Vatican Book Part 11 (final section)

Note: please be aware that this post mentions programming methods, and Christianity

Recontact Programming

The Jesuit Order has difficult recontact programming to break. This is why very few members of this organization attempt to leave. The recontact programming is based upon two main bases:

The use of infant attachment bonds, and the use of extreme (severe) pain and punishment methods should recontact fail. This is in addition to internal and external reprogramming if these first two fail.

Attachment and Loyalty Bonds

As mentioned previously, the Fathers bond the infant very early on, beginning in the womb when the birthmother rejects the fetus and the fetus comes to believe that the Fathers are the only source of love. This contines in infancy, with the infant being left in a completely dark room, and then “rescued” by the primary Father who gives the infant a bottle, among many other scenarios. The infant, over the course of the first year of life, bonds very heavily to their primary Father, and to Satan himself.

The child becomes extremely loyal to the Fathers, and it literally breaks their heart to think of being taken away. Numerous setups are done during early childhood, of the child being “kidnapped” and later “rescued” by the Fathers, and also of the child being taken away by “traitors” who torture and punish the child, who later escapes to the Fathers. These and dozens of other scenarios are used to reinforce the belief that the child can only be loved, and have their emotional needs met, by the Jesuit Fathers.

The Fathers are the only source of love and bonding the child is allowed to have, since throughout early childhood, all other bonds end up in either betrayal or death. The child literally learns to trust no one other than the Fathers.

Hell Programming

As the child grows older, the recontact program is tied to the internal hell. Recontacting the Fathers is considered a Prime Directive for the system, and failure to comply results in the belief that the system will descend into hell.

The presentation will have no idea that this is occurring. They will feel restless, driven, or even hyperactive when the program is runnning, or may battle tremendous guilt and depression, without knowing why. The programs run unconsciously, and therefore are difficult to identify until enough healing has occurred that the survivor can work with different brain states inside.

Hell programming has nine levels (much like Dante’s inferno). The first three levels will be on one level, the second three on a lower level, with three more at the lowest level, and beneath them all is the abyss (utter darkness). Each level of hell is tied to a prime trauma, as described above.

The first level of hell has individuals chained to poles; demons come and flagellate the victims with whips that have sharp rocks or points attached to them. Since infancy, the young child was taken to “hell” at night to “punish” them for “sins”, and so they have extensively internalized this punishment system. The controllers/guardians for this level originally were punished, then learned to punish others, in this same way, including flogging children and adults to death. They will hold the belief that what they are doing is “right” and that sinners “deserve” punishment, until healing comes and the demonic attachments and rights are broken internally.

The second level of hell involves individuals being chained to stakes and burned alive. Charon is the controller/guardian over this level, and as described above, believe that what he is doing is “right” and that sinners “deserve death,” until this part comes to Jesus and has healing. The presentation will undergo great grieving as these brutal punishers share their experiences, both as an infant, undergoing punishment, and later, as a punisher.

The third level of hell involves a chamber filled with bees that swarm upon individuals and sting them to death. Karydis is the controller for this level, and will have learned to take small children and adults to “hell” where they are swarmed and stung. The controller will have undergone this experience in infancy, first with painful bee stings; then in early childhood, being given anti-venom before being placed where bees would swarm and sting them. The child will have seen traitors tied to poles and stung to death, and will remember these traumatic memories. These memories are reinforced with virtual reality, which recreates the buzzing and the swarming and stinging.

The fourth level of hell involves rats that come and eat at the parts that are trapped there, tied to poles; or the rats will swarm around the parts and chew.

The fifth level of hell involves bugs that bite those within the chamber.

The other levels of hell include crushing, dropping and being torn apart demonically. The deepest level (just above the core) is the abyss, where utter darkness (the primal fear of abandonment described in infant programming) sits.

In addition to “hell,” leadership in the Jesuit Order is often also chained with what is known as :9 by 9″ programming, or one of its variations, which is layered on top of the hell programming.

7 By 7 Programming

7 by 7 involves seven different types of internal pain being placed in through the use of tesla wave and microbursts, as well as ELF and EHF waves. The child is placed within a machine that reads their brainwave activity, creates a specific brain map, and begins entrainment of the brain (over several sessions lasting from 6 to 10 hours, normally, over a period of months with regular reinforcement over the years).

The machine plays harmonic tones that the child has been taught since infancy to “follow” and enter into different brain wave states. As it does so, in one sequence, the brain is taught to rapidly drop brain wave states from high gamma to low delta/death state in less than a second. This causes extreme pain, and even seizure activity. The drops are entrained in over a period of time, with intervals between drops that can last from 4 to 10 seconds, depending upon the person’s recovery rate and pain tolerance. The individual’s infants are put through this sequence, which creates a “startle” reaction and the resulting infant terror.

Another sequence entrained in is a constant oscillating wave form with high-frequency waves that causes headache, extreme heat, and alternating bursts of pain at the limbic level.

Another sequence uses tesla waves, which cause extreme pain throughout the entire nervous system, in synchronized bursts (the sensation is similar to being stung by bees in every nerve at one time).

Another sequence causes a crescendo and decrescendo pounding within the brain, caused by increased intracranial pressure and heating, due to entrainment where microwave bursts hit the brain stem (through the auditory canal).

Another causes the sensation of a hammer pounding within the brain, at 4 to 6 -second intervals (“Vulcan’s Hammer”).

Another sequence is intermittent death: the heart stops and restarts.

When the individual attempts to leave, and stops first physical and then spiritual contact with the Fathers, these sequences are meant to cause the system to “implode” and cause either death or shattering of all systems. The longer the individual goes without contact, the higher the level of pain: there are seven different sequences, each with levels one through seven of pain (hence, the name, “seven by seven”). At peak, all seven programs are running at level seven, which normally results in the heart stopping, and/or core shattering.

The Jesuits consider this program completely unbreakable, since the suicide and psychosis rate for those who try to break it is extremely high. It takes a lengthy amount of time, safety, and significant support to break this, as well as extensive prayer, since the gradual buildup to core shatter level is meant to force the systems to recontact in order to avoid system death.

Experimental Programming

The Jesuits also engage in extensive experimental programming (Protocol I – V programs), which are used for expendable individuals. Protocol V is the classification for endpoint (physical or neurological death as the ultimate result) of the programs. They involve different forms of torture, and the use of new technologies to see the effects on individuals.

The West Coast of the United States has one of the largest experimental theta programming labs in the world; the other four are in Beijing,China (where infants are brought to the center by local contacts), in Russia, in the Ukraine and in East Berlin, Germany. There are other smaller centers that also perform experiments and collect data, including many universities and institutes around the world.

Helping the Survivor

Because of the high level of occultic training that Jesuits undergo, they will experience significant resistance at first from inside parts who feel that they underwent large amounts of pain and death in order to receive high status. These parts will resist giving up this identity, which gave meaning to their pain at the time they were programmed during early childhood, since this was the meaning assigned by their abusers to justify the abuse.

Other parts will resist change, or continue to contact, because they truly believe that by doing so, they are preventing the systems from being shattered, or from going to hell (descension) eternally. These beliefs will be held deep within, at the root of all system controllers, and unconsciously and subconsciously. The parts that hold these beliefs must be willing to come out, and examine the truth, and question what they were taught and programmed to believe. Unfortunately, doing so can cause the survivor to experience tremendous pain and internal pressure, not only from internal conflict and demonic, but from the terrible body memories programmed in to occur if the survivor tries to question old beliefs.

7 by 7 is one of the cruelest forms of programming ever invented. Those who undergo it experience intense, continuous pain until their unconscious mind and parts are able to give up all of the beliefs that drive the program, as well as giving up all spiritual attachments to the program. The top system and master controllers will all be tied to it, along with their infants, and all core splits. Parts are taught to beleive that noone can survive trying to heal from this program.

Breaking it is miserable; and the best helps include prayer, emotional support, the use of medications or herbs that slow brain wave activity (since the pain comes from jumps in brainwave activity that are programmed in, or mini-seizures within the pain centers of the brain). The survivor will always battle suicide programming along with the pain, since core despair is also programmed in; they need to be told, and to believe, time and time again that they can break the program and survive.

V. The Goals of the Vatican: Alexis Paves the Way

The ultimate goal of the Vatican is to prepare the world for the advent of the antichrist, and to usher in the New World Order, which is greatly anticipated. To do so, they have created several mass mind control technologies, under the umbrella of Project Alexis.

Project Alexis

Project Alexis was conceived of in the 1940s, and the earliest forms of implementation in the 1950s were very experimental. It has three arms:

• Security;
• Finances,
• Behavior Modification.

Alexis actually means “without law” and the demonic principality which gave the information to the Jesuits on how to create this project is called Alexis (the spirit of lawlessness).


The security branch of Alexis is involved in the identification of and tracking of every individual in the world. This has already been accomplished today by assigning a numerical code (government ID number or social security number) to individuals, and forbidding them to work for money without this identification number linked to a photo ID and fingerprints.

This branch also involves the development of technologies used to track individuals who might try to “disappear” or not participate in the NWO agenda. This includes the ability to identify and track all individuals through their use of phone (GPS), car (GPS) and online technologies (one reason all laptops today have a camera that can actually show images of the person on the computer and an internal GPS).

Collection and collation software has become extremely sophisticated, and can track within seconds the entering in of data associated with an individual. ATM card use is also used for tracking purposes. The monitoring of phone conversations, emails and all electronic/digital communications of individuals considered “security risks” or antithetic to the agenda of the NWO is routine at this point.

There is no privacy in today’s high-tech age, and this is on purpose. Microsoft Windows has background software that automatically collects data on users, integrates with Google and other search engines, and red flags any users with a “high risk” profile. All modern browsers and operating systems (including freeware) do the same. Encryption software does not work for a simple reason: any offered publicly has already had the master key bought by those who ultimately work for the Vatican.

HD television has collation software that also works in the background, and that can record conversations for individuals considered “high risk” and send it forward.


The financial branch of Alexis has been in effect since the early 1970s, and involves the digitalization of currency, and the campaign to encourage acceptance of first ATM and microcards, and soon, identification chips, for all monetary transactions. This is already nearly in place in Europe (the EEU), and the United States is expected to follow suit soon.

The Vatican founded the World Bank, and it will be the center for finances throughout the world in the future. It already controls currency exchange rates, and helps to determine the rate of inflation in many countries at this time.

Another aim of Alexis is to cause worldwide financial panic, due to severe monetary devaluation, governmental and bank bankruptcy, and extreme inflation. The World Bank will then “step in” to gain control of this financial crisis. It will appear to offer a “solution” to governments and their populations, when in reality, they will gain control of the worldwide currencies.

Mass Behavioral Modification

Another goal of Alexis is mass behavioral modification, in order to prepare the general public to accept the New World Order and its leader. This mass modification was originally conceived of in the 1940s, and crude forms were implemented in the 1950s with the advent of television watching by the general population. Basically, it consists of subliminal images that are displayed at a rate of .03 microseconds, at a rate of 1200 per minute.

The images contain graphics of sexual acts, violence, bestiality, demonic rituals, as well as acts of hatred and brutality directed towards Jews and Christians. Other graphics espouse the coming world leader, and tell people to look forward to his coming. The main image in the graphics is that of Alexis, a composite woman formed by a team of behavioural scientists who studied what images are most pleasing to the most races. Alexis also has a voice, which is slowly being introduced in the background of many television and video shows. When she is finally openly revealed, she will be the “voice of the New World Order” and will appear to be familiar and loved by most, since she has been subliminally fed to the masses for years.

A hologram of Alexis will be used on television to calm people down, and tell them what to do when the NWO is revealed. Her voice tones were again developed by a team of behaviourists, who studied what type of voice appealed to the greatest number of people in all races and ages. Tapes (computerized) of the results have been made over the years. Alexis has already been giving subliminal and background commands to people for many years; they are just not consciously aware of this fact.

Alexis has been fed to the public via television, movies, video games, computer games and the Internet. If an individual watches any of these for more than a second, they will be automatically fed the subliminals. The subliminals tell people that “watching TV is relaxing,” “I need to go online, I enjoy it” and other messages to encourage time in these modes, and thus increase the programming. Even early childhood learning games, used in schools, have these subliminals embedded.

Themes of anarchy, rebellion, and violence are embedded in the Alexis modification. A feeling of impending doom and destruction (unless the world turns to the leader who will come and “save” them) is also embedded.

The Hollywood industry was created in order to also fulfill this agenda, and all major studios are funded by members of occultist groups. The top stars are all mind controlled, and the industry has the directive to encourage through the movies made, the acceptance of the NWO/occultist agenda.

VI. The Current State of the World (2017)

At this time, the New World Order is in place; it is simply not open. The detention camps and military are already in place, with detailed plans for each section of the world for the coming takeover. The New World Order is not a “future” event, but instead a present reality that is simply waiting for the signal to move into place.

Each country of the world, and continent, has Jesuit military commanders and generals assigned, who will give orders to their well-trained and disciplined armies (these armies train at night at most large military installations and in desert and remote regions throughout the world). The major occultic societies of the eastern and western world all have troops and generals ready to command their area of the nations the individuals are located in.

Crowd control technologies (based on tesla and EHF waves) are already in place. If resistance occurs, these will be used; they can cause extreme pain, unconsciousness, or death within minutes.

Once the takeover is complete, resisters are to be placed inside designated detention camps for either “rehabilitation” or death if resistance is final. Leaders within the Vatican and other occultic armies will assume teaching positions, to help implement the NWO directives within the different nations, and to explain the policies and what they mean.

These liasion ambassadors are fluent in every language, and thus are well-equipped to gain the cooperation of the governments (which are already heavily infiltrated and expected to give in without any resistance). Paramilitary and other groups that might provide resistance have been carefully profiled and infiltrated for years.

The one nation that has tried to resist this infiltration is Israel which is why they engender special hostility. To say that the Vatican and its arms have tried to infiltrate the Mossad and Israeli government over the past 50 years would be an understatement; yet to date, the success rate has only been moderate compared to other nations.

The Vatican has entered into numerous highly secret agreements with the Arab nations over the years, in its desire to destroy Israel. For instance, the U.S. financial families were instructed by the Vatican to pour money into engineering and other resources years ago into developing the oil reserves of the Arab nations. Why? Because the Arabs, like the Vatican, hate Israel, and the Vatican wanted them to modernize and be able to fight the Israelis; plus, oil gives them a method of blackmailing governments which have become highly dependent upon petroleum prices as an index for inflation rates.

Oil really is “black gold” and currencies that are no longer backed by gold standards often float based upon current oil prices. Governments now measure their wealth in large part on their current petroleum reserves, needed to fuel industry, transportation and heating, among other uses. The country that cannot purchase oil will lose its industry; and alternative energy forms (especially renewable ones) have been blackballed for years, since the Vatican WANTS the world dependent upon Arabian oil supplies; this allows them to control policies and encourage anti-Israeli initiatives.

Oil funds have also purchased large amounts of arms for the Arab nations over the years. This was one reason for the influx of foreign geologists into the Sudan region years ago: to quickly develop the oil reserves in order to fund anti-Israeli wars. The Vatican secretly despises the Arabian nations, but they work with them because of their deep hatred for the Jewish race.

The Vatican is also extremely anti-Christian, regardless of the pronouncements of the newest (Jesuit) pope. At its heart, the Vatican is satanic, serves Satan, and wishes to destroy Christianity. While the presenters in its armies may be Christian, the programmed parts will all be loyal to Satan and the antichrist until healing occurs. The anti-christian agenda of the Vatican has been seeded worldwide, with increasing numbers of laws designed to make biblical, authentic Christianity illegal. Within the next 15 years, it will be illegal (a “hate crime”) to be a Christian, and many believers will be faced with possible imprisonment for their faith.

The best possible preparation for the unveiling of the new world order is a strong faith in and obedience to the Lord. The Lord has promised that He, not satan, is in control of world history. While the Vatican can attempt to implement its strategies, it will not win. Revelations makes it clear who the true “winner” in the battle for the minds and wills of mankind is: the Lord of Hosts, who will usher in His millenial kingdom.

There is no mind control technology on earth, that can erase the deep down knowledge of the truth. People can be lied to from conception on, but once the truth is known, most will embrace that truth. This is the basis of healing: replacing the lies with truth, and choosing to walk away from lies.

It is important that the Christian Church “wakes up” to the late hour that we are in. As mentioned previously, the NWO is not a theory, but is nearly ready to come forward publicly. This is a time for Christians to be on their knees, and ask the Lord for HIS strategy for dealing with these things, and for the Christian Churches and their members to be willing to help the flood of survivors who will be leaving occultic societies such as the Jesuits during this time of repentance before judgment.

If you help survivors, pray that others will be raised who have a similar heart; that eyes will be opened to the truth and the need. Pray that the Church will no longer turn away from or disbelieve/discredit survivors, but instead will war with them to break the power of the kingdom of darkness. This is one of the best possible ways of putting into practical action the heart of Yeshua for mankind: to deliver those who are oppressed, and set free those who are captive.

Currrently, the Church is slumbering, and mainstream Christianity seems woefully unaware of the actual spiritual condition of our world today. We truly seem to be acting out the prediction of Yeshua, that in the last days, people will be “eating and drinking and giving away in marriage” and completely unaware that the forces of darkness are at work to draw mankind away from our only hope: Yeshua. My prayer is that the church will awaken to the truth, and take an active part in fighting against satan and his forces. This is intercession of the highest form, to work actively for the Kingdom of God and watch the enemy and his strongholds overthrown in the lives of individuals formerly chained to the occult.

Vatican book part 10

There are many, many examples of such secrecy setups, from being buried alive for a day, and the child being told that they will be buried forever if they ever tell (the child is also forced to watch the burial of a child who “told” and several days later help exhume the corpse, as a visual reminder of what can happen); to being buried in a casket filled with bugs, a rotten corpse, or other objects.

The child may be placed in a box with bees that sting them (after going through several weeks of anti-venom therapy previously) as a reminder that “memories hurt.”

They are also forced to view the deaths of “traitors” who betrayed the fathers, including crucifixions (the class is marched every three hours past the three crosses for three days to watch the effect on the dying men); and the torture of others who remembered and “told.”

Alice in Wonderland Programming

By age five, the child will be taken to a large estate in France for Alice in Wonderland programming. This is an elaborate setup, and occurs over the period of a week. The child enters through rooms that reinforce previous training (“control the children: is recorded and replayed, with pictures of dead children displayed on the walls of the room; mirrors, “remember the flowers” and other triggers). They then enter a “backward world” where everything is backwards (much like the third dimension; this prepares the child for this travel). Alice (representing the presentation main controller who is heavily demonized) guides the child through backwards houses, where people walk and talk backwards (a common cause of childhood dyslexia is the confusion this creates).

They are then taken to a setup street where things are not backwards, but “crooked” or off slightly, which is even more disorienting. The child must walk with Alice through houses where things are insanely wrong, where people talk nonsense, and the floors and roofs may be upside down, to teach the child not to trust reality.

Alice then brings the child at last to a place where they see the white rabbit, and follow him “down the hole” (representing amnesia) to a room where the presentation stays behind, watching a movