in retaliation for doing so. This is a time for prayer and spending time with the Lord, and calling on Yeshua for protection.

The Q’Ballah will have an extensive internal reality attached to it, including magic numbers in rooms, and the white, black or silver cords from it running throughout the systems, from top to bottom, including within the rooms that the various controllers stay in. These cords represent the core traumas associated with the creation of each part of the “three rope” cord: infant death traumas and the beliefs associated with these traumas.

There will be an extensive internal reality for the systems and their controllers, with rooms, temples and other representations of the programming that they underwent when a very young child.

More About Mengele

Mengele himself, as discussed before, worked with Jesuit infants during the 1950s and early 1960s. He also bonded these infants to himself in a manner similar to that described above for attachment bonding. His bonding was nearly always installed in the white, or cover level, for Jesuit systems. This was primarily because the Fathers wanted his programming (assassin training in infancy and early childhood) installed, but wanted to reserve the core bonding for themselves, in order to maintain their secrets even from Mengele, whom they did not fully trust. Mengele also installed his own proprietary codes into areas of the systems that he wanted to reserve loyalty to himself within.

The Jesuits also wanted their top trainers trained by Mengele. This is one reason why those with top potential worked with him in his research laboratory, and continued the research after his death.

C. Toddler Training

By the time an infant is a year old, they will have several hundred personalities in place, which have already undergone extensive foundational mind control. Spiritual controllers will have already undergone extremely painful ceremonies, such as hot needles inserted into the umbilicus; or having a long sharp needle pierced through their chest, and being gripped and raised up (“satan’s claw”).

The controllers for the white spiritual systems will be in place, since the infant will have internalized these through virtual reality, holograms, and dramatic enactments of the “deities” by actors. The white spiritual systems include:

• Egyptian deities
• Babylonian deities
• Ancient (pre-Babylonian) deities
• Druidic deities

These are headed up by the white, or Greek, Pantheon of twelve deities.
Each system will have specific traumas attached to it. For instance, Bel, the head of the Babylonian system, will undergo a ritual where he is pierced through with tiny golden needles throughout his body (Babylonian sun ritual). Astarte will have sexual rituals, and Ashtoth will have death rituals associated with him.

The black (Vatican) spiritual systems are also being organized and trained from 12 to 14 months after birth. These include the theta assassin systems headed by:

• Nemesis, who controls
• Phobos (theta fear and dream attacks);
• Thantos (theta death) and
• Chaos (theta insanity programming).

Extensive training is undergone, where the young child learns to control and read thoughts (Galileo training), and to attack others using the theta skills they are developing. The foundations of early Mage training are also begun (mages are the highest level in the occultic world).

The “goddess of Death” and other demonic spirits will have temples and altars dedicated to them, where regular internal sacrifices are conducted. These re-enactments represent the external realities the toddler experienced.

The toddler will be taught to enjoy the experience of killing within certain parts, either through sexual stimulation, or direct brain stimulation (of the euphoria center) following obedience.

Controller Programming

The Jesuits use extensive setups to teach the internal controllers to do their jobs during this second year of life. Typical ones involve tying several young children with ropes (normally, six) to the waist of the toddler. She is told to “mind the children” and make them obey her. The setup will consist of having candy, or beautiful objects such as glass balls, in the middle of a room. The toddler is told that the children tied to her must NOT touch the objects in the middle of the room, or they and she will be punished.

The problem is that it is very difficult for a very young child to control others. The six children tied to her waist will try to yank her around, and grab at the objects or treats. Finally, in spite of her best efforts, she will tire, and one of the children will reach the table and grab a treat.

The child is instantly killed by a Jesuit Father waiting in the wings. The two-year old must now make the other, now quite obedient, children obey her, while dragging around the body of the dead child, a reminder to this young controller of what happens when she fails in her job.

By the end of the setup, which can last for several days, all of the children tied to the now very traumatized controller will have died (the result of disobedience and her failure to “mind the children” who in hunger will reach out and try to grab food and water, which are forbidden). The extremely traumatized controller will be very committed to exacting complete obedience to those under her, to prevent their experiencing a similar fate.

All of the controllers inside (dozens) will undergo this and other training. This creates an extremely controlled system, with the internal controllers believing that even slight disobedience will result in death or shattering. This belief is based upon numerous experiential setups when the child was less then 3 years old, and it will take time to work through the terrible grief of being unable to “save” the children in the controller’s care, and the rage that this type of manipulation creates in the survivor once they realize the truth.

Master-Slave Programming (ages 2 to 5)

There is a program to training obedience when a Jesuit child is very young. In this program, they are conditioned to be slaves, and obey their Masters, the Jesuit Fathers (who are all ascended masters). They address them as “Master” and “My Lord” and their day consists of menial labor as the Fathers order.

Typical tasks might include scrubbing the stone floors of the monastery on hands and knees while the Fathers taunt the “slave”; they may even urinate on the floor the child has just spent hours cleaning, and tell the child to clean it up again.

The acolyte will learn to cook; clean; do yard work, and will obey orders without question or thought, when asked to do tasks. This is considered an important part of the early training in obedience.

The spiritual parts (thetas) are taught to respond spiritually to summons from the Fathers – instantly. Any hesitation is immediately and terribly punished (such as being hung inside a dark well). The Fathers also have golden whistles that they wear around their necks; each child is assigned a set of notes, and must respond physically and/or spiritually immediately when their notes are played.

The child is inside the walls of the monastery these first few years of life. By age 24 months, the child goes to classes, where they learn not only languages (the Fathers speak Latin and Italian in daily life, and are all fluent in numerous other languages), but also oral history and the black arts as part of their mage training.

Internally, the survivor will have “masters” (controllers) and “slaves”; slave parts are taught to instantly obey masters.

Wolf and Sheep Training

During the second year of life (12 months to 24 months) it is important to the Jesuits that high barriers are placed between the “front” or presentations, and the “back” or loyal parts. One way this is accomplished is with “wolf” and “sheep” programming.

The back, or hidden, parts are taught that they are wolves. The Jesuit Fathers raise wolves for this purpose, and will take the young child and place them in a pen with a mother wolf and her cubs. The child will have been sprayed with wolf scent, and the mother will normally let the child join her cubs. The child is told that he or she is a wolf, and is treated exactly like one: the child nurses on the mother wolf; is fed with the cubs, and is taught to crawl on all fours, and even to growl like a wolf. They are taught that wolves are strong, cruel, fierce and protective, and that they must guard the “weaker” systems by doing the tasks that “sheep” cannot do.

Once this program is in place, the front systems undergo “sheep” training. They are placed with sheep, and eventually believe that they are lambs or sheep; eating with the sheep, sleeping curled up with the other lambs, and in every way being treated as if they are a sheep.

To place a barrier between the systems, the Fathers then cause the two systems to traumatize one another. The “wolves” are told to “attack” the sheep and to try to kill them. This causes the front to become angry and to distrust them. The wolves are also taught to hate “sheep” and believe they “stink” by having a slain lamb tied to their back for several days. The carcass becomes ridden with flies and stinks terribly; the body itches and the child becomes violently ill, and they are taught that this is the result of being close to a sheep. These parts cannot come close to front parts, that they believe are sheep, without smelling the rotten carcass that made them so ill as a very young child. This makes the back very unwilling to come near the front.

Other barriers between front and back are also installed during this second year. This includes a wall with gargoyles and demonic guardians that is erected between the front and back, which is overseen by Janus (the Roman deity with two faces). One face observes the “front” or presenting systems; the other, the back, or hidden systems. Certain parts can pass through the doors, but those without authorization are immediately torn by the demonic guardians placed between front and back. The demonic is allowed to pass freely between front and back.

In addition to these barriers, others are placed. One is an extensive “buffer” system. These have entrained neurolinguistic programming in place, and their role is to be emotionless and to stand between the front and the back, “ buffering” the front from any knowledge of what the back is doing, and vice-versa. Their role is to prevent the two sides from actually meeting or communicating, and to keep the amnesia in place through constant ingrained “wipeout” programming.

This wipeout programming can consist of a combination of traumas that are re-experienced, such as internal shocks to the head, EHF and/or microwave bursts to the frontal lobes, or other similar traumas that were used to originally wipe out memories of assignments. If the survivor attempts to cross the barrier, they may experience flashing lights, blizzard, extreme headaches, eye pain, nausea, dark bursts within the deep brain, or other trauma that occurred when the barrier was originally put in.

Exposing the Vatican book: Part 4

Early Splitting

The first weeks of life for an infant born to the Jesuits are very busy and extremely painful. This is when the first splits are split again, and templates for systems are created and organized. Spiritual programming is also conducted in a more methodical method.

The first organization and traumas occur with “white room” and “black room” training. The infant undergoes traumas which include: being quickly lowered while the head is supported (to make the infant feel as if they are falling and initiate the startle reflex); peeling of skin with sharp knives from the sole of the feet, the backs of the legs, the backs of the arms, and the back (infants heal very quickly, with minimal scarring, since only the very top layer of skin is peeled off); digital rape; electroshock; near-drowning in a tub of water; partial suffocation; burning with fire on digits and the soles of the feet. These are called “prime traumas” and become the foundational physical traumas for the systems being created.

Along with the physical trauma is severe spiritual trauma. Rituals are conducted, and demons are attached to the splits being created, to cause the splits to remain apart (the brain will normally try to rapidly re-attach splits during infancy unless demonic barriers are put in place). The impartation is often done through the laying on of hands of the Father or programmer on the infant’s head and/or belly.

The initial, primary programming, occurs either in a white room, where the programmers, walls, clothing and lights are all white (this would occur for the presentation or cover programming), or in an all-black room where the only light comes from a black, or ultraviolet, light, if any. This is where theta (spiritual) programming and the programming of the true deeper (back) layers occurs.

One reason that the initial theta, or spiritual, programming occurs in an all-black room is not only for mental organization, but to also decrease the amount of interaction with the physical world via sight and the senses that will occur within these parts being created. Many of these parts are created literally in darkness, and have never seen daylight throughout their lives until healing occurs.

The primary core splits, and the master controllers are always created first. These will take on the roles and names of spiritual entities, since a Jesuit system is first and primarily spiritual, designed to serve satan, the antichrist, and the beast (father, son and spirit). All three will be represented in these first splits along with other deities.

The presentations are also created, and dedicated to deities with roles of amnesia; in fact, the presentation undergoes as much or more programming than any other parts in Jesuit systems, which tends to surprise survivors. who may have believed that these systems “didn’t go through bad things.” They have, and their traumas are among the worst, which is why presenter programming is often the last to heal in many systems.

These traumas fuel the deep amnesia that is always present in Jesuit systems: there are always huge barriers placed between the presentations (“hosts”), the cover programming, the Vatican programming, and the New World Order programming.


In these sophisticated systems, buffers will be created between the front and back with one sole purpose: to hide the extent of the programming, by “buffering” the feelings between front and back, and maintaining emotional and memory distance between the two. The buffers will always be very void of feeling, and extremely traumatized, since they “hide the back” and help make the programming “undetectable” to the world, and the survivor.

Brain Wave Programming, Early Theta and Spiritual Training

The Jesuits utilize the fact that when a person’s brain waves are in theta state, they are the most open to the spiritual realm. This is why much of their spiritual training is conducted when the individual is in theta state.

Early Brain Wave Programming

The infant is taught to stay in theta state by attaching electrodes to their head that pick up brain waves and show them on a monitor. When the infant personality that is being trained is in theta state, the infant is heavily praised. If the personality “bounces” out of theta state, as is normal, the infant is heavily shocked. Eventually, the personalities created learn to stay permanently in theta state (this same training method is also used for the personalities in other brain wave states, to teach them to stay in the desired brain wave state).
To the left above is a graph of brain wave states (the major ones except epsilon are shown). Gamma is the highest brain wave state, and will occur when a person is in a highly excited or nervous state. This is where loyalty programming and sabotage scripts will later be programmed in, since the high anxiety in this state will trigger calling the police, accuse the helper of kidnapping, or other self-sabotage, if someone tries to help the survivor.

Beta state is a normal alert state, and this is where military systems and those that need a normal alert state will be created. Alpha is more relaxed, and accessing systems and presentations will be created in this state. Delta is the deepest brain state, and will hold semi-unconscious and even unconscious beliefs; delta programming will be discussed in more detail later in this book.

Theta Training

Once they can stay in theta state, the early spiritual training begins. The thetas are kept in a blackened room, and the people who interact with them appear shadowy. Actors dressed as demons will come into the room, and “chain” the infant to them. The actors demonstrate to the infant how demons act, growling, snarling and torturing them in various ways. At the same time, the infant is told that THEY are the demon. This is how demonic punishers and controllers are created in the first weeks of life.

The Jesuits understand that an infant must be shown an external reality in order to internalize it. The infant must internalize in order to establish the programming that the Jesuits desire for later control.

The theta state parts in the infants are left in darkened cribs and are given objects such as decapitated heads to play with; or demonic toys such as fetishes. The infant’s fingers are placed around the neck of a kitten, and when they squeeze, as babies will, they are highly praised. The infant has no idea of what they are doing at this stage, but the foundation for later assassination training is being put in place.

Demons come into the room, and talk and play with the infant’s theta parts. This is their first bonding, with these creatures that appear horrific.

Gradually, the infant is taught to call on the demonic for theta capabilities. The Jesuit Father will throw a ball at the infant to hit it, and encourage the baby to spiritually throw the ball back at them (they are too young to have the physical coordination to do so, but can easily do this demonically). Throwing a ball demonically is demonstrated, and the baby is hit again and again, until in anger and frustration, they are able to loft the ball back at the person hitting them. This is heavily praised, since the infant is using spiritual power to accomplish what it cannot physically, and using its hurt and rage at being abused and turning it to hurt another back. This is the early foundation for later theta capabilities.

The infants are taken to rituals, where they watch sacrifices performed, their infant seats propped amidst the fires. They are also taken to re-enactments of “hell” where demons dance and torture victims, and the first subconscious images of hell and the need to punish even the slightest disobedience are ingrained. The infants undergo extensive torture from demons, to teach them in these first weeks of life to fear “descending” and “going to hell” above any other punishment.

White Room Programming

In the white room, the other controllers are being created as well. Men and women dressed as members of the Greek Pantheon (for the white/Illuminati or Beast-Loyal systems), the Roman Pantheon (for the Black, or Vatican/Satan-Loyal systems), and the Ancient Pantheon (for the grey, or New World Order/Antichrist-Loyal systems) visit the infant, introduce themselves, explain who they are, and create a spiritual tie to these parts. They literally take cords (white, black, and grey) and tie themselves physically to the infant for hours; they also force the infant to undergo rituals dedicating these parts to the demons. The infant also watches videos, virtual reality programs, and holograms in which these ‘gods and goddesses’ of the Pantheons talk to them, and explain that they also are a god or goddess.

This basic programming all takes place in the first three months of life, and is continued for years afterwards.

Mentors are also bonded to the young theta splits. These are individuals with strong theta skills in place as well (otherwise, they would be maimed by the infant who has not learned to “focus” or control their developing skills). These mentors will “rescue” the young theta splits from death during setups time and again, to teach them to trust the mentor with their life. This is important for later theta spiritual programming, where the young child will travel demonically through the dimensions and must follow their mentor, or risk death.

The mentoring relationship creates a deep “mother-daughter” or “father-daughter” bond at the deepest spiritual levels, and is the only semblance of a “mother” relationship that a young child is allowed to have in the Jesuit order. All other mother figures in their life are purposely extremely abandoning and emotionally unavailable, to force the child to trust their spiritual mentor (often viewed as a “cult mother”) as their true “mother bond.” Healing for the survivor will include grieving the extremely distorted attachment bonds that were allowed, as well as remembering the terrible abandonment by maternal figures during infancy.

The survivor may also have to work through the grieving that occurs when they remember that as an older teen or adult, they mentored spiritual (and/or) biological children of their own. These love bonds are real, and very deep, and are held unconsciously. These bonds are often manipulated in attempts to “draw” the person back to the group, since the survivor may be completely unaware of their emotional and spiritual attachment to a person they mentored, until the parts that bonded choose to bring this knowledge to conscious awareness.

book part 4

Trigger Warning: Please be aware that this information was meant to help therapists understand programming by a large occultic organization, and could be very triggering for survivors.

IV.     Programming Methods

In this section, I will discuss some of the methodologies that the Jesuits use to train and program the members of their order. This information not only discloses how their work is done; it is also the “master template” that the 12 secret societies that serve the Vatican also use within their organizations (with modifications).  These organizations include Illuminati, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Magnificat, Trinity, Order of the Golden Dawn, Rosicrucians and others.

This is by no means comprehensive, and instead, is simply a short overview. Also, programming methods are always being updated, and new experimental programs developed, so that any book on programming will be outdated within weeks of its writing. But the principles remain the same over time, even if some of the methods change.


Josef Mengele is considered “the father of modern programming” due to the information and methods that he developed during his infamous end-point experiments on infants, young children and adults inside the Nazi death camps. These experiments were funded in part by the Vatican, as well as other organizations, because they were highly interested in improving their methodologies.

Before Mengele, most serious programming was begun between birth to two years old (the age at which programming was initiated varied between groups), since behaviorists believed that the infant brain was too immature to hold much programming. Mengele proved with his well-kept records based upon unutterably cruel research done on infants that the most effective programming was done prenatally; that prenatal programming automatically enters into the subconscious and deeper brain, and that the most effective time to create the core personality splits is during the first five months of life after conception. He also proved that fetuses can see, understand and respond to programming cues and images at this time in life, and can be taught to organize the splits based upon these cues.

A fetus and an infant can much more easily internalize an external object than an older child, since the fetal brain has no external world to contradict what it is told; and the infant brain is at its peak ability to absorb and process information during the first days of life.

The information that Mengele obtained was combined with data from other behaviorists, including attachment theory, to create programming that is considered “unbreakable.” After the second world war, Mengele was often flown to Europe to program Jesuit infants. He worked for the Vatican, and left his personal stamp on many infants and young children programmed by them. He was also hired out at times (for an exorbitant fee) to other organizations, but his primary post-war work was continuing his research and programming Jesuit infants.

Mengele ran an infamous (within the occultic world) research center (“the institute”) where he employed the top trainers within the 12 societies, who continued his research under his (brutal) supervision on end point trauma (trauma that takes the subject to physical or psychological death) and other traumas, and the effect on the human psyche. The volumes and volumes of carefully documented research data from that time are still held within the Vatican vaults, and have been replicated and shared throughout the world. The research that he began is still ongoing, as the search for better, “unbreakable” methods of programming continues. One of the larger research centers for experimental programming is on the West Coast of the United States; the large research facility is underground, and is combined with sophisticated milab (military laboratory) research. Another is in East Berlin; and another is in Prague in Europe, and yet another one exists in Rome.

In the following sections, I have divided up the programming methodologies used by the Jesuits into age categories, since different ages are considered “prime times” for the installation of different programs. But all foundational spiritual and other programs are created during the first few months of life in fetuses unfortunate enough to be selected by the Jesuits.

A.      Infant Programming

When a Jesuit infant is born, it has already undergone significant programming within the womb. Immediately after conception and implantation of the genetically altered embryo (more on genetic research will be discussed later). Soon after conception, the occultic oracles place their hands on the womb of the expectant mother, to determine whether or not the embryo should be allowed to live. If yes, the embryo is dedicated to a demonic entity, and continues to grow.

By four months of gestation, early brain waves (delta waves) begin to appear in the fetal brain, and with it, some degree of consciousness. At this time, a primary trauma will often be intentionally engineered, to create one of the first splits (others will have been created even earlier). Often, the mother and fetus will be injected in utero with an agent that causes extreme pain, but does not cause labor. The fetus experiences extreme terror, excruciating pain, and will hear the mother screaming “Get it out!” regarding the fetus that appears to be causing her the intense pain in her womb.

This is a primary rejection trauma, and the pain and rejection combined will cause a core personality split. This split is in a deep delta (unconscious) brain state, and the programming begins in earnest immediately afterwards. Headphones are placed on the womb, and for hours, the young fetal splits are exposed to recordings regarding their identity, their wants, their beliefs, and their role in the new world order. This programming occurs during the 16th week of gestation onwards, and the information in the recordings is recorded at the deepest unconscious levels before the infant is ever born.

Secondary, tertiary and other traumas will also occur within the womb, with spiritual ceremonies that dedicate these intra-utero splits to different demonic entities. Before the infant draws his or her first breath, they will have the foundational core splits, their beliefs and identities firmly in place.

These traumas can include the use of electromagnetic waves to cause extreme pain in the fetus; fetal surgery; breaking the arm of the fetus; electroshock, flatlining the mother (to punish the fetus, who is blamed for the mother’s “death” and resultant spiritual pain/anxiety) and other traumas. The mother is carefully monitored with sophisticated, high-tech medical intervention to prevent abortion or premature labor, which is the body’s natural response to these types of traumas.

The demonic is used to keep the splits in the fetus separate, since in nature, the splits would try to rejoin automatically. The demonic creates a deep feeling of terror and re-experiencing of the primary traumas should the prenatal psyche attempt to join together.

To enable the fetus to survive such traumas and become dissocative (rather than give up and die), immediately after primary rejection traumas and other traumas, the programmers will offer love and care to the fetus in order to create a deep bond with the programmer (s). This is done by speaking kindly to the fetus and birthmother, soothing them and meeting their needs, with phrases such as “I love you” etc. being used to create attachments. These deep bonds must be addressed for healing.

Birth Trauma

Upon birth, an infant that is to be used by the Jesuits undergoes a very specific trauma. As soon as the infant is born, a Jesuit Father takes the infant and begins to smother it to death. The infant is asked spiritually, “Do you want to live?” Behind the Father is satan, and the infant is aware within their spirit that if they answer, “Yes” that satan will enter them. This being is hideous and terrifying, and it takes a very strong will to live to respond affirmatively. If the infant responds “No” they are smothered to death. If yes, they are allowed to breathe, and with their first cries in the physical world, satan attaches to the core.

The birth mother will be killed at the point of birth, and the newborn will be shown the body (which has been split open from the birth canal upwards) and is told “this is your fault” to create extreme guilt in the infant, and this is an underlying foundation for later guilt-based programming.


When infants are very young, there are caretakers that perform physical care for the infant. These “nannies” or surrogate mothers take care of several infants at a time. While caretaking, they give bottles, rock the infant, and sing songs to them. These songs always contain programming embedded within them; they are songs about various spiritual (demonic) entities and praise to them, or of the joy of the coming order, or other messages. The goal is for the infant to associate caretaking and the relief of physical distress or abandoment feelings with love and loyalty to the order and the beings described. This is a terrible manipulation of an infant’s need to attach to a caregiver, since these early songs are also embedded within the subconscious of the infant.

Helping the survivor

Because the prenatal and birth traumas are so emotionally and spiritually devastating, they will often only come up fairly late in therapy if ever, after the survivor has received help for other later splits. These primary traumas cause intense feelings of grief, rejection and despair, and are often the prime traumas underlying suicide programming. The demonic terror that causes fear of coming together may affect all parts of the systems, causing a prime fear of remembering or coming together for all parts, at an unconscious level.

It takes an experienced therapist to help an individual through these types of trauma. The survivor will be understanding that their entire life, even in the womb, was planned and programmed out, and feel intense anger at the betrayal and manipulation it involves. They may direct this anger at God, wondering where He was when this happened; and they may wonder if any part of them was ever not “owned” by the group.

This is where scriptures regarding God’s love for individuals both before and during their creation in the womb can help; as well as praying and asking the Lord to show the survivor what He thought of them at conception. This is needed truth, to counteract a lifetime of being told and believing lies such as that the survivor was always the “Jesuit’s”, since they will have no memories before the prime traumas.

Because the programming and messages are implanted at such a very deep, unconscious level, it can also help to use a digital recorder, and record very specific scriptures and truths to counteract the lies (i.e. “reprogramming” with truth). It may take a significant amount of time to bring truth to these core beliefs, and is one reason that controllers at higher levels in the system may seem so “resistant” to truth: they may have buried at the unconscious, fetal level, prime traumas and programming that counteract other truths brought in.

Some helpful scriptures can include:

Ps.139:13: “For you created my inmost being;    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

This verse directly counteracts the lie that the cult “owned” the person from the beginning, and shows who truly gave them life and their individual characteristics, in spite of prenatal programming.

Psalm 51:6. “Yet you desired faithfulness even in the womb;  you taught me wisdom in that secret place.”

How does the Lord teach wisdom in the womb? Only He truly knows the answer. But He does minister even to the fetus in the womb, as is made clear in this verse. The programming messages are NOT the only things the fetus was aware of before birth.

Isaiah 44:2. “This is what the Lord says—   he who made you, who formed you in the womb,    and who will help you: Do not be afraid, Jacob, my servant, Jeshurun, whom I have chosen.”

How wonderful for the survivor to know that they were loving formed in the womb by the LORD, and that He chose them before birth, regardless of what the oracles said.

Isaiah 49:1. “Listen to me, you islands;  hear this, you distant nations:Before I was born the Lord called me;   from my mother’s womb he has spoken my name.”

Not only did the Lord call the survivor to know and serve Him from the womb, He even spoke their (real, not cult) name. He spoke the name of their future destiny, and no amount of programming can undo this.