Exposing the Vatican: Part 5

Survival of the Fittest

Mengele was a firm believer in the “survival of the fittest” and during the 1940s,1950s and 1960s infants trained by him and the Jesuits underwent terrible trials to determine which infants would live, and which would die. This helped them determine not only which were the strongest infants, but also which ones had the strongest will to live, a requirement for the terrible programming that Jesuit children undergo.

As soon as the infants can crawl (around 3 months of age in these highly intelligent infants), the first survival trial is conducted. Dozens of infants are placed in a room, with a barrier in front of them. In the center of a large room are three bottles of milk. The babies are hungry and thirsty, since they have not been fed for a day.

The barrier is raised, and the infants literally race by crawling to the center of the room. The strongest crawl over others and push the smaller or weaker ones aside. The first ones there get the bottles, and must keep it and drink it while other infants are trying to grab it away.

The three that “win” get to drink the bottle, and then watch the systematic slaughter of the infants that did not get a bottle, because the losers were deemed “inferior.” This installs a terrible survival guilt at a very early age; the infant wants to eat, and to live, but is shown that their living means that others must die in this setup.

The message that only the strong are allowed to live is ingrained very deeply through this and similar experiments. After several trials, the Jesuits have created their first classes, or groups. Jesuit children are raised in classes of twelve at a time, and these infants will become closer than any physical brothers during their childhood, in part because of their ability to survive and trauma bond with one another.

This is one reason that the survivor will fear and despise weakness in themself and others. To them, weakness has always meant death.

Early Attachment Bonding and Utter Darkness

The basis of obedience within the Jesuits is formed upon two primary forms of programming: the avoidance of pain (the pain of “descending” and thus going to “hell”), or operant conditioning; and the formation of extremely deep attachments to primary figures. Their belief is that the combination of these two create “unbreakable” programming, and the truth is that very few Jesuits every truly do leave the order. The attachment bonding described here, in earliest infancy, makes it extremely difficult to do so.

When the infant is only a few weeks old, it is placed in a completely darkened room, with no noise or stimulus of any kind, and abandoned. This abandonment, which lasts for several days, is extremely traumatizing to the infant. At first, the infant cries in a normal manner (distress), which then turns to anger as the abandonment continues. Eventually, the infant becomes exhausted, sleeps for longer and longer intervals, and stops crying; instead, it whimpers as utter despair begins to hit.

The infant is psychologically unable to cope with impending death, as its body and psyche begins shutting down in the early stages of dying. The infant comes to the realization that no one will ever come and rescue them, and they will die in complete and terrible darkness.

In complete despair, the infant is dying, when a soft light enters the room. A Jesuit Father comes in, carrying a warm bottle; behind him is Theo (their name for the “benevolent” manifestation of satan). With kind words, the Father picks the infant up, soothes him/her and gives a life-sustaining bottle. The infant is insanely grateful for this deliverance from “utter darkness” (the deepest level of “Jesuit hell” for the worst deeds, such as treachery and betrayal of the order). As the baby takes the bottle and is comforted, they bond completely to the Father, and to the being (Theo) who is superimposed upon the Father. The Father begins programming that they “owe their life” to him, that he “rescued them from utter darkness” for a “special purpose”, that the infant is to “live and not die.” Trauma bonding at a deep level occurs, and the Father appears like a god to the infant, and in fact, will hold the “theo” (God) position inside.

This bond will be built upon and layered upon over and over as the years go on. The infant will NOT be allowed to truly attach to ANYONE ELSE for the rest of their life. All other caretakers and friends in the early years will either be killed or appear to be killed, or terribly betray the infant/toddler/child to teach them that there is only one who can be trusted: the Father the infant formed a primary bond to, and the spirit “Theo.” This is the core level of Jesuit bonding, and is by far the most difficult programming to break.

The infant will later “see’ the nannies that cared for him/her killed, or will even be asked to “kill” them or agree to their being killed, by the Father they bonded to, to prevent the Father being killed (in terrible setups where the infant must choose which lives and which “dies”). These setups also test the strength of the infant’s loyalty bond, which must be deep and unbreakable for successful later programming to occur. From the first days of life, the Jesuits begin installing utter and complete loyalty to them, represented by the primary Father the infant bonded with; and later, by three others they will also be allowed to attach to.

The primary mentor will always be a Jesuit Father that the infant (who is kept very young in the system) loves above any other, as described in the cruel abandonment scenario. The Father-mentee relationship is the deepest of all, as the Jesuit Father mentors others and molds them into his image. He will hold a “theo” or god place within the system, and this bond will be the hardest to break, since it represents the deepest attachment of the core to a human being.

The purpose of this mentoring is to draw the infant into a relationship with “Theo” (satan’s benevolent personification) from its first days on earth. The Father will bond the infant to himself, and in doing so, bond the infant to the spiritual theo as well.

Helping the Survivor

The survivor of Jesuit programming has extremely disorganized attachment due to the fact that they have attached to satan himself (Theo) as well as their primary Father (referred to as “Father Theo”). There is a no less reliable being in creation to attach to, yet this was the infant’s only choice during early childhood if they were to survive. If given another option, the infant would have rejectedbonding to satan.

The early trauma is so severe, that it can take months or even years to grieve for the manipulation and “detach” from these primary figures. It takes intense prayer, and a deep desire by the survivor, to break free of this programming that pivots upon the Jesuit’s demonic use of infant attachment. The only real answer is for the survivor to choose to renounce the bonds to satan and the primary Jesuit Father, and to bond with Yeshua. During the interval, they will also need to bond at least temporarily with a caring figure who can represent the love of God to their systems, since these infants have never experienced this.

The older parts, once they become Christians, can help “reparent” the infants, helping them to understand that the Christian God truly does love them, and can keep them safe. Realizing at a deep level that Yeshua paid the full price for sins on the cross, and that their systems will not “descend” into hell and utter darkness, and realizing that the internal representations are based upon setups and manipulation, can help break the hold of this early attachment.

The survivor will experience attachment pain at the core level when these early setups and betrayals are remembered. They may feel infant terror at the thought of utter darkness. It is important to bind the demonic, and to prevent it from enhancing these memories, or the fear. They will often feel suicidal as the core despair, and the memory of the pain and betrayals comes up.

The survivor will test the love and caring of those they bond with outside of the Jesuit Order again and again. This is because they feel a huge “push pull” inside, and swing between craving love and nurturing, and wanting to distance themselves from any loving attention, which feels terrifying. Healing of this type of early wound is a process, and cannot be rushed, or the survivor will attempt to cope alone – and fall prey to reaccessing – since these infantile needs are used to push recontact programming.

Helpful Scriptures

Ps. 27:10. “When my father and my mother forsake me,Then the LORD will take care of me.” This can help with the deep core attachment pain, to understand that the Lord loves the survivor, even when it seems that no one else ever has. It can be extremely difficult for the survivor to come to the terrible realization that they had NO real father or mother; only manipulative, abusive Jesuit Fathers and programmers during infancy.
The comfort that can only come from knowing that the Lord truly loves the survivor, and cares for them, can help.
Ps.71:6. “By You I have been upheld from birth; You are He who took me out of my mother’s womb. My praise shall be continually of You.: This verse counteracts again the lie that the Jesuit Father and satan “let them live” and instead shows the truth that the Lord is the one who gives life at birth.
The following scripture shows the spiritual condition that the motherless and fatherless Jesuit survivor find themselves in, and how the Lord responded to them. It answers how the Lord responds to this deep abandonment pain: It also shows why the survivor was able to survive the horrors of childhood and how it is possible for the survivor of this type of abuse to come to know the Lord:
Ezekial 14:4-16
4 As for your nativity, on the day you were born your navel cord was not cut, nor were you washed in water to cleanse you; you were not rubbed with salt nor wrapped in swaddling cloths. 5 No eye pitied you, to do any of these things for you, to have compassion on you; but you were thrown out into the open field, when you yourself were loathed on the day you were born.
6 “And when I passed by you and saw you struggling in your own blood, I said to you in your blood, ‘Live!’ Yes, I said to you in your blood, ‘Live!’ 7 I made you thrive like a plant in the field; and you grew, matured, and became very beautiful. Your breasts were formed, your hair grew, but you were naked and bare.
8 “When I passed by you again and looked upon you, indeed your time was the time of love; so I spread My wing over you and covered your nakedness. Yes, I swore an oath to you and entered into a covenant with you, and you became Mine,” says the Lord GOD.
9 “Then I washed you in water; yes, I thoroughly washed off your blood, and I anointed you with oil. 10 I clothed you in embroidered cloth and gave you sandals of badger skin; I clothed you with fine linen and covered you with silk. 11 I adorned you with ornaments, put bracelets on your wrists, and a chain on your neck. 12 And I put a jewel in your nose, earrings in your ears, and a beautiful crown on your head. 13 Thus you were adorned with gold and silver, and your clothing was of fine linen, silk, and embroidered cloth. You ate pastry of fine flour, honey, and oil. You were exceedingly beautiful, and succeeded to royalty. 14 Your fame went out among the nations because of your beauty, for it was perfect through My splendor which I had bestowed on you,” says the Lord GOD.
This wonderful verse also shows the destiny of the survivor called out from this fatherless and motherless upbringing and training: to be wholly the Lord’s and to be clothed with His splendor, and become a testimony to His goodness.

B. Early System Organization

During infancy, the master and system controllers are created, along with the parts and roles within these systems. The Jesuits program three main levels into their systems: a white, or cover layer. This will appear to be Illuminati, Templar Knight, Opus Dei, or another occultic group, and is complete, even to the “core” for this level, which is a false core meant to mislead anyone who attempts to break into the system without authorization.

This cover layer is there for a reason. The Jesuits often have their agents highly placed within the occultic organizations they oversee, and they don’t want the organizations to realize that the individual is not an actual member. The system is created to look completely like the system of someone raised and programmed by the organization. The agent is actually there to review and report on the activities of the group’s leadership to the Vatican.

There is another reason for this cover programming. Jesuit agents often spend time in Israel and other countries doing intelligence work; if picked up by the Mossad (Israeli intelligence) or Spetz (Russian intelligence), and interrogated (tortured), the other organization will believe that the agent works for one of these groups, and have no idea that they actually work for the Vatican.

Jesuits who leave will always remember their white, or “cover” programming first and believe this is all there is inside. The other layers are much more loyal and difficult to uncover.

Beneath the white level is the black, or Vatican level of programming. This is where controllers and parts loyal to the Vatican, the Jesuits, and to Satan reside. High priests and priestesses that were involved in Vatican ceremonies will be part of the black theta system, just as high priests and priestesses loyal to the Illuminati (or other group)) and its deities will reside in the white theta system.

Beneath the white and black levels is the silver-grey, or new world order (antichrist) level. These systems have been created to serve the antichrist, and the NWO, are given specific roles, and are controllers for the two other levels. The grey level controllers and parts have always undergone extensive death and resuscitations, since this level is composed of “ascended masters” who have overcome their fear of death, and in fact, many of these parts live in a near-death, ecstatic and numb state of being. The Phoenix is the sign of an ascended master who has overcome death and risen again.

The infant is taught to organize their system along brain wave states, and to respond to cues. The earliest cues include golden whistles that play different notes worn by the Fathers, to summon specific parts; colors (the infant is taught to crawl to a green light when a gamma controller is out; to a blue light when a beta controller is out, a white light when an alpha controller is out, etc.).

Tones are also used extensively in early master programming. The top master controllers are each assigned a tone, to correspond with a brain wave state: the highest tone represents gamma, next highest, beta; next highest, alpha, then epsilon, then theta, and finally, the lowest, delta. Hearing the tone pulls the controllers for that system forward (the infant is taught with shocks and trauma combined with rewards to respond immediately).

Master controllers for a system are programmed to respond to the entire continuum, and internally, can “sing” the tones and hear back the response tones for their systems, for vary rapid and unconscious feedback loops and triggers. Jesuits always have perfect pitch because of this extensive use of tones and harmonics combined with the early songs used in programming, and have perfect auditory recall.

Exposing the Vatican book: Part 4

Early Splitting

The first weeks of life for an infant born to the Jesuits are very busy and extremely painful. This is when the first splits are split again, and templates for systems are created and organized. Spiritual programming is also conducted in a more methodical method.

The first organization and traumas occur with “white room” and “black room” training. The infant undergoes traumas which include: being quickly lowered while the head is supported (to make the infant feel as if they are falling and initiate the startle reflex); peeling of skin with sharp knives from the sole of the feet, the backs of the legs, the backs of the arms, and the back (infants heal very quickly, with minimal scarring, since only the very top layer of skin is peeled off); digital rape; electroshock; near-drowning in a tub of water; partial suffocation; burning with fire on digits and the soles of the feet. These are called “prime traumas” and become the foundational physical traumas for the systems being created.

Along with the physical trauma is severe spiritual trauma. Rituals are conducted, and demons are attached to the splits being created, to cause the splits to remain apart (the brain will normally try to rapidly re-attach splits during infancy unless demonic barriers are put in place). The impartation is often done through the laying on of hands of the Father or programmer on the infant’s head and/or belly.

The initial, primary programming, occurs either in a white room, where the programmers, walls, clothing and lights are all white (this would occur for the presentation or cover programming), or in an all-black room where the only light comes from a black, or ultraviolet, light, if any. This is where theta (spiritual) programming and the programming of the true deeper (back) layers occurs.

One reason that the initial theta, or spiritual, programming occurs in an all-black room is not only for mental organization, but to also decrease the amount of interaction with the physical world via sight and the senses that will occur within these parts being created. Many of these parts are created literally in darkness, and have never seen daylight throughout their lives until healing occurs.

The primary core splits, and the master controllers are always created first. These will take on the roles and names of spiritual entities, since a Jesuit system is first and primarily spiritual, designed to serve satan, the antichrist, and the beast (father, son and spirit). All three will be represented in these first splits along with other deities.

The presentations are also created, and dedicated to deities with roles of amnesia; in fact, the presentation undergoes as much or more programming than any other parts in Jesuit systems, which tends to surprise survivors. who may have believed that these systems “didn’t go through bad things.” They have, and their traumas are among the worst, which is why presenter programming is often the last to heal in many systems.

These traumas fuel the deep amnesia that is always present in Jesuit systems: there are always huge barriers placed between the presentations (“hosts”), the cover programming, the Vatican programming, and the New World Order programming.


In these sophisticated systems, buffers will be created between the front and back with one sole purpose: to hide the extent of the programming, by “buffering” the feelings between front and back, and maintaining emotional and memory distance between the two. The buffers will always be very void of feeling, and extremely traumatized, since they “hide the back” and help make the programming “undetectable” to the world, and the survivor.

Brain Wave Programming, Early Theta and Spiritual Training

The Jesuits utilize the fact that when a person’s brain waves are in theta state, they are the most open to the spiritual realm. This is why much of their spiritual training is conducted when the individual is in theta state.

Early Brain Wave Programming

The infant is taught to stay in theta state by attaching electrodes to their head that pick up brain waves and show them on a monitor. When the infant personality that is being trained is in theta state, the infant is heavily praised. If the personality “bounces” out of theta state, as is normal, the infant is heavily shocked. Eventually, the personalities created learn to stay permanently in theta state (this same training method is also used for the personalities in other brain wave states, to teach them to stay in the desired brain wave state).
To the left above is a graph of brain wave states (the major ones except epsilon are shown). Gamma is the highest brain wave state, and will occur when a person is in a highly excited or nervous state. This is where loyalty programming and sabotage scripts will later be programmed in, since the high anxiety in this state will trigger calling the police, accuse the helper of kidnapping, or other self-sabotage, if someone tries to help the survivor.

Beta state is a normal alert state, and this is where military systems and those that need a normal alert state will be created. Alpha is more relaxed, and accessing systems and presentations will be created in this state. Delta is the deepest brain state, and will hold semi-unconscious and even unconscious beliefs; delta programming will be discussed in more detail later in this book.

