Exposing the Vatican: Part 6

trigger warning: explicit discussion of programming, traumas and negative spirituality

Q’Ballah Programming

Mengele always installed the Q’Ballah in those he worked with, and he installed it into Jesuit systems as well. Althea, or the “Tree of Life” is the basis, with the three cords (white, black, grey) roots demonically entwined and going back to the systems described above. There is a primary death trauma for each of the core controllers for each of these roots.

An important part of q’ballah (black Kabbalah) programming is the creation of demonic portals. These are installed at points known as the sephiroth in the body and above it (see illustration below).
There will be death rituals, and demonic entities attached to each of these points, which become a portal or opening for demonic travel and communication. Tiferet represents the core, sits above the umblicus, and is the portal for satan himself. This is the first, or prime trauma, and this ritual involves the newborn or fetal umblicus being burned with a hot needle as the infant is put to death, then resuscitated.

Each portal (sephiroth) is installed via death trauma, and will have a portal guardian who is an ascended master from the grey (celestial)system sitting above it, who is both human and demonic. The guardians will have been heavily programmed to misrepresent their true names, due to the need for cover programming described above. These guardians supposedly “protect” the body and systems from “intrusion” by beings in the dimensions; but in reality, they are open doors to the demonic and must be closed through spiritual warfare (giving up of the demons) and by these ascended guardians accepting Yeshua and giving up their former beliefs in demonic “protection.”

Helping the Survivor

The survivor will often initially be terrified at the thought of closing these portals when this comes up in therapy. This is because of extensive programming to believe that closing the portals will result in “death”, “insanity” or cruel punishment by internal or external masters. They will literally believe that their safety and survival depends upon keeping these portals open, and will question how to survive closing them.

There may be parts instructed to take the other parts into the dimensions and punish parts that try to close their portals, or break this programming. The survivor may even re-experience the death traumas and agony involved in the original creation of the portals. Once the portals are closed, the survivor will be amazed at the relief, and the fact that they are indeed alive and sane. The therapist will need to help counteract the programming with truth, and develop enough trust with the survivor that they are willing to give up this method of demonic interaction.

Once the portals are closed, the survivor may experience significant warfare in retaliation for doing so. This is a time for prayer and spending time with the Lord, and calling on Yeshua for protection.

The Q’Ballah will have an extensive internal reality attached to it, including magic numbers in rooms, and the white, black or silver cords from it running throughout the systems, from top to bottom, including within the rooms that the various controllers stay in. These cords represent the core traumas associated with the creation of each part of the “three rope” cord: infant death traumas and the beliefs associated with these traumas.

There will be an extensive internal reality for the systems and their controllers, with rooms, temples and other representations of the programming that they underwent when a very young child.

More About Mengele

Mengele himself, as discussed before, worked with Jesuit infants during the 1950s and early 1960s. He also bonded these infants to himself in a manner similar to that described above for attachment bonding. His bonding was nearly always installed in the white, or cover level, for Jesuit systems. This was primarily because the Fathers wanted his programming (assassin training in infancy and early childhood) installed, but wanted to reserve the core bonding for themselves, in order to maintain their secrets even from Mengele, whom they did not fully trust. Mengele also installed his own proprietary codes into areas of the systems that he wanted to reserve loyalty to himself within.

The Jesuits also wanted their top trainers trained by Mengele. This is one reason why those with top potential worked with him in his research laboratory, and continued the research after his death.

C. Toddler Training

By the time an infant is a year old, they will have several hundred personalities in place, which have already undergone extensive foundational mind control. Spiritual controllers will have already undergone extremely painful ceremonies, such as hot needles inserted into the umbilicus; or having a long sharp needle pierced through their chest, and being gripped and raised up (“satan’s claw”).

The controllers for the white spiritual systems will be in place, since the infant will have internalized these through virtual reality, holograms, and dramatic enactments of the “deities” by actors. The white spiritual systems include:

• Egyptian deities
• Babylonian deities
• Ancient (pre-Babylonian) deities
• Druidic deities

These are headed up by the white, or Greek, Pantheon of twelve deities.
Each system will have specific traumas attached to it. For instance, Bel, the head of the Babylonian system, will undergo a ritual where he is pierced through with tiny golden needles throughout his body (Babylonian sun ritual). Astarte will have sexual rituals, and Ashtoth will have death rituals associated with him.

The black (Vatican) spiritual systems are also being organized and trained from 12 to 14 months after birth. These include the theta assassin systems headed by:

• Nemesis, who controls
• Phobos (theta fear and dream attacks);
• Thantos (theta death) and
• Chaos (theta insanity programming).

Extensive training is undergone, where the young child learns to control and read thoughts (Galileo training), and to attack others using the theta skills they are developing. The foundations of early Mage training are also begun (mages are the highest level in the occultic world).

The “goddess of Death” and other demonic spirits will have temples and altars dedicated to them, where regular internal sacrifices are conducted. These re-enactments represent the external realities the toddler experienced.

The toddler will be taught to enjoy the experience of killing within certain parts, either through sexual stimulation, or direct brain stimulation (of the euphoria center) following obedience.

Controller Programming

The Jesuits use extensive setups to teach the internal controllers to do their jobs during this second year of life. Typical ones involve tying several young children with ropes (normally, six) to the waist of the toddler. She is told to “mind the children” and make them obey her. The setup will consist of having candy, or beautiful objects such as glass balls, in the middle of a room. The toddler is told that the children tied to her must NOT touch the objects in the middle of the room, or they and she will be punished.

The problem is that it is very difficult for a very young child to control others. The six children tied to her waist will try to yank her around, and grab at the objects or treats. Finally, in spite of her best efforts, she will tire, and one of the children will reach the table and grab a treat.

The child is instantly killed by a Jesuit Father waiting in the wings. The two-year old must now make the other, now quite obedient, children obey her, while dragging around the body of the dead child, a reminder to this young controller of what happens when she fails in her job.

By the end of the setup, which can last for several days, all of the children tied to the now very traumatized controller will have died (the result of disobedience and her failure to “mind the children” who in hunger will reach out and try to grab food and water, which are forbidden). The extremely traumatized controller will be very committed to exacting complete obedience to those under her, to prevent their experiencing a similar fate.

All of the controllers inside (dozens) will undergo this and other training. This creates an extremely controlled system, with the internal controllers believing that even slight disobedience will result in death or shattering. This belief is based upon numerous experiential setups when the child was less then 3 years old, and it will take time to work through the terrible grief of being unable to “save” the children in the controller’s care, and the rage that this type of manipulation creates in the survivor once they realize the truth.

Master-Slave Programming (ages 2 to 5)

There is a program to training obedience when a Jesuit child is very young. In this program, they are conditioned to be slaves, and obey their Masters, the Jesuit Fathers (who are all ascended masters). They address them as “Master” and “My Lord” and their day consists of menial labor as the Fathers order.

Typical tasks might include scrubbing the stone floors of the monastery on hands and knees while the Fathers taunt the “slave”; they may even urinate on the floor the child has just spent hours cleaning, and tell the child to clean it up again.

The acolyte will learn to cook; clean; do yard work, and will obey orders without question or thought, when asked to do tasks. This is considered an important part of the early training in obedience.

The spiritual parts (thetas) are taught to respond spiritually to summons from the Fathers – instantly. Any hesitation is immediately and terribly punished (such as being hung inside a dark well). The Fathers also have golden whistles that they wear around their necks; each child is assigned a set of notes, and must respond physically and/or spiritually immediately when their notes are played.

The child is inside the walls of the monastery these first few years of life. By age 24 months, the child goes to classes, where they learn not only languages (the Fathers speak Latin and Italian in daily life, and are all fluent in numerous other languages), but also oral history and the black arts as part of their mage training.

Internally, the survivor will have “masters” (controllers) and “slaves”; slave parts are taught to instantly obey masters.

Wolf and Sheep Training

During the second year of life (12 months to 24 months) it is important to the Jesuits that high barriers are placed between the “front” or presentations, and the “back” or loyal parts. One way this is accomplished is with “wolf” and “sheep” programming.

The back, or hidden, parts are taught that they are wolves. The Jesuit Fathers raise wolves for this purpose, and will take the young child and place them in a pen with a mother wolf and her cubs. The child will have been sprayed with wolf scent, and the mother will normally let the child join her cubs. The child is told that he or she is a wolf, and is treated exactly like one: the child nurses on the mother wolf; is fed with the cubs, and is taught to crawl on all fours, and even to growl like a wolf. They are taught that wolves are strong, cruel, fierce and protective, and that they must guard the “weaker” systems by doing the tasks that “sheep” cannot do.

Once this program is in place, the front systems undergo “sheep” training. They are placed with sheep, and eventually believe that they are lambs or sheep; eating with the sheep, sleeping curled up with the other lambs, and in every way being treated as if they are a sheep.

To place a barrier between the systems, the Fathers then cause the two systems to traumatize one another. The “wolves” are told to “attack” the sheep and to try to kill them. This causes the front to become angry and to distrust them. The wolves are also taught to hate “sheep” and believe they “stink” by having a slain lamb tied to their back for several days. The carcass becomes ridden with flies and stinks terribly; the body itches and the child becomes violently ill, and they are taught that this is the result of being close to a sheep. These parts cannot come close to front parts, that they believe are sheep, without smelling the rotten carcass that made them so ill as a very young child. This makes the back very unwilling to come near the front.

Other barriers between front and back are also installed during this second year. This includes a wall with gargoyles and demonic guardians that is erected between the front and back, which is overseen by Janus (the Roman deity with two faces). One face observes the “front” or presenting systems; the other, the back, or hidden systems. Certain parts can pass through the doors, but those without authorization are immediately torn by the demonic guardians placed between front and back. The demonic is allowed to pass freely between front and back.

In addition to these barriers, others are placed. One is an extensive “buffer” system. These have entrained neurolinguistic programming in place, and their role is to be emotionless and to stand between the front and the back, “ buffering” the front from any knowledge of what the back is doing, and vice-versa. Their role is to prevent the two sides from actually meeting or communicating, and to keep the amnesia in place through constant ingrained “wipeout” programming.

This wipeout programming can consist of a combination of traumas that are re-experienced, such as internal shocks to the head, EHF and/or microwave bursts to the frontal lobes, or other similar traumas that were used to originally wipe out memories of assignments. If the survivor attempts to cross the barrier, they may experience flashing lights, blizzard, extreme headaches, eye pain, nausea, dark bursts within the deep brain, or other trauma that occurred when the barrier was originally put in.

Growing Up International Part Two: The First Three Years

Note: this article contains graphic descriptions of trauma and programming setups under Mengele

At the moment I was born, and took my first breath, my birth mother was killed by being pulled apart as I came out of the birth canal. This trauma was designed to create a guilt that the programmers would build upon the rest of my life: the belief that by living, I “killed” my birth mother.  The guilt would be used to drive me to perform ceaselessly over the years in an unconscious attempt to justify being alive.

A ritual was done immediately, in which one of the people I had bonded with in the womb (my primary trainer – a father I loved) began to suffocate me, asking me if I would accept a demon present behind him; if I did, he would let me live. I agreed, and was allowed to breathe.

I was given to a woman to nurse, one of several nannies at the cult facility I was raised in who would nurse me, rock me, and sing me songs about the group I was in, the heroes in the group who performed great deeds, and songs of praise to Satan.

My genetic mother and father were also present, and participated in a ritual that dedicated me to Satan.

Afterwards, I was taken to the newborn nursery where other infants in my group (we were raised in groups of 12) were in their cribs. Each infant in a group was born within a day or two of each other. My birth date was January 5, an important date to the group I was born to: Epiphany. I was considered one of the “gifts of the magi” to the group, and many other infants were born on this date as well.

Spiritual Programming

From my first breath, the programming was non-stop for the first three years.  The programming involved numerous setups in which trainers dressed as various “deities” (“celestial beings”) appeared by my crib, clothed in white or silver robes, and glowing with a soft light, as their kind voices taught me to love them – and to identify with them.

Others trainers dressed as “demons” and showed the splits created just before their appearance how to act and sound like a demon, with guttural growls, snarls, etc. These splits learned as toddlers to enjoy eating raw flesh, the only food they were allowed.

The highest (core) systems were bonded to trainers who dressed as ascended beings. Their eyes were covered with crystals to prevent me as an infant from seeing human eyes, since these parts were taught to hate and fear mortals through setups that involved “humans” or “mortals” raping and torturing them, until the “ascended beings” rescued and comforted them.  I bonded completely to these creatures that appeared in various forms: a young form (appearing like a small dinosaur), a huge form (resembling Jabba the Hut or a similar grotesque appearance) and a beautiful form, looking much like a beautiful human but with unhuman eyes.

My love for these creatures would be tested time and again over the years. These parts felt that only these “celestial” creatures could love them, and they all held one feeling in common: they utterly despised mortals and the human race, who had tortured them in the womb, and were committed to the destruction of the human race (my fetal rage was held by them).

Celestial Paradise and “Hell” programming

As a baby, I was placed in a special baby carrier designed as a chariot in the programming labs. This chariot slowly rose upwards on a clear cable to an upper level of the lab staged to look like celestial paradise. In this “paradise” beings dressed in silvery white robes greeted me, held me, comforted me and gave me sweet drinks and cake.  Harp music played, and a celestial “choir” sang songs of the joy of ascending. I realize that this sounds more like a Hollywood studio than a programming lab, but a young infant is very susceptible to believing these setups, since they have limited life experience to balance it against. As an infant, I truly believed I was “ascending to the heavenly realms” and loved the experience – and the beings who lovingly greeted me there.

As an infant, I was also taken at other times to “hell”, which was a programming studio at a lower level. Trainers dressed as Abbadon and Apollyon came to my crib, grabbed me, and told the young infant me that I was going to be “punished for my sins” of “disobedience.” It was a terrifying experience as they took me down a long, dark tunnel to a place lit with flames, with demonic creatures (young trainees in costume) dancing around poles where victims were tied and being tortured.  As I descended into this place of horror and fear, I heard the “demons” discussing how young and tender I looked, as they drew nearer and tried to cut some flesh off with a knife, or spear me with a fork. I screamed in terror, and then “Satan” appeared and “rescued” me in this setup (in others, various people, such as the trainers I was bonded to, or a messiah figure were the ones who rescued). “Satan” scooped me up and took me away, telling me that as long as I obeyed him, I would be safe and he would protect me.

By the time I was three years old, I was utterly and completely committed to the belief that those who obey “ascend” and those who disobey cult directives and orders “descend.” The proselytizing that began in the womb, and reinforced heavily, had taken hold. I had internalized the creatures ranging from angels, to demons, to celestial beings, to dragons, and others inside, and had created an internal “heaven” and “hell” to hold them in. Punishment for questioning the group’s orders included the inside parts being dragged into the internal hell by internal representations of Abbadon and Apollyon, and rewards for instant obedience and good performance (such as killing on command, doing sacrifices well, etc.) included being allowed to visit “paradise” and communicate with the beings there.

I was considered successfully spiritually programmed by the trainers who installed these setups and beliefs.  It would not be until years later, when I became a Christian, that I learned to my great surprise that the Bible never mentions a hell populated by “demons” who are overseen by “Satan” with the power to “torture” individuals; instead, the concept of Sheol is quite different, and the gehenna of final judgment is very different from the cult setups I experienced.


Early Loyalty and Anti-Christian Programming

Loyalty was considered one of the greatest imperatives of the Order, and extensive time and thought was put into the programming for loyalty.  Men and women dressed in shabby clothes would come into the nurseries where the babies were, shouting “we are traitors and are here to get you.” They would hit, rape and abuse us; all the babies would be screaming, until one of the Fathers would come in and “rescue” us from these terrible “traitors”.  Numerous setups of this type were done, until the mere mention of the word ‘traitor’ would make our infant hackles rise.

A man dressed as “Jesus” would also walk into the infant nursery at times, abusing the infants and causing intense dislike and pain. Again, the infants were “rescued” by one of the Fathers, who “chased” him away.

Presentation and Amnesia Programming

Because the Jesuits are international, they create presentations to be hosted in various presentations in the infants.  Nine presentations were created for the infants in the group I was in: a presentation for America, another for the UK, another for France, another for Germany, one for Italy, one for Japan (where the Jesuits have a large interest and alliances with the clans that operate there), one for Russia, one for Amsterdam and one for Israel. The latter was considered one of the most important, since the Jesuits do extensive intelligence operations against the Mossad and Israel, and have numerous agents placed there.

The programming labs had rooms set up, where members of the future host families would meet with and interact with me. I met my parents and siblings from each of the families I would have in these various nations, and they took family photos with me, talked with me in the host country language, and worked on my amnesia cues (to prevent bleedthrough, or having memories or speaking in the “wrong” language).  I grew close to the other siblings and my new parents, and was warned in the various presentations to never remember the cult facility, and for presentations to never remember living in another country, on pain of the death of the host family. Sacrifices were done several times during the first three years, and agreements made to keep the amnesia intact between presentations intact.

In one country (France), to my joy I was to be hosted with my identical twin, E.  We both loved our times together during the presentation programming, where we were taught how to  be part of a “normal” family and interact normally, to create our covers within these countries and cover the fact that we were actually raised in a cult facility.

The closest friends and family members in each of the host countries were, of course, cult members, since for the first three years, I spent almost all of my time in a cult facility and would not be actually spending time in the host countries until I was three years old.

Just before I went to host in the countries, each time, an important event occurred. I would be asked to “remember” living in the cult facility, would say something about it to the host parents. That night, a baby sibling (considered expendable, but allowed to bond with me over the past several months) would be killed in front of me because I “remembered”. This trauma was used to seal the amnesia between presentations. The cult host (the real “host” in an international system) also made agreements to never allow memories of the “real” (cult) life rise to awareness in the presentations. The Fathers would have me go into a room where a Jesuit Father was present, along with the host family, and later ask me if I remembered anything unusual. If I remembered the Father, who I loved greatly, the Father was brought into the room and tortured in front of me, to my screams and distress, because I had “remembered” the cult life. I was supposed to completely forget seeing a father when in my presentation, to completely “blank out” any memory of this other life.

In one setup, I would go into a room where cult objects were placed. My presentation was switched out. Later, I was asked what I had seen in the room. One time, at age two, I remembered and reported seeing a dead body and a chalice, and a Father in the room. The Father then came into the room, held a gun to my head, and said I would have to be killed, since my remembering would endanger the Order. I vowed to always forget. He said I must, or he would be forced to kill me, as sad as that would be. The next time the setup was done, I forgot, and lived. I did know children who actually were shot, because they kept remembering in spite of their trying hard to obey. The gun was not an idle threat; I had one brother shot this way, and never forgot this.

Pirate Programming

Babies love parties, and there was a special setup done in the programming labs with a pirate ship, jolly pirates, plenty of good soup and cake, songs and holding for the babies. This setup was done to create an internalization that would keep the internal baby parts inside and entertained, unless they were called out to be programmed.

Mengele and Senseless Deaths

Mengele (“Herr Josef” as I knew him) was head of the programming labs during this time.  There was one lab in Italy, another in East Germany, and another in Switzerland at this time.  He had students who walked around and mimicked him, assisting him. His main assistant was a young woman named “Hilde” with blond hair, blue eyes and an ice cold manner much of the time. Hilde was extremely efficient, and knew exactly what he wanted.  Herr Josef was not one of the three Fathers I loved (bonded to primarily) but he was a primary trainer, and I bonded to him out of necessity and survival.

Mengele loved “survival of the fittest” setups, and would place two bottles in the middle of a roomful of infants. A bell would sound, and the infants would all crawl quickly to the bottles; those who got there first and could fight off the other babies “won” and got a bottle that day. The others were killed in front of the survivors, to teach what happened to “slow” or “expendable” babies.

Mengele did not value human life at all. He would kill 99 babies in order to find one baby he felt was “worth keeping” out of a batch. He was terribly manipulative as well. Babies in the nurseries were punished terribly for disobedience. If a baby held onto the bars of the crib, because the baby didn’t want to be taken out to be tortured (programmed), Mengele would chop the hand off in front of the other babies, as an “object lesson”. All babies would watch this scene with round wide eyes and horror, as the consequences of disobedience or hesitation were shown dramatically. Herr Josef would say “That was a BAD baby; you don’t want to be a BAD baby” and all the babies, including me, made the instant decision to never be the “bad baby”.

Only ten babies out of a thousand would survive the first six months in this kind of environment. Mengele and his programmers insisted on absolute, complete obedience even in infancy, including allowing sexual abuse (babies were taught to open their legs on cue and allow this sadistic cruelty without crying), as well as other forms of abuse. If a baby cried too long after a programming session, or failed to greet Mengele with a smile and outstretched arms even after a previous day of unthinkable pain, the baby would be placed in a sliding box that would be locked for a day, abandoned in the dark as punishment for disobedience or “bad behavior”. The baby would be taken out, frantic to be held, and told to never disobey again, or they would be kept in the box “forever”.

I was rewarded for performing well: I would be held by a nanny who rocked me and gave me a bottle, and who would then take me to a window to get a peek at the outside world and sunshine. Or the Fathers I loved would come and spend the precious 15 minutes a day that I cherished, telling me they loved me, holding me, and teaching me what they expected (including allowing sexual abuse).

By the time I was a toddler (15 months), I was put in a cage in a room with dozens of other children my age in another “survival game” that Mengele made up. A buzzer would sound, the cage doors would open, and we would all rush to get food and drink. We had to fight one another to get food.  There was only enough for two or three.  I remember that after a few days, the little girl in the cage next to me seemed sick; she wouldn’t get up or run any more when the buzzer rang. I felt sad for her, and when I ran and fought and got my food and water, I took some to her, and tried to get her to eat, but she wouldn’t eat or drink. I didn’t understand what was wrong with her, but to my dismay she got weaker each day until one day she fell asleep and didn’t wake up any more. I tried and tried to get her to wake up, but she wouldn’t. Other children were getting sicker and sicker, and only three of us were alive and healthy out of the sixty children.  We watched the others slowly die, one by one, and wondered why Herr Josef thought this was a good thing, and praised the three of us so highly. I felt guilty and sad that I was alive and the others had died, and that I couldn’t wake the little girl in the cage next to me up.

In another setup, as a baby I learned to crawl through a maze. At intervals, there would be a bridge; another baby would be crawling from the opposite direction. I had to crawl across the bridge, and get to the other side, or get shocked; so did the other baby. The only way to get across was to push the other baby off the bridge. If I did so (and I always did), I was rewarded with a bottle and no more shocks; but I also had to watch the other baby be killed. I was said, but also knew that the price of my survival was the death of another; Mengele made that very clear in his infant programming.

Mengele had several top assistants who were younger (teens) that I began bonding to.  By age 12, children in the Order are considered adults, and they by age 13 were full trainers.  One would become my primary trainer during most of my childhood, and was a Father I loved; her name was Father Matthew and I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.

As soon as I could toddle around, I tried to follow her around any time I was allowed to. By age two, I was allowed to wear a little white coat like Fr. Matthew’s, and tried to act and sound like her. I wanted to be a head trainer just like her, and she and the other Fathers said that one day I would, because I did very, very well and learned quickly. Most importantly, I had survived many of the brutal tests of strength and intelligence that Mengele put infants through during the first year of life; I was considered a “keeper” and to have potential by him and the other fathers.

Any infant that survived the facility during this time period was at the top of the charts for strength, intelligence and survival instinct. Those who would be chosen for leadership also had another quality that I had shown by trying to save the little girl next to me: the ability to look out for the interests of others, and the common good.  All I knew is that life the first three years was a constant round of pain, testing and sadness with all too few moments of nurture and bonding.



Infant Programming

Mengele’s Research

Josef Mengele is considered “the father of modern programming” due to the information and methods that he developed during his infamous end-point experiments on infants, young children and adults inside the Nazi death camps.

Before Mengele, most serious programming was begun at the age of 18 months to two years old, since behaviorists believed that the infant brain was too immature to hold programming or make use of it before that age. Mengele proved with his well-kept records based upon unutterably cruel research done on infants that the most effective programming was done in infancy and in the womb; that infant programming automatically enters into the subconscious and deeper brain, and that the most effective time to create personality splits is during the first six weeks of life. He also proved that infants can see, understand and respond to programming cues and images at this time in life, and can be taught to organize the splits based upon these cues.

An infant can much more easily internalize an external object than an older child, since the infant is basically a “tabula rasa” (the normal early infant state), and the brain is at its peak ability to absorb and process information during the first days of life.

The information that Mengele obtained was combined with data from other behaviorists, including attachment theory, to create programming that is considered “unbreakable.” After the second world war, Mengele was often flown to Europe to program infants. He left his personal stamp on many infants and young children programmed by during this time. He was also hired out at times (for an exorbitant fee) to other organizations, but his primary post-war work was continuing his research and programming international occultic agents from infancy.

Mengele ran an infamous (within the occultic world) research center (“the institute”) where he employed the top trainers within the 12 societies, who continued his research under his (brutal) supervision on end point trauma (trauma that takes the subject to physical or psychological death) and other traumas, and the effect on the human psyche. The volumes and volumes of carefully documented research data are still held within occultic training libraries, and have been replicated and shared throughout the world. The research that he began is still ongoing, as the search for better, “unbreakable” methods of programming continues. One of the largest research centers for experimental programming is on the West Coast of the United States; the large research facility is underground, and is combined with sophisticated milab (military laboratory) research.

  1. Infant Programming


When an infant is born within an international occultic group, it has already undergone significant programming within the womb. Immediately after conception and implantation of the genetically altered embryo (more on genetic research will be discussed later), the oracles place their hands on the womb of the expectant mother, to determine whether or not the embryo should be allowed to live. If yes, the embryo is dedicated to a demonic entity, and continues to grow.

By four months of gestation, early brain waves (delta waves) begin to appear in the fetal brain, and with it, some degree of consciousness. At this time, a primary trauma will often be intentionally engineered, to create the first split. Often, the mother and fetus will be injected in utero with an agent that causes extreme pain, but does not cause labor. The fetus experiences extreme terror, excruciating pain, and will hear the mother screaming “Get it out!” regarding the fetus that appears to be causing her the intense pain in her womb.

This is a primary rejection trauma, and the pain and rejection combined will cause a core personality split. This split is in a deep delta (unconscious) brain state, and the programming begins in earnest immediately afterwards. Headphones are placed on the womb, and for hours, the young fetal splits are exposed to recordings regarding their identity, their wants, their beliefs, and their role in the new world order. This programming occurs during the 16th week of gestation onwards, and the information in the recordings is recorded at the deepest unconscious levels before the infant is ever born.

Secondary, tertiary and other traumas will also occur within the womb, with spiritual ceremonies that dedicate these intra-utero splits to different demonic entities. Before the infant draws his or her first breath, they will have the foundational core splits, their beliefs and identities firmly in place.

These traumas can include the use of electromagnetic waves to cause extreme pain in the fetus; fetal surgery; breaking the arm of the fetus; electroshock, flatlining the mother (to punish the fetus, who is blamed for the mother’s “death” and resultant spiritual pain/anxiety) and other traumas. The mother is carefully monitored with medical intervention to prevent abortion or premature labor, which is the body’s natural response to these types of traumas.

The demonic is used to keep the splits separate, since in nature, the splits would try to rejoin automatically. The demonic creates a deep feeling of terror and re-experiencing of the primary traumas should the prenatal psyche attempt to join together.

Birth Trauma

Upon birth, an infant that is to be used by the group undergoes a very specific trauma. As soon as the infant is born, a group member takes the infant and begins to smother it to death. The infant is asked spiritually, “Do you want to live?” Behind the Father is satan, and the infant is aware within their spirit that if they answer, “Yes” that satan will enter them. This being is hideous and terrifying, and it takes a very strong will to live to respond affirmatively. If the infant responds “No” they are smothered to death. If yes, they are allowed to breathe, and with their first cries in the physical world, satan attaches to the core.


When infants are very young, there are caretakers that perform physical care for the infant. These “nannies” or surrogate mothers take care of several infants at a time. While caretaking, they give bottles, rock the infant, and sing songs to them. These songs always contain programming embedded within them; they are songs about various spiritual (demonic) entities and praise to them, or of the joy of the coming order, or other messages. The goal is for the infant to associate caretaking and the relief of physical distress or abandoment feelings with love and loyalty to the order and the beings described. This is a terrible manipulation of an infant’s need to attach to a caregiver, since these early songs are also embedded within the subconscious of the infant.

Helping the survivor

Because the prenatal and birth traumas are so emotionally and spiritually devastating, they will often only come up fairly late in therapy if ever, after the survivor has received help for other later splits. These primary traumas cause intense feelings of grief, rejection and despair, and are often the prime traumas underlying suicide programming. The demonic terror that causes fear of coming together may affect all parts of the systems, causing a prime fear of remembering or coming together for all parts, at an unconscious level.

It takes an experienced prayer minister to help an individual through these types of trauma. The survivor will be understanding that their entire life, even in the womb, was planned and programmed out, and feel intense anger at the betrayal and manipulation it involves. They may direct this anger at God, wondering where He was when this happened; and they may wonder if any part of them was ever not “owned” by the group.

This is where scriptures regarding God’s love for individuals both before and during their creation in the womb can help; as well as praying and asking the Lord to show the survivor what He thought of them at conception. This is needed truth, to counteract a lifetime of being told and believing lies such as that the survivor was always the “Order’s”, since they will have no memories before the prime traumas.

Because the programming and messages are implanted at such a very deep, unconscious level, it can also help to use a digital recorder, and record very specific scriptures and truths to counteract the lies (i.e. “reprogramming” with truth). It may take a significant amount of time to bring truth to these core beliefs, and is one reason that controllers at higher levels in the system may seem so “resistant” to truth: they may have buried at the unconscious, fetal level, prime traumas and programming that counteract other truths brought in.


Some helpful scriptures can include:


Ps.139:13: “For you created my inmost being;    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

This verse directly counteracts the lie that the cult “owned” the person from the beginning, and shows who truly gave them life and their individual characteristics, in spite of prenatal programming.

Psalm 51:6. “Yet you desired faithfulness even in the womb; you taught me wisdom in that secret place.”

How does the Lord teach wisdom in the womb? Only He truly knows the answer. But He does minister even to the fetus in the womb, as is made clear in this verse. The programming messages are NOT the only things the fetus was aware of before birth.

Isaiah 44:2. “This is what the Lord says—   he who made you, who formed you in the womb,    and who will help you:Do not be afraid, Jacob, my servant, Jeshurun, whom I have chosen.”