Presenter Systems/Host Systems Programming

 Note: this describes some aspects of how presentation programming is done in some groups; this will vary greatly between organizations. It is  meant as an introduction to the topic, and is not  a complete description of all methods used, or all programs installed. 

The parts of an individual that often initially present in therapy or counseling have been variously labeled by therapists as the “presentation”, the “apparently normal part or ANP” or the “host”.  These are the parts that were created (with extensive help, if mind control is involved) to cover the fact that the individual has experienced traumatic, chronic abuse throughout childhood. In this book, we will call them “presenters” or “host system”.

An individual with mind control will be unable to do their assigned jobs well if it is obvious that they are traumatized, programmed and dissociated. This is one reason that a presenter or host system will be programmed in starting in the prenatal stage of life, and will be continuously reprogrammed throughout life: the presenters hide the reality of the individual’s real life history and skills not only from others, but from themselves.  They are considered a “cover”, under which the individual can look and act like one person, and act “normal”.  They are often considered the sheep that hide the “wolf” inside by groups that program them.

One myth is that the host, or presentation, has undergone less abuse than the other systems inside, and was split off to “protect” themselves from knowing how bad things were. This may be true for an individual who has not undergone mind control, in which case, the “core” and the “host” may be one and the same. But groups that use mind control will normally bury and hide the core behind layers of programming, and the parts that come out and live day to day life when outside of a cult facility may have undergone programming that is just as extensive, or even more so, than the assassins, warlocks and other parts that do not come out when interacting with non-cult members. The host or presentation in a mind controlled individual will often be one that has experienced some of the worst abuse within the system, and as a result, has made specific agreements to never disclose the abuse, and to perform in specific ways.

One example of this is programming of the presentation to embrace false, or “white” Christianity, instead of true Christianity. To prevent the individual from accepting true Christianity, the presentations may be put through various setups in which a false “Jesus” abuses them; where false church services are done, and the people in the setup all abuse the child while using typical Christian phrases such as “praise the Lord!” “Let me pray for you”, etc.  In other setups, the false “Jesus” is very loving and kind, embraces the child, comforts the child, and makes the child promise to always follow him, and to never allow the “other” (the real) Jesus near. Because the child bonds to the false “loving” Jesus, they agree. Because this Jesus is loving and kind, the individual may believe that he is the “real” one, until work on the anti-christian and false Christian programming in the host system is done. This false Jesus is much harder to detect than the angry, punishing one, and the individual will need to pray for the true God to show the difference. The end result is a presentation entering counseling that looks and sounds Christian, but with belief in a God and Jesus who are either powerless to save and heal, or who oppose true Christianity.

The host/presentation system entering into therapy with a background of mind control will often have extensive programming to have doubt, unbelief and denial raise up if the individual begins to recover memories of their abuse or rewards by the group that programmed them. If a memory comes forward, the person may have parts programmed to doubt their validity, and to doubt whether they can ever heal, or that God can ever heal them. In another layer, denial may come forward, causing the survivor to say that  the memories aren’t true, they are unbelievable, they must be made up, etc. The survivor will also deny God’s goodness, and will recover first memories that seem to confirm that God never showed up during their abuse; they will be programmed to deny and disbelieve the times that He did answer prayer.

There will often be parts in the presentation, connected to parts in every system, that also carry unbelief: even in the face of a miraculous answer to prayer, they will persist in having difficulty in believing that God answered them, or that He loves them. These parts have made prior agreements to always doubt, deny, or disbelieve the goodness and love of God, and the agreements and the traumas that caused the agreements to be made will need to be addressed.

The host system/ presentation is often one of the most cult loyal systems, due to its extensive programming. In order to do missions successfully, these parts must be able to switch in and out as needed to provide a cover. The amnesia to cult activity that survivors often report is due to an agreement by both the presenters and the parts that actively participate in rituals (which also include the presenters) to never remember and/or disclose this activity, not only to others, but to themselves. If a memory of participating in a ritual begins to come forward, the presentation will be programmed to deny what they are remembering, to disbelieve it, and to cast doubt on it. They may be flooded with “overwhelm”, crying and saying “I can’t stand to know this”, “this could never have happened to me”, “I will lose my faith if I believe this happened” and other reactions that prevent processing and healing of the traumas.

Accessing by a group using mind control will not occur in most cases without agreements by parts that this will occur. While survivors may report “abductions” and being dragged unwillingly to rituals, this is rarely the case in groups that use mind control. Instead, the presentation/Christian host has been programmed to agree to be accessed, and to believe that they can never prevent it or say “no” when a summons or signal (such as a knock at the door) comes. The parts that have been traumatized into making these agreements will need to break the agreements, and process their traumas, and also come to realize that they really do have a choice. It can help them to realize that people really do say “no” to access, and it works; they can be safe.

The presentation/host will often have extensive programming designed to keep amnesia going, especially regarding any evidence of ongoing cult activity (this will be discussed in more detail later in the chapter).  These parts have been programmed to ensure that the amnesia between parts inside continues, and involve agreements to never remember both by the presentation parts, and the parts that hold the memories.

An important part of presentation programming involves the use of buffers. Buffers may be located within a specific brainwave state (frequently, this is epsilon). The purpose of buffers is to create a stoical, unfeeling numbness that helps to hide the extensive trauma and feeling states further in. Buffers are charged with preventing the feelings involved with trauma (including recent activity such as being reprogrammed the night before, or attending a ritual two days ago) from intruding into the conscious awareness of the presentation. They act as emotionless guards, and do their jobs literally on pain of death, of self or of loved ones. Buffers have undergone extensive trauma to reach this state of feeling nothing, described by some as “blankness” or a state of “nothingness”.

The presentations will often be seated within various brainwave states. These include:

  • alpha (color-coded red): this is a relaxed state, and often includes parts with sexual programming
  • beta (color-coded blue): this is a slightly more alert wave state, and is where military and assassin programming may be located
  • gamma (color-coded green): this is a high-energy wavestate, and may be where loyalty to cult programming and to the group is located.
  • epsilon (color-coded grey-white): this is often where pain programming and buffer systems (split from the parts that learned to hold pain) is located.
  • theta (color-coded black): This is a low-energy brainwave state, and psychic ability is often seated in this state
  • delta (color codes may vary, with silver blue common): this is the brainwave state that came first, and which the other parts of the presentation are split from. Delta system is the controller for the other presentation parts and brainwave states, and will often hold memory files (coded based upon security level, and access to them guarded by delta) as well as internal programming and punishment files for the presentations.



The Real Agenda Behind the Occult

As I have healed, my parts inside have shared more and more of the “real picture” of what was going on during my life. Early on, I had recovered some memories which were part of the story, but by no means the whole story of my life.  This is due to the fact that healing is a process, and over time, as parts deeper within the system have shared information, I have learned more. Early in my healing, I had only learned about my six brainwave systems (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, theta) (see my earlier article on this) and had not discovered the six systems that were previously unknown to me (omicron, mu, null, lambda, omega, and chi).  When I remembered these other six previously unknown systems, I remembered more about the cult’s agendas, as that information was held in these systems.

When I was younger, I believed that the goal of occult groups, including the one I was raised in, was to create a “better world” through the coming New World Order.  I truly believed, in my cult host, that I was serving mankind by preparing to help usher in the time of “he who is to come” (link) who after his birth was known as “he who as come” as well as by other names.

I worked hard to improve things, and dedicated to my life to what I believed would be the betterment of mankind. What I had not remembered at that time was the secret held by my core (Chi) system, which was wholly dedicated to Satan: that the group I was in, while publicly stating their desire to bring in new world order filled with joy and peace, was actually committed to the complete destruction of mankind.

The reason for this is simple: they serve Satan, and that is his agenda; he wants mankind destroyed because he hates all men, who created by God, who loves them. The chi system parts were programmed since they were in the womb to absolutely hate God and all men (mankind was labled as “mortals” who were a fallen, descended state) and to desire the destruction of all mortals so that the immortal, or ascended, could reign.

This, in a nutshell, was the theology I was taught while in the group. This knowledge was hidden from my conscous awareness until late in my own healing journey. it was terrible to remember that I participated in meetings with others who were planning and looking forward to the destruction of mortal mankind; or the programming and torture in the womb of my birth mother and I by actors who stated scripts such as “we are mortal men, and cannot help ourselves from hurting you” and other similar ones. Later, these fetal parts were “rescued” by Satan, who then whispered “one day, you will be able to take revenge for what men have done to you.”

Even most of my cult parts were completely unaware of this programmed, hidden (to myself) agenda. Many cult loyal parts thought we were working to create a better, kinder world and it caused deep distress to realize that the real agenda of the group I was raised in was quite different.

What comforts me is the realization that while those in occultic groups are planning these things, their agenda will fail. The Bible has already described what will happen: Satan will make his play for power, using men and hybrids who serve him, and he will not win. It won’t even be a contest, because the God of the Christian Bible is the creator, not the created; and will bring about the real new creation and reign on earth that mankind is looking towards.

The difference? The Christian God truly loves His creation, while Satan despises it. I am thankful that the One who loves me and all mankind, the true God, is the One who will win. Satan’s time is limited; he knows this, so he will attempt to draw men into his plans and schemes. My prayer is that those who have believed himi will become aware that Satan is a liar; and the Christian God tells the truth.


The different types of SRA and Mind Control

The following blog is an excerpt from a chapter in a new book, Prayer Warrior 2, available on Amazon; it was used with permission from the author. 

 The term “satanic ritual abuse” (also known as “multi-perpetrator, organized abuse”) can cover a wide range of groups, each with their own practices and spiritual orientation. The term “mind control” includes the manipulation of an individual through attachment needs, trauma, coercion and other means in order to perform a task or agree with the beliefs of the individuals attempting to exert control over another. Mind control can include the methods used by governmental agencies, for instance, to instill loyalty and specific skills and behaviors on cue. 

Almost all occultic groups also use mind control to varying degrees to ensure silence, obedience and loyalty to the group. The distinction between “SRA” and “mind control” often blur and overlap, as many governmental agencies also include occultic rituals and elements in their programming methods. 

When working with survivors, it can be helpful to have an overview of some of the major types of multi-perpetrator groups that use mind control methods. These can include: (please note that there may be individual variations within groups)

a. “Dabblers“: These are often teens, or curious adults, who read literature regarding satanism or witchcraft, and who want to try it out for themselves. They may go online to learn more, and eventually will attempt to practice some of the more common rites, either alone, or will encourage others to join them. Most do not engage in the active recruiting seen in more organized groups, and are very isolated and localized unless the local get together is noticed by representatives of other groups, who may offer to come and “teach” more. The mind control in a group like this is minimal, either than the oaths and vows made to one another; and the shared guilt if an animal sacrifice is done, with a vow of silence (and threats) made to those who participate. This type of group is the one most likely to leave evidence of their activity, such as mutilated animals in a field, for others to find, since they do not have the training instilled since early childhood to perform meticulous cleanup. 

b. Wicca and witchcraft covens: these are often generational, local to a county or region, and may range from white wicca groups (which may be composed of “dabblers” who are not generational) who practice casting spells for healing and “good” purposes; and black wicca groups who actively abuse members starting in childhood. In the more secretive black groups, sexual and ritual abuse are incorporated with activities that may include animal and (rarely) human sacrifice, learning spells to curse others to death; vows of silence (with traumas that can include brief burial alive, to elicit the child’s promise to never tell). The black witchcraft groups are matriarchal, with an older woman who often holds a powerful position (the “crone” over the group) and will have close ties to the local community and close-knit relationships among those who are born into the group. Recruiting may be done to individuals who appear highly interested in learning, and marriages may be done to “outsiders” to strengthen the genetic pool. If the “outsider” seeks to leave the group, after a child is conceived, the outsider may be sacrificed. 

c. Local satanic covens (generational): these are generational, meaning most of the members are born into the group; they may do some recruitment of outsiders, or may abduct young children to increase their numbers and bring in outside genes (to prevent in-breeding in smaller, more isolated groups). These groups are usually tied to a town, small city or rural region, and can include clans that have existed for years in mountainous regions; or the local coven that “runs” and has almost complete control of a small rural town. The mind control elements are usually mainly physical, such as beatings, whippings, sexual abuse, burial alive, etc. The children may be rented out for use by pornographers, or to be used as breeders for other national groups, for a price. In recent years, the mind control has begun to be more sophisticated, with the use of some programming technology shared by the larger, more organized groups that have representatives come in and teach how to use it. These groups are more likely than national or international groups to leave marks or evidence of the abuse in their members, such as loss of a digit or toe (marking a sacrifice given during an important ceremony), or burn marks on the back. 

d. Government mind control.This include intelligence agencies from nations around the world such as Russia’s SPETZ,  the UK’s MI-6, or Israel’s Mossad, as well as the US CIA and military lab trainees. Most governmental mind control is well-funded and has an extensive research base that is ongoing; all individuals that have undergone it will have extensive profiles and data tracking to evaluate the person’s reactions to the methods used. Shared characteristics include an emphasis on military training, physical strength and “survival of the fittest” setups to weed out the weak and promote the emotionally and physically strongest. These agents will be accomplished assassins, spies with photographic memories used to gather intelligence, and will have undergone extensive programming to be loyal to their country (which may be seen as a “mother” or “creation” figure within who they are bonded to), and to their primary handlers, who will be seen as a “daddy” figure regardless of actual gender. They will often be used in missions both nationally and internationally, and will have extensive mind control to not disclose information related to the national security of the nation they were programmed by; they are programmed to suicide before disclosing this type of information (which will include any information regarding how they themselves were programmed, and the techniques used). Some individuals seeking help may have been used in mind control experiments, which are used to gather data in methodology, or to create “prototypes” for the military. Governmental agencies will often track their programming methods and agents by the generation or other similar designation: Generation 1 (G1) would be the earliest generation programmed; G12 would represent the 12th generation produced using ever newer genetic and programming technologies. 

e. Organized criminal groups: There are numerous national and international crime groups that are highly organized, and often use brutal mind control and trauma methods to instill loyalty, silence to outsiders and the skills required of its members. Some of the better known ones include the Italian Mafia, with similar groups in Russia, China and other countries; the Asian Triads; and other groups. These groups are often “go betweens” for the purposes of sales for those who produce child pornography (including snuff films), child trafficking, drug trafficking and gun running, and the national and international groups that may oversee their region’s area of commerce. Some members of organized crime groups also belong to local or national occultic groups, so there is some overlap. The occultic practices in these groups tend to be to promote success and prosperity for their own group, rather than to curse or control others. These groups are often generational, with specific families running the group within a nation, are very closed to outsiders, and rarely recruit except (rarely) by marriage. 

f. National satanic groups: In the U.S. the Brotherhood is one of the larger, more organized national groups. They have divided the U.S. into sectors, with representative groups in most major cities.  These groups are generational; extremely loyal to their family members, and are programmed to lay down their life before betraying a “brother” (which will include close family members). The mind control will begin in late infancy with participation in rituals; and fairly sophisticated use of technology, such as isolation tanks, virtual reality and programming setups to instill beliefs in the young child. The members of this group will often “help out” the international groups in their city or region upon request. 

g. Asian occult societies: These clans are generational, with training methods perfected over the centuries. These include the secret ninja clans of Asia, and the wealthy occultic families who in centuries past helped administer the opium trade in China and surrounding countries, among other activities (and still do, to this day). The children undergo extensive mind control starting in infancy, with training in military, herbs for healing and poisons, hand-to-hand combat and other skills. Their mind control involves sophisticated technology as well, including the use of virtual reality. Programmers from the Asian occult societies attend programming conferences with programmers from the international occult societies; some programs commonly used by the internation occult societies were actually developed by programmers from the Asian occult societies. These clans began to be involved in human experiments and mind control research around the same time that the European researchers did prior to World War II (much of this was conducted in Japan), and the exchange of information has gone on for close to a century. 

h. International occultic groups: These include the 12 societies such as the Knights Templar; Opus Dei; Knights of Malta; Rosicrucians, Magnificat; Illuminati, the Knights of Jerusalem; Balepheron, and others, and the Jesuit order, which is the 13th and oversees the others. These groups are generational (they do not recruit outsiders; instead, they may purchase DNA from genetic labs to improve the strength, intelligence or other characteristics of each new generation). The mind control methods used to instill loyalty, obedience and skills required are very sophisticated, and may include VR, brain scanning, negative sound rooms, and high-tech machines used to program in specific beliefs and responses. The children raised in these groups will often have extensive military training, as well as training in the sciences (including programming methods and technologies); various languages, as well as spy and assassin training. These groups have various regions of influence accorded to them around the world (for example, the Templar Knights have been accorded most of France, and Canada; while the Illuminati have been given Germany, the Druid Council was given England, much of Russia, and large portions of the US, and the Knights of Malta have been given Switzerland). Because these groups often send their agents on missions around the world, the agents will first contact and be given permission to conduct their assignment by the leader of the group over the region they are entering. An individual raised in an international occultic group will have programming that is started in the womb, with extensive post-natal programming at specialized facilities or camps. Most children will have a primary placement and bond with their genetic family. The exception is the Jesuit order, which programs their children entirely within a facility setting the first three years of life, and then allows them to be hosted within a family setting for short periods during childhood. 

Dealing with Rewards Programming

While survivors often disclose and struggle with punishment and pain programs, there is another, opposite side to these programs that often are not verbalized until later in the healing process. This is rewards programming.

Using operant conditioning principles, cult programmers will almost always program in these two opposites: extreme punishment (for disobedience) and extreme rewards (for obedience). Reward can take some of the following forms:

  • Bliss programming: this can include an emotional state of extreme joy or bliss that is put in as a reward that parts feel when they “do their jobs”. It can be machined in (using technology), enhanced with euphoria-causing drugs, and demonically induced as well.
  • “Heaven” rewards: as noted in the previous article on spiritual programming, starting in the womb, infants and children are taken through re-enactments of visiting the “celestial realms” where they are greeted by “stars” (ascended beings), “angels” and others, who all describe the joys of obedience and being rewarded with ascension.
  • Pain stopping: when a punishment or reprogramming sequence is running internally, and the individual “gives in” or stops the behavior being punished, one reward is that the pain stops.
  • Fulfillment of Deepest Longings setups: in this setup, which is cruel, the individual is asked what their deepest dreams are (this starts in early childhood). Then, the programmers do enactments in the programming labs, or through VRs, in which this deepest dream is fulfilled. Parts are allowed to spend time with a loved one in the setting they most desire, such as being married to a beloved friend, being allowed to raise children together, and having their dream job. This is a reward for “good behavior” and the parts (often presenter parts) are allowed to enjoy this reward for several days or weeks a year in return for obedience. They are threatened with the death of these loved ones, and the destruction of their dreams, should they ever disobey. This is unconscious, and the individual will have no conscious awareness of the programming. Instead, they will have the unconscious belief that they can only be “truly happy” or have their deepest dreams fulfilled, if they stay in the group.
  • Food rewards: sweet snacks and treats are often rewards for very young parts, and for parts trained to believe they are animals.
  • Sexual rewards: individuals may be rewarded by being held, caressed, or given sexual favors, especially parts that equate sex with love.
  • Status and promotions: this is a strong reward for cult parts, who have endured unthinkable pain and hardship throughout the growing up years. These parts are always given some kind of promotion to provide meaning.  The higher the status, the less the abuse is the belief held by these parts (which is untrue; it only takes a different form).  The chance to gain revenge on abusers is often part of this “reward”, and those abused in childhood will at times turn on those who hurt them badly, if they gain higher status. There are often special awards and recognitions given out to children who perform well at ceremonies for this purpose, yearly or more often. In some facilities, the child’s rank and performance, as well as the team rank, are displayed on a public digital board as an incentive to compete and work harder, since the children want to have a high score – and receive the medal or award at the end of the year.
  • Money: when individuals work hard for their group, they may be given financial rewards that the presentation is completely unaware of, such as a villa in Rome or on the French coast, or presents of money placed in accounts. The groups often state they will “take care” of the individual during their old age, if they work hard for them.

These are a few of the rewards that international occultic groups offer individuals. This is the other part of the struggle to heal when an individual chooses to walk away. They must be willing to become aware of the rewards and acknowledge the pull that they have on themselves and parts, and work out ways to provide incentives that are not given by the group.

An important part of healing is learning to “self reward”: to find healthy ways to get the needs that were previously met by organizational “rewards” (also known as “bait”) met. The needs are legitimate, and the longing and pain of giving them up can be part of the conflict that makes healing more difficult.

Candy and treats can be bought, and given to inside parts as recognition that they are saying “no” to outside summons or signals to go back.  Parts can be taught about the real heaven, or alternative internal joyful imagery can be created to replace the former “celestial” reward. Parts can ask for hugs from safe people to help meet the need for physical affection.

It is important to process both the traumas that preceded the “bliss” or rewards as well; and to become aware of how the programming was installed. Parts who underwent this, and who are grieving over the loss of rewards (sex, status, power, money, dreams) will need to have their feelings acknowledged, as the individual helps them through this process.

Eventually, the individual will discover a greater reward than the groups that use mind control can ever offer: a life free from abuse, where their wants, needs and choices are honored. The reward of a life free from receiving love only at a great cost. Freedom of choice and freedom from manipulation become rewards themselves, that can help greatly in the healing journey.



Hybrid Labs: Fact or Myth?

Note: the information in this blog post may be triggering to survivors of occultic abuse

Over the years, there have been questions raised and discussions of what have been called “nephilim”, “beautiful ones”, etc., and whether they are real or not. In the Bible, in Genesis, there is mention of “the sons of God” (believed to be angels) having relations with human women, and creating a race of nephilim. The book of Enoch in the Apocrypha also makes some reference to them.  Many believe that the myths of half human/half “god” individuals in ancient mythology describe these beings.

What I will share here is based upon my own memories while in the group of these things.  I realize that these are recovered memories, shared by parts. Some may disbelieve what I share here, while others may be surprised.

The Jesuit order has been involved in trying to create half-demonic/half-human individuals for many years (since the early 1900’s, especially). This attempt is known as the “Hybrid Project” by those in the order, with the express intent of creating “satan’s son” and includes the following elements:

-A large underground facility (located in Czechoslovakia). This facility has numerous altars within in, where sacrifices are done continuously day and night, for the spiritual empowerment of the project.  This facility is equipped with high-tech equipment.

– numerous staff who have strong theta (psychic spiritual) gifts

-birth mothers selected for size, genetics and strength, including strength of will to live.

The latter is extremely important, because carrying a hybrid child is very difficult on the mother. Once impregnated, the birth mother will experience extreme oppression and depression, and over the months, as the fetus grows, the birth mother may literally die from the amount of spiritual oppression in which the mother feels literally consumed from within.  In other cases, the mother will abort the fetus before she herself dies, partway through the pregnancy (this happened to me at age 14, when I was a carrier).

In the earlier days of the project, abortions and birth mother deaths were much more common. Many of the hybrid children born only looked partially human. Over time, the technology was developed, along with enhanced genetics (later generation birth mothers were stronger). Omega teams (individuals with strong omega skills) were also developed, during which a group of spiritually strong individuals would spend time around the clock with the birth mother, and literally “take” for a period of time the oppression for her, which allowed birth mothers to carry fetuses to term, and live.

In recent years, several hybrids have been born that look quite human, and that are the product of a spirit father and human mother during specific rituals. One is an individual that the Jesuits believe is “he who has come” or satan’s son; this individual is currently 18 years old.

The main issue regarding hybrids is that they do not think or act like humans. These beings have incredibly strong spiritual abilities, and are born with a natural desire to kill. They do not have to be “trained to kill” as humans do; instead, they must be taught to NOT kill, through bonding with a human (usually the birth mother, who is normally a very high-ranking spiritual individual).  The birth mothers feed these infants with a combination of milk and blood, obtained by cutting themselves as they nurse the hybrid infant.

These children are incredibly beautiful, although some (but not all) are a bit “odd” in appearance; they may have titanium white hair and violet eyes; or be incredibly strong (they develop coordination and muscle mass much more quickly than full humans). They are able to send very strong demonic attacks (theta skills).  They are exceptionally intelligent, and often take on the characteristics of their “birth spirit” as well as the human mother.

The ultimate plan is that the hybrid children being raised now (must are under age 8) will form the future leadership council of the order.

One of the reasons that I left the order years ago was that I disagreed with this. I saw the terrible things done in these labs, and realized that these creatures do not love human beings, or care about their welfare at all. They actually hate all humans, and require significant bonding and gentling to even be able to appear normal to some degree.  I remember going to a Jesuit monastery in southern Poland years ago (early in the project days) to work with a hybrid toddler that the staff were afraid of. The toddler had gotten out very early one morning, gone into the chicken coop, and killed all the chickens by pulling their heads off. The toddler was sitting there, eating them, when I arrived. This type of horrific scene can occur with these beings.

After experiences like this, I felt that the order was wrong to fund and staff the hybrid labs, and chose to leave in protest.  This was not “improving the world” in any sense; it was senseless to attempt to breed these beings that had a natural cruelty.

I do realize that what I have written here sounds unbelievable – that by writing this, I risk being blown off as a “nut”. I wish with all my heart it wasn’t true. But this is occurring, and I ask that all Christians join in prayer that this type of occultic activity would be stopped.





Alice in Wonderland Programming Part 2: “Crazy” Alice and Black Alice Programming

Trigger warning: this post contains information about programming that could be triggering to survivors of ritual abuse and mind control. 

Crazy Alice Programming

A part of the Alice in Wonderland (presenter) programming is the “Crazy Alice” programming, which is meant to warn the Alice controller (a presentation controller) to never allow memories to come up, or they will be labeled “insane” and extreme abuse will occur. This is often the root of insanity fears when a person first starts remembering their past; the presentation controllers know that if they remember, Crazy Alice is supposed to present.


In this setup, the child (now called “Alice” and dressed in the typical blue dress and white pinafore) is taken to a “mental institution” that looks like one from 400 years ago, where the “inmates” are chained, and who rant, rave and curse at her. The child is left there for days, with her only food being rancid water and rotten cabbage. The inmates (actually cult actors) hurl feces at her, verbally abuse her, and the custodians sexually abuse her while she is chained to the wall because of her “insanity” (remembering).


Because she is “sick”, and “mentally ill” Alice is taken regularly down to the basement for “treatment” which consists of electroshocks, drowning, and being held over a rat pit filled with hungry rats that are allowed to bite her feet and ankles. The child is told repeatedly that “remembering” or “telling” will have her labeled “crazy” and that she will be taken to the institution (or one similar) for “treatment.” This is part of developing the presenter amnesia and vows to never remember (or seek treatment).


During the hospital stay, a team of doctors in white coats walk through the ward and stay with Alice, and the head doctor (usually, a primary programmer) says “Alice is my favorite patient” and “I will do everything possible to help you get well.” Alice keeps a stuffed rabbit with her (“foo foo”) who at night seems to come alive and sexually abuses her (this is done with a hand puppet). When Alice reports the abuse the next day, the doctors look at her sadly, and insist that she is “sick” and “needs more treatment.”


There is a special room in the “hospital” for the religiously insane, with Bible studies and church meetings, where Alice is raped and abused by the “Christians” and “Jesus” in the hospital. After several weeks of this treatment, “Alice” is pronounced “cured” (e.g. this part is heavily traumatized and has learned to never disclose what is going on, and to promote presenter amnesia) and is allowed to leave.


This “hospital” is also part of the presentation re-programming. If the presentation amnesia begins to break down, and the individual remembers, the “doctors” (programmers) will come internally and take the parts that broke programming  to the “hospital” internally for treatment (reprogramming).


This is also linked to recontact programming as well. The presentation is often programmed that if there is too much programming breakdown or remembering, to believe they are “sick” and “need to go to the hospital right away.” This is meant to get the survivor to an “approved” hospital or treatment center where they can be accessed, and reprogrammed.


Black Alice Programming


In another version of Alice programming, Alice has a “dark side” that comes out and kills everyone around her in a killing spree. The terrified presenter wakes up to a room full of bloody bodies, and is told that if she ever remembers, the “evil” inside of her will “escape” and she will kill her loved ones. This is a particularly cruel form of amnesia programming.


Black Alice wears a black dress, black stockings and shoes, and a white pinafore (covered with blood stains). She lives in Nightmare Wonderland, a black and terrifying version of the white wonderland. In Nightmare Wonderland, the prime terrors are re-enacted time and time again, such as rats that chase the child, large stinging insects; black woods filled with horrible creatures, huge caterpillars that look like maggots able to sting, etc. The woods and other areas of this wonderland (which includes a large cemetery) are also filled with dead bodies and rotting corpses, and zombie-like creatures chase the child.


Black Alice has often taught to “love death” and insists that she loves killing, and death; she has often been forced to have sex with dead bodies, and cannibalizes them as well. This controller terrifies the white presentation, who fears that she will come out if they “lose control” (e.g. by trying to break programming, or remembering too much).


During her creation, Black Alice is heavily tortured and traumatized by everyone around her except the dead in the room; the dead bodies are her only “comfort”. She has a rabbit called “Edward” who hates all living things, teaches her how to kill to protect herself (rewarding her with sex) and later encourages her to “kill, kill, kill” to give him something to eat. Edward is Black Alice’s only friend, and protects her in a nightmare world.


Black Alice is also a part of the child’s assassin programming, since for simple jobs she can switch out and do a kill, and the white presentation will be completely amnesic.


The individual needs to realize that “Crazy Alice” is not crazy, but traumatized. She and the others in the “hospital” have been programmed with scripts, and the traumas need to be recognized, worked through, and resolved. This is true for Black Alice as well: she is not “evil” but a very traumatized, very young child who was frightened and wanted protection. These are very difficult memories to face, and the presentation will often experience a lot of anxiety working with these parts due to the fact that these are their own controllers.


The traumatized parts can heal, and will be relieved to talk with someone who is safe. They may fear being hospitalized, or alternatively, may insist that they go to a hospital for “treatments”. If possible, it is best that the individual has a safe person stay with them until this programming is worked through, and they realize the traumas and fears that drive it.


As with any other program, there will often be threats to both the individual, or to loved ones, if this program breaks (the individual’s loved ones will have to go through the “treatments” or torture if Alice refuses, etc.). Bringing the trauma memories to conscious remembrance, and refusing to act on the programming, will often help it break, as the individual processes the emotions.

Alice in Wonderland Programming: Part 1: White Alice Programming

Trigger warning: The material in this article could be very triggering for survivors of ritual abuse or mind control as it contains graphic descriptions of programming; it is best to check with your therapist before reading material such as this. 


It is a common misconception that “hosts” or “presenters” have been protected, or have undergone less programming or trauma than other systems. On the contrary, the presentation is often one of the most extensively programmed systems in the survivor of international occultic programming. It can be some of the most difficult programming to dismantle since basically, this involves looking at their own programming.


In most international occultic groups, the child spends the first three years fulltime at a cult facility, being continuously programmed. At age three, the child will also be placed within several host families around the world. The child may grow up with anywhere from two to seven families in different countries, and will typically spend some time each year with each of these families building a “life story”. School photos are taken, and a cover identity created in the countries which they anticipate the child will be working for them as they grow older into adulthood. The families will be given photos of the child (or a look-alike) in infancy for photo albums. These host families will have programming to prevent the child and the host parents from bonding with each other, since the cult wants the child to always maintain their primary bond with the primary programmers. The true host and core will always only be allowed to bond with these programmers.


Because maintaining the amnesia between presentations, and the prevention of remembering the cult life, is such an important cult goal, there will be several programs used to keep the amnesia in place. One of the major ones is “Alice in Wonderland” which will be described here as it is used by the Jesuits. Many other international groups also use this programming, or some form of it.


White Alice, Black Alice and Crazy Alice Programming


There are often three versions of the Alice programming installed, and each will be a backup for the other, in case one fails. Each will be described separately below. “White Alice” programming is designed to ensure the “host” parts does not remember any cult activity and believe that her “ordinary memories” of life are the whole picture. “Crazy Alice” programming is designed to make the “host” parts feel like they are going crazy, be afraid of going crazy and to return to the cult for “treatment” if they start remembering what they are not supposed to. “Black Alice” programming is designed to make the “host” parts afraid that they will hurt the people around them if they remember what they were told by the cult to not remember. I will share about “Crazy Alice” and “Black Alice” programming in future articles.


If is common for members of occultic international groups to have at least one presentation that goes by the name “Alice”. This is for a specific reason: this is a trigger for Wonderland programming. The programming starts in the womb (prenatally), with the various Wonderland creatures talking to the birth mother and fetus, and with specific traumas that create the main characters. It continues during infancy. For instance, the infant will be dressed in a “Dormouse” costume, and taught to drink tea that makes him/her sleepy on command, or as a Cheshire Cat, with an outside actor modeling the role of this part.


The initial programming is continued and reinforced over the next few years in the programming studios,that have props and virtual reality films, as well as costumes and actors, until all parts for all three versions of the Alice programming understand and reliably perform their roles.


By age three, the child will be taken to a large estate in France (or, other locations, depending on the group) for the full re-enactment of Alice in Wonderland programming. This is an elaborate setup, and occurs over the period of a week. The child enters through rooms that reinforce previous training (“control the children”: is recorded and replayed, with pictures of dead children displayed on the walls of the room; mirrors, “remember the flowers” and other triggers). The child then enters a “backward world” where everything is backwards (much like the third dimension; this prepares the child for this travel). White Alice (representing the presentation main controller who is heavily demonized) is dressed in the blue dress and white pinafore, with blond hair and blue eyes, and guides the child (who is dressed in the same way) through backwards houses, where people walk and talk backwards (a common cause of childhood dyslexia is the confusion this creates).


The child is then taken to a setup street where things are not backwards, but “crooked” or off slightly, which is even more disorienting. The child must walk with the Cheshire Cat (who represents a demonic guide) leading them through houses where things are insanely wrong, where people talk nonsense, and the floors and roofs may be upside down, to teach the child not to trust reality.


The White Rabbit

The Cheshire Cat then brings the child at last to a place where they see the white rabbit (the primary trainer or bond dressed in a costume), and they follow him/her “down the hole” (representing amnesia) to a room where the presentation stays behind, watching a movie (screen memories which account for the lapse of time). Alice agrees to always follow the white rabbit, to do what he/she tells her, on pain of her/his death; because she loves this individual, she makes the promise. The white rabbit is the primary love bond in this program, and controls Alice.


The Caterpillar


After performing a sacrifice and making agreement to always forget, and only remember what they saw on the screen (videos of presentation normal memories), the child then enters a garden with animated/demonic flowers that at first talk kindly to the child, but later turn on the child and attack them. Wasps come and sting the child, and the large caterpillar (the at first kindly guardian of the garden, played by another primary bond) tells the child what to do, and how to escape. The caterpillar then blows smoke over the child, which induces amnesia, and tells her to “always remember to forget” or the primary bond will be killed. The child (playing the Alice role) agrees, and takes a bite of the mushroom offered, which represents this agreement to only remember what she is told to remember.




The child then enters a huge maze created from hedges. Soon, the child is pursued  by the “Jabberwocky” (a demonic presence and strong presentation persecutor/punisher), and must rely upon their theta skills to run and escape, and even leave the body and fly away. The white rabbit and the Cheshire Cat lead the child to safety, but at times will try to “trick” the child until the child learns to rely on themselves instead of these capricious demonic “helpers.”

The jabberwocky pursues the Alice characters, and punishes them if they are “disobedient” (going off the path to investigate interesting things put to the side as tests), or if Alice ever tries to leave Wonderland. Because the presentation parts live in Wonderland, they are told to never leave, and at intervals throughout the program, they do sacrifices at altars installed at various points in Wonderland to keep the agreement going. The Jabberwocky and others are guardians of Wonderland that keep the presenters inside.


The Croquet Game


As the child goes deeper into Wonderland, they sleep frightened outdoors, running from the Jabberwocky if it comes near. As the child attempt to go through the maze, they will run across the queen of hearts (a primary double bind, often a twin sister) and her court playing croquet (with the severed heads of human children used as the balls). Hearts is the royal, or controlling, suit in the white Alice program; while spades is the ruling suit in the Black Alice (killer) program that will be addressed in another article. The queen becomes very interested in using the child’s head (the child is constantly called “Alice” throughout the setup, to represent the presentations, since Alice in Wonderland is ultimately presentation programming to remain amnesic and rely on demonic help to do so). Alice is very frightened, and this trauma is used to reinforce her obedience and amnesia.


Valley of Shadow of Death


The demonic Cheshire cat helps to “rescue” the child, leading her away through a hole in the hedge. Alice then follows the cat, and goes through the “valley of the shadow of death.” The valley goes into a deep forest, is quite dark and frightening, and the child by now is hungry, frightened, and hearing terrible noises.  In the middle of the woods is a cottage; it is now nighttime, and the weary child knocks at the door, to be greeted by a kindly woman. The child is fed, sleeps, and is warned to avoid the Jabberwocky, which seeks to kill the child.


During the night, the kindly woman gets up. The child is awake, vomiting from the effects of a mild poison they were given in the food. The woman calls in her familiars (wolves) and tries to kill the child, who cries out for help to the “Cheshire Cat” to rescue her. A mage (spiritual person) also comes and helps rescue the child, who continues the journey, meeting other characters.


Palace of Hearts


Finally, the child ends up at the palace of the Queen of Hearts, who demands a sacrifice (the child was already told that the last child to complete the Alice scenarios will be her sacrifice). The children who live watch the final child come in; this child was “too slow” and is sacrificed in a ritual. This reminds the children to never be slow or tardy when coming to a “party” (ritual) or event. The “parties” in the Alice in Wonderland books are always referring to rituals.

The King and Queen of Hearts are individuals the child loves very much and has been bonded to. They often represent a twin or beloved brother and sister; or beloved cult parents. The love bond is represented by the heart, with the understanding by the child that if he or she ever remembers, and the amnesia breaks, these individuals will be killed. During one installation of the programming, the child is invited to break the Wonderland programming, and she or he sees a mock killing of their King or Queen of hearts.


The Tea Party


The tea party is an important component of the amnesia programming. Internally, the presenters and other characters are always at a continuous tea party to reinforce the amnesia programming. The script often goes as follows:


The tea party is presided over by Alice’s mother (a cult mother; the mother is called Mnemosyn, or the demon over amnesia by the Jesuits). This part becomes a strong amnesia controller. As the tea party progresses, to the child’s horror, one by one, the people at the party (who are doubles of people they love deeply; including their presentation mother, father, sisters, brothers, and loved ones in the cult) are killed in horrendously gruesome ways.


The horrified Alice is reminded by Mnemosyn that “everything is fine” and is told to “let me take care of everything” and asks Alice to give her the memories.  If Alice agrees, Mnemosyn then “takes away” the memories of the murders and sacrifices, and the dead characters are removed one by one; and replaced with living ones. Finally, there are no bodies left, and Mnemosyn assures Alice that “nothing bad ever happened.”


The various characters at the tea party have control over the presentation amnesia in different ways.


Dormouse: The Dormouse is a small child/toddler who constantly falls asleep (presentation sleep programming, to fall asleep on cue), and believes that “nobody loves me, everybody hates me” (a rejection program). Dormouse believes she/he can only be happy if the child falls asleep on cue, when the child then experiences “happy” dreams.


Mad Hatter: The Mad Hatter will contain numerous scripts to reinforce amnesia and dissociation, including anti-healing scripts, scripts that the individual can “never get away” from the group, and the belief that the universe is “crazy” and without meaning, and will often punish the others sporadically. His role is to make the presentation feel nervous and anxious if they start remembering things, and to punish.


The White Rabbit: the Rabbit asks Mnemosyn for tea, and to serve it to the parts at the party, which is a cue for amnesia; as long as the characters are drinking tea (which contains a drug that brings bliss and forgetfulness). He works in tandem with Mnemosyn to keep the amnesia party going on, with the reinforcement of agreements to never remember by the presentation controllers at the table.


The Teapot: In the physical setup, there are two teapots; one is where the Dormouse sleeps, and the other is continuously pouring tea out to continue the amnesia (the two are the same in the VR version). At times, the tea contains the blood from various rituals and sacrifices conducted and performed by the presentations to seal the amnesia program.


March Hare: this is the representation of insanity programming, with the threat that if the amnesia breaks and the “host” remembers, they will become “mad as a March Hare”. The hare does terrible things to the other characters, acting insane, throughout the party.


The Jabberwocky often visits at intervals and comes to the edge of the table, and is thrown bits of food (including sacrificial body parts) to keep him happy; he then goes away. Mnemosyn, Alice and the White Rabbit take turns feeding the Jabberwocky.


These are some of the characters at the tea party; others also come and join in.


Working with the Parts


When working with these parts, it is important to realize that these are the individual’s presentation controllers. Breaking the program will often create great anxiety in the presentation, because the individual is “breaking the rules” and fears retaliation both for themselves and their loved ones.


The greatest fear is that the individual will “go insane”, which is triggered by the Crazy Alice program (a backup if the main Alice program starts to fail; this will be discussed in another blog). It can help greatly for the individual to realize that these feelings are normal, and that they will not “go crazy” or “become homicidal” (due to the Black Alice program, which will also be discussed in another blog). They may also fear their own murder (in one tea party script, a double of the individual is killed at the table for remembering to install the implicit fear).


It can help if the individual understands that they really can break this program and heal; that the characters do not have to keep continuing doing their old roles, and they can break out of Wonderland. Wonderland is controlled by spirits of delusion, denial and amnesia, and removing the spiritual (which will drive the program) while helping the human parts heal from their traumas is important. Kronos, or the timekeeper, will sit over the Alice white system, covering for any lapses or lost time (this is installed with a huge clock, with an infant sitting on each hour; the time hand slices the infants unless Alice can make time go faster, slow down, or “skip” the infant). Kronos oversees this sense of the elapsing of time, in tandem with the other characters.


It is important to get to know each of the characters in the program, and listen to them. They will have reasons for doing the jobs they are doing, and these are often based on trauma, including very early (infant or prenatal) trauma that has been reinforced and layered upon over the years.


Hearing their traumas, comforting them, and providing validation and relationship will help these parts to decide to leave their old “jobs” inside. Once they do, the whole system will benefit greatly. It takes time and safe relationships to heal this type of programming, and for parts to make the decision to give up their amnesia and agreements to forget. These agreements are based upon deep love for individuals they were bonded with, and these bonds must also be addressed in order to give up these agreements.


(note: part two will cover Crazy Alice and Black Alice programming).