Theta Training

Once they can stay in theta state, the early spiritual training begins. The thetas are kept in a blackened room, and the people who interact with them appear shadowy. Actors dressed as demons will come into the room, and “chain” the infant to them. The actors demonstrate to the infant how demons act, growling, snarling and torturing them in various ways. At the same time, the infant is told that THEY are the demon. This is how demonic punishers and controllers are created in the first weeks of life.

The Jesuits understand that an infant must be shown an external reality in order to internalize it. The infant must internalize in order to establish the programming that the Jesuits desire for later control.

The theta state parts in the infants are left in darkened cribs and are given objects such as decapitated heads to play with; or demonic toys such as fetishes. The infant’s fingers are placed around the neck of a kitten, and when they squeeze, as babies will, they are highly praised. The infant has no idea of what they are doing at this stage, but the foundation for later assassination training is being put in place.

Demons come into the room, and talk and play with the infant’s theta parts. This is their first bonding, with these creatures that appear horrific.

Gradually, the infant is taught to call on the demonic for theta capabilities. The Jesuit Father will throw a ball at the infant to hit it, and encourage the baby to spiritually throw the ball back at them (they are too young to have the physical coordination to do so, but can easily do this demonically). Throwing a ball demonically is demonstrated, and the baby is hit again and again, until in anger and frustration, they are able to loft the ball back at the person hitting them. This is heavily praised, since the infant is using spiritual power to accomplish what it cannot physically, and using its hurt and rage at being abused and turning it to hurt another back. This is the early foundation for later theta capabilities.

The infants are taken to rituals, where they watch sacrifices performed, their infant seats propped amidst the fires. They are also taken to re-enactments of “hell” where demons dance and torture victims, and the first subconscious images of hell and the need to punish even the slightest disobedience are ingrained. The infants undergo extensive torture from demons, to teach them in these first weeks of life to fear “descending” and “going to hell” above any other punishment.

White Room Programming

In the white room, the other controllers are being created as well. Men and women dressed as members of the Greek Pantheon (for the white/Illuminati or Beast-Loyal systems), the Roman Pantheon (for the Black, or Vatican/Satan-Loyal systems), and the Ancient Pantheon (for the grey, or New World Order/Antichrist-Loyal systems) visit the infant, introduce themselves, explain who they are, and create a spiritual tie to these parts. They literally take cords (white, black, and grey) and tie themselves physically to the infant for hours; they also force the infant to undergo rituals dedicating these parts to the demons. The infant also watches videos, virtual reality programs, and holograms in which these ‘gods and goddesses’ of the Pantheons talk to them, and explain that they also are a god or goddess.

This basic programming all takes place in the first three months of life, and is continued for years afterwards.

Mentors are also bonded to the young theta splits. These are individuals with strong theta skills in place as well (otherwise, they would be maimed by the infant who has not learned to “focus” or control their developing skills). These mentors will “rescue” the young theta splits from death during setups time and again, to teach them to trust the mentor with their life. This is important for later theta spiritual programming, where the young child will travel demonically through the dimensions and must follow their mentor, or risk death.

The mentoring relationship creates a deep “mother-daughter” or “father-daughter” bond at the deepest spiritual levels, and is the only semblance of a “mother” relationship that a young child is allowed to have in the Jesuit order. All other mother figures in their life are purposely extremely abandoning and emotionally unavailable, to force the child to trust their spiritual mentor (often viewed as a “cult mother”) as their true “mother bond.” Healing for the survivor will include grieving the extremely distorted attachment bonds that were allowed, as well as remembering the terrible abandonment by maternal figures during infancy.

The survivor may also have to work through the grieving that occurs when they remember that as an older teen or adult, they mentored spiritual (and/or) biological children of their own. These love bonds are real, and very deep, and are held unconsciously. These bonds are often manipulated in attempts to “draw” the person back to the group, since the survivor may be completely unaware of their emotional and spiritual attachment to a person they mentored, until the parts that bonded choose to bring this knowledge to conscious awareness.

III. How are the Jesuits financed?

The Jesuit Order is financed through the offices of the Vatican, the wealthiest organization on earth. Most people have no idea of the vast wealth that this epicenter of the Roman Catholic Church holds. The Vatican Library alone holds books that are priceless, many of which have never been publicly catalogued for security reasons (the Vatican has private, highly secure records of their assets such as these. The assets reported publicly are only a tiny fraction of this organization’s true wealth which is greater than the finances of all the world’s billionaires combined).

Beneath the Vatican Library are secret vaults with treasures such as priceless art confiscated during the crusades and the World Wars (the Vatican shared the treasures confiscated from wealthy Jewish families with the Nazis, for instance). There are vaults dedicated to holding jewel-encrusted icons, gems, and priceless artifacts from the beginning of time, because the Vatican has a huge collector of ancient statuary and jewelry. Cups, jewels and golden idols from Mesopotamia and Babylon share space with treasures from the reigns of the Pharoahs (many of the earliest raids on the tombs of the pharaohs by Egyptians years before archeologists began exploration caused the empty tombs that were often found; these artifacts were often sold to wealthy Vatican representatives over the years who were highly interested in collecting them for spiritual as well as investment purposes).

Wealth and treasures from every great civilization are stored in these secret, highly secure vaults that only the privileged few are allowed to know even exist, much less to enter. The physical wealth these represent could buy the world’s greatest corporations several times over, but this is not where the day-to-day income comes into the Vatican. Instead, there are other, darker sources.

Sex Trafficking

The Jesuits oversee the worldwide center for infant and child sex trafficking, which is located in South Amsterdam in the Netherlands. South Amsterdam, known as “sin city” to pedophiles and decadents in Europe, is where the largest brokers in the sex industry live. These brokers regularly send out agents throughout the world, targeting China (where female infants are often given to them free), Asia, Malaysia, the Ukraine, and Euro-Russia.

A common misconception is that sex slaves are mostly female. In Amsterdam, both male and female infants and children are equally bought and sold, since pedophiles unfortunately seek both. The agents bring in literal truckloads of infants they have gathered by going to poor families or orphanages. These nicely dressed, wealthy, friendly westerners promise placement in good homes and a better life through adoption for the infants, and will often give good donations to the orphanages that provide “pretty children” and infants on a regular basis.

The trucks of infants and young children cross national lines through routes that have been bought, with guards sympathetic (and well-paid). The infants are cared for by women who give them drugged bottles to keep them quiet during the journey. These women are told to never disclose what they are doing, under pain of their entire families being killed.

Once in Amsterdam, the brokers come and inspect the infants and children. They then place bids on them (based upon the infamous “broker’s list” which lists the current black market value of these children as if they were commodities). The brokers are purchasing infants and children for the large, wealthy exclusive brothels, which are often franchises that they work for, and for the private auction houses, the largest of which is located in a suburb of Paris, France.

It is a common sight for those ‘in the know’ in South Amsterdam to see the sex trade brokers gathered at their favorite (and very private) coffeehouse in the morning, discussing the ups and downs of “the trade” and their evaluation of the latest ‘shipment.’

During these coffee discussions, they will also whisper about another pet peeve: the fees that must be paid “upstream” to the representatives of the person who oversees the entire sex industry in South Amsterdam: the Jesuit Father over Amsterdam. His offices are located in a palatial private mansion with walled gardens, where he also lives. This man is kept well-informed through his various agents of exactly how much money each broker has brought in during the week, and of how much they owe him (and the Vatican) for the privilege of operating in a city that looks the other way at its most infamous income source.

Failure to pay this “tithe” once can result in a warning; twice, in the death of the broker. Few are foolish enough to even think of trying to cheat the Father over Amsterdam of his dues. This man has agents throughout Amsterdam, in sources that the brokers would never suspect, who regularly check their books and report income, and any discrepancies.

The sex trade in Amsterdam brings in billions of dollars each year. This is because of the high price placed on infants and on children with “specialized training” in sexual skills. These children are often auctioned at the highly exclusive auction houses of Europe, where they are purchased by procurateurs who work for the wealthy families of Europe.

There are auction houses in Brussels, Belgium; Berlin, Germany; Amsterdam, Geneva, Moscow, and other locations. But the largest is located in Paris. Located in a large mansion, the evening begins with members of the wealthiest families in Europe and their consorts gathering for a gourmet dinner at 10 pm. At midnight, the auctions begin, starting with preteen children who often have specialized sexual skills. Twins are especially prized. As the night goes on, the children get younger and younger, until by 4 am the infants are auctioned. The procurateurs purchase these children for use by their wealthy clients during private parties (which the children rarely survive). The clients come to oversee these purchases, and also for amusement, since many enjoy watching the auction process.

Some infants are kept in Amsterdam, which is known for the availability of children of every age. Many people are aware that in Amsterdam, the prostitutes dress up and sit in the windows to advertise their availability. What is less publicly known is that in the early morning hours, some of these window displays used to include a woman holding an infant. To the unknowing, this is a touching display of maternal care. But the residents of South Amsterdam knew that this is actually a signal that this house offers infants and small children to its customers.


There is a huge, ongoing worldwide market for the use of agents with specialized training in quietly and anonymously killing targets, without leaving any trace evidence (or, with skill in leaving a false trail). Premiums are paid for those who can take out political figures, and especially targets with bodyguards and those who utilize high security measures.

By far the most sought-after assassins have MI6 (military intelligence level six) training. The Jesuits have each of their agents go through MI6 training and hire them out to other organizations or individuals for fees. The contracts are actually brokered through third parties, and the contractor has no idea that the agent they have hired works for the Vatican. This often serves Vatican purposes; the agent earns them top dollar, but they also gather important intelligence at the same time about the operations and goals of other organizations, governments or individuals when their agent returns home and discloses to them.

Since the 1300s, when the Borgia family regularly poisoned their enemies in order to gain political and spiritual power in Rome, the Vatican has also conducted its own assassinations. These are never traced back to Rome, unless they want a message sent to the survivors. Many times, the assassinations are not simply conducted physically; their agents are also skilled in theta, or spiritual, assassination techniques (this will be discussed further in the spiritual programming section of this book).


One of the most valuable commodities in the world is information, especially about an organization’s competitors and enemies. Good intel about certain organizations or individuals can be extremely difficult to obtain, and those that can provide it can ask and be paid top dollar.

The Jesuits use their vast network of worldwide operatives with specialized training to obtain this information. The term “Vatican Spy” became infamous during the middle ages, when the monarchs of Europe became aware that there were secret agents unknown to them reporting their most hidden activities to Rome. This spy network has only grown since then, and the Vatican relies on the intelligence they provide for its own protection and planning, as well as to help further their goals. If they believe that intel will help their cause, they will arrange for it to come to the attention of the individual or organization they want it to – for a hefty fee, of course.

This intel will never appear to come from Rome. Roman agents never appear to work for Rome, but instead for other organizations or causes. The purchaser may believe that they are gathering intel from a valued Arabic contact, from an Israeli sympathizer, from a Russian mercenary, or a Templar Knight in Canada. They will not suspect the Jesuits, because their agents are always programmed to have several layers of unbreakable covers

Vatican Book Part 1

Six years ago, I wrote a book about the Vatican for therapists, and have only shared it privately until now, except for 1 excerpt in a blog post awhile back. Over the next few weeks and months, I will be posting the book here online. I believe that in this time, this information needs to be known in order to help others. This is the preface and first two parts. Please be aware that the information in this could be extremely triggering for survivors. It also contains Christian content.

The Vatican and the New World Order: Methods, Purpose and Overcoming Their Agenda

(c) 2015 svali

Table of Contents

I. Who Are the Jesuits? p.2

II. What Does the Jesuit Order Believe? p.4

III. How Are the Jesuits Financed? p.8

IV. Programming Methods p.12

 A. Infant Programming  (fetal - 1)                         p.14

 B. Early System Organization                                p.27

 C. Toddler Training (Ages 1 - 3 )                           p.31

 D. Punisher Training                                            p.39

 E. Jesuit Master Controllers                                   p.43

 F. Anti-Christian and Anti-Semitic Training               p.48

 G. Early Childhood Training (Ages 3 - 6)                 p.53

 H. Middle Childhood Programming (Ages 5 - 11)     p.63

V. The Goals of the Vatican: Alexis Paves the Way p.72

VI. The Current State of the World p.75

The Vatican and the New World Order: Methods, Purpose and Overcoming Their Agenda

This book is an overview of the Vatican and its military/black ops arm, the Jesuits, and how they work, by a survivor of Jesuit training. It is meant to be helpful to therapists who work with dissociative individuals, since many of the methods used by the Jesuits are used by all of the international occultic societies in the world to some degree. Please take note that this is not a complete description of the programming or belief systems of the Jesuit order. It is an overview of several aspects of Jesuit programming and teachings.

My prayer is that as difficult as this material may be to read, that it will help educate those who help survivors break free of occultic abuse as to the nature of the programming that their clients may have undergone, and the spiritual underpinnings of this programming.

I. Who are the Jesuits?

The Jesuits, or the Society of Jesus, is the “black ops” and military arm of the Vatican. The Vatican is the wealthiest business entity on earth, and is wholly dedicated to bringing in the New World Order, and its coming leader, known in former years as “he who is to come,” and since 2000 as “he who has come” (the individual called the “antichrist” in the Bible).

This book is in no way a reflection upon most Catholics, who have no idea of what the top leadership of their church believes or practices in private. The public face the Vatican shows, and the private, hidden face that very few know about, are quite different.

Jesuit History

While today, the Jesuits attempt to publicly portray themselves as benevolent, their roots go back to the beginning of the Christian church. The first gnostics attempted to corrupt the teachings of the church in the first century, and taught the first theories of “ascenscionism” and “descensionism” (which the Jesuits still teach today).

By the third century, the Christian church had grown at what to the early Roman pagans seemed an alarming rate. The pagan leaders, advised by their oracles, came up with a plan to corrupt and destroy the church from the inside. Christianity was declared the “state religion,” the persecutions stopped, and the move began to mainstream it into the paganistic beliefs of the Roman Empire.

At the same time, a secret cabal of leaders within the early leadership arose. Their goals were to gain political and financial control of the church and to promote their doctrines, which included many of the early gnostic beliefs.

The ideas of penance, self-flagellation, and “salvation by works,” took root. As the centuries passed, the divide between early biblical Christianity, and the actual occultic practices of the leadership hierarchy grew greater. Indulgences (buying “forgiveness”), confession to a priest, and the angling for political power at the highest level of the Roman hierarchy became more pronounced.

By the early middle ages, powerful Italian families such as the Medicis and the Borgias began using methods such as poisoning and assassinations, and spying upon enemies, to consolidate their power and gain election to the papacy.

The term “Vatican spy” was born during this period. The monarchs of Europe were well aware that the Pope in Rome had agents in their courts who spied upon them and reported their activities to the Vatican – including whether the required tithe monies were being sent to Rome. These Vatican spies and agents became consolidated under the military power of the Roman Catholic Church: the Jesuit Society. This Society was responsible for the establishment of the opium trade between China and Europe, among other less than savory acts.

During the late middle ages, the Jesuits began sending “tutors” to instruct the monarchs of Europe in Latin, mathematics and higher learning. They were considered the finest instructors in the world, and this gave them access to the children of the monarchy and wealthy during the 1500s and 1600s, where they could accomplish their real agenda: putting these royal children under their sway through secret occultic training. This is one reason why all the royal families of Europe became heavily involved in the occult and in serving the Vatican through membership in at least one of the twelve secret societies, such as the Illuminati and the Knights Templar.

The Jesuit Society is extremely hierarchical, and military. They are headed by a man known as the “Black Pope,” or Superior General, and this man is the REAL leader of the Vatican. He is feared by all within its corriders, and is at the center of a web of intrigue, vice and power that is difficult for many to comprehend.

Directly beneath him are three generals, known as the “First General,” “Second General” and “Third General.” These are part of a council of twelve top generals in the order. They are quite proud of the fact that they are the actual physical generals of satan’s army on earth, and each commands thousands of troops throughout the world ready to do battle for the one they honor: satan himself, and his seed. These generals believe they have been directly commissioned by satan himself.

II. What does the Jesuit Order Believe?

The Jesuits are occultists of the highest level (mages). Each member has been dedicated to satan from birth, and trained in occultism from infancy on. The Jesuit monasteries are used as training grounds for the young Jesuits, who are brought in at birth. Those who survive the rigors of the first months of infancy (when “weeding out” is done, and only one in ten infants survives) undergo extensive training in all the occultic arts, and in all of the intrigues and deceptive practices that the Jesuit Order is infamous for.

The Jesuits believe the oldest lie man has believed since the Garden of Eden: they believe in the ability of man to ascend and to achieve “god” status through acts of devotion and service to “gods”, specifically, what they call the gods of the Pantheon that rules over Gaia (earth dimension). Failure to obey the Directives of the Order, or disobedience to this pantheon, results in descending into hell in their belief system. They believe that ascending is the act of overcoming the flesh and any human feelings and emotions; it is the act of moving to a higher spiritual plane where feelings and needs are left behind.

This is often accomplished through the act of physical dying and resuscitation (this will be discussed more later). The process of undergoing repeated deaths during their training as mages is supposed to help a Jesuit overcome the fear of death, and promote the ability to travel through the dimensions.

The Jesuits believe in numerous dimensions (13), just as most deep occultists do. These dimensions reflect the spiritual travels outlined in Greek mythology, which are actually records of spiritual travels, such as the Iliad. The beings who inhabit these dimensions are considered “enlightened” and the goal of dimensional travel is to achieve enlightenment, to shed mortality, and to ascend. These travels are quite painful and dangerous, and the Jesuits celebrate those who are able to travel to the highest levels and become an “ascended master.”

AntiChristian, Anti-Semitic

An important aspect of the Jesuit belief system is their utter hatred of Christianity and the Jewish race. Their beliefs are in direct opposition to the commands of God as outlined in the Bible, and they directly teach their followers from infancy on to hate and fear the Christian God, Jesus, and Scripture, and to hate the Jewish race. Their hatred is so great, that the Vatican helped fund the nazi cause behind the scenes, and actively supported Hitler during the Second World War, until public opinion caused them to do so secretly. They funded Mengele’s experiments in the concentration camps (this will be discussed in more detail later in this book) and created the “Vatican ratline” that helped Mengele and other infamous nazi war criminals to escape to Argentiina and other countries.

Satan’s Throne

The Vatican was built over the original spiritual center for early Rome, a cave that was inhabited by the beings “Roma” and “Vatus” who gave it its name (these were later changed to Romulus and Remus). While there are several public levels to the Vatican, there are also several levels beneath the ground that the public is completely unaware of, where spiritual ceremonies are conducted. These ceremonies revolve around the worship of the four entities that the Fathers venerate:

Althea (the “tree of life” which also gave the name “Aborae de Vitae” to the primary Jesuit training monastery north of Rome), and who also represents “The Spirit”;
The Beast, whose room and alter are five levels below ground, hewn out of stone and where sacrifices occur both on the alter and in the cave-like room beneath the alter;
Satan: Satan’s Throne is a magnificent room that sits at the lowest level.
“He who has come” (Satan’s physical Son)

Satan’s Throne

The stories at the Vatican say that it took over forty years of work by several crews of workmen to hew out Satan’s throne, which is a large room, and to polish the bare rock into a room of great beauty. Trompe d’leoil paintings of windows adorn the walls, lit by recessed lights; and the smooth, marble-like floor is covered with designs painted in gold and black ebony. The long hall has a long red carpet that leads up to a raised dais, and on this dais is a huge throne, one that would require a giant to fill: Satan’s throne. After it was built, the work crews were all killed, to prevent their leaking the secret of what lies beneath the upper levels of the Vatican.

Satan’s Throne is the spiritual center of the Vatican, the “heart” of its activities.

On specified days, a long red carpet is strewn with ground shards of glass, or nails, and when the doors are opened, the hall is lined with Jesuit Fathers on both sides, who consider it an honor to be present. Petitioners then arrive, and must crawl on their hands and knees over the glass in order to kneel at the throne. Inhabiting it is a huge shadowy being whose ring the petitioner kisses, then arises when told and asked their request.

If their request is considered favorable, it is granted, but always at a huge price. The death of an enemy may be given, but the petitioner must first offer a huge sacrifice, and undergo enormous pain. Information regarding future events; or the secret machinations or plots of others may be provided, but there is always a price.

At times, those coming to the throne come there for judgment. They have been found to be traitors to the Fathers or the coming order, or to have wandered from “the path of obedience” because Satan is the worst legalist on earth, and punishes heavily any who even think disloyal or disobedient thoughts towards him and his cause. The judgments may vary from an extremely painful and expensive penance, to actual death, which is executed within the throne room.

Sacrifices within the throne room are frequent, bloody and dramatic. This is an integral part of the Jesuit worship system, because at its heart, the Roman establishment is occultic.

Satan’s Son

For years the Jesuits called the expected leader “he who is to come,” “the anointed one,” and considered him the bringer of the New Order they have longed for over the centuries. The Jesuits specifically had an antichrist breeding program, in which they took young women who were mated to satan himself in order to carry his child. The fetuses were spontaneously aborted in most cases; or else killed the mother prior to birth.

In 2000, an infant was born, and the word was out: “he who is to come” had arrived, and is being carefully raised and tutored by the Jesuit Fathers at the Vatican.

While he is still a child, he is extremely physically beautiful, and filled with evil. At this time, he sits on satan’s throne, and makes judgments, since he is his direct seed, or so the Jesuit Fathers believe. Because of their deception, the Jesuits completely discount the Christian God, or the fact that in His Word He states His complete knowledge of these activities and plots. Psalm 2 shows that the LORD knows all about the plots and machinations going on in Rome, and the worldwide influence they hold over world leaders. It is interesting to see that the LORD finds these plots laughable, because His power is so much greater. Unfortunately, this fact does not deter the ongoing planning and deception that occurs in the Vatican.

Helping the Survivor

A Jesuit is an individual who has been deeply steeped in the darkest levels of occultism since infancy; and they will have made direct vows to Satan and/or the antichrist to serve in their armies. In order to heal, these vows and covenants (made to the death) must be broken and the demonic entities within that represent them expelled.

Every Jesuit will have representation of the Tree of Life, The Beast, and Satan within their systems, and a large system dedicated to the New World Order. They will have been assigned a leadership role within the NWO, and may find it difficult to give this up, since this role gave meaning to their (extremely) painful childhood.

The core beliefs will be based upon Order Directives; the Jesuit survivor will believe that any transgression must be painfully punished, in order to prevent the systems from “descending into hell.” These beliefs will need to be addressed again and again, since they run throughout every system, all the way to the unconscious and core level. Controllers in one system may decide to give up this belief, but at the next level in, it must be addressed again.

Until these beliefs are addressed at core level, the systems will attempt to continue contact (to prevent going to “hell”); or the survivor will be heavily punished within, and will suffer greatly. This and other topics will be addressed in more detail later in this book.

It can help to see that the Vatican, and its antichrist system, are already known to the LORD, who will overthrow it. In Revelations 17,:1-6, there is a perfect description of Rome:
Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me, saying to me,[ “Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters, 2 with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.”
3 So he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. 4 The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication.[b] 5 And on her forehead a name was written:
6 I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement.
The Meaning of the Woman and the Beast
7 But the angel said to me, “Why did you marvel? I will tell you the mystery of the woman and of the beast that carries her, which has the seven heads and the ten horns. 8 The beast that you saw was, and is not, and will ascend out of the bottomless pit and go to perdition. And those who dwell on the earth will marvel, whose names are not written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, when they see the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.[c]
9 “Here is the mind which has wisdom: The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits..

The Occultic Agenda

Trigger Warning: the things shared in this post have the potential to be very triggering for some survivors

In recent months, the reports on the news have become quite alarming at times; it feels as if I am hearing on the news the things that I was told (and helped plan) in the cult years ago that would happen.
I want to begin by first stating I do not have a political agenda when I share the following. I believe that both Trump and Biden are equally mind controlled, and have never believed that “Trump winning” would mean that the “good guys win” (as some online seem to believe).

According to my memories of the occult agenda for 2020 and beyond, these events were planned:

  1. That a viral pandemic would be unleashed in the media, to see how people would respond to what the media (and the media subliminals) were telling them, and try to discover where pockets of resistance were. The goal was to see if people would believe what the media told them over what science and real data indicated. I am not saying that there is no coronavirus, or that there has not been any loss of life; but I believe that the reporting, testing and media coverage and the responses of various nations (such as shutdowns with severe economic and social impact) has not been commensurate with the actual situation. I personally know several people who refused to be tested for coronavirus, and received “positive results” for COVID-19 in the mail; and of individuals whose family members died of a heart attack or surgery complication whose deaths were attributed erroneously to COVID, when it was not the cause of death. This makes it difficult to believe to believe the numbers reported in the media. I am grieved to see events that years ago were planned for by the occultic groups come to pass at this time.
  2. That Trump would serve two terms in the US. This agenda has changed since I left the group I was in; I could only speculate on why.
  3. That Trump would betray the nation in 2024, and this betrayal would cause civil unrest (again, this did not occur, so apparently a “plan B” was developed and carried out).
  4. That the US dollar would become completely devalued, and a martial law/authoritarian regime would be put in place with loyalty to a one world government in return for economic stabilization.
  5. During the above, a second pandemic would be unleashed which will purportedly be fatal to younger people, including children. This would be used to overcome any initial resistance to government protocols to be instituted, such as requiring vaccination to buy and sell, or travel, and other citizen rights would be surrendered “for the common good”.
  6. That legislation based on “anti-hate” laws would be instituted that will sound good, and legally appear to be protective of previously oppressed groups, but will ultimately be misused by the occult societies to criminalize certain faith groups, including Christianity, Judaism, and any political group that does not agree with the cult agenda.
  7. That a world leader will appear on the scene around 2030, who will appear to have workable solutions for all of these issues. He will lead a one world government with the consent of almost every nation.
    Okay, so the above is what I understood would occur during the next decade. BUT this does not mean it will necessarily happen (although recent news items, such as the vaccination legislation seen in Israel in recent months, and other international events make the above appear to be much closer to occurring than ever).
  8. While the above is the occultic agenda, I believe in a God who can heal, deliver and save, and who can change world history. We need to pray, as never before, for the US and other nations; that truth will come to light, and that this wicked agenda will be thwarted. God is more powerful than the occultic societies, and this is a time to pray and believe that He can – and will – act in response.
    I am not posting this to promote fear or alarm, but as a call to prayer and intercession to the one who can truly help the nations. This will not be a “world leader” or a political agenda, but instead a God who loves people and hears our prayers, which do not go unheard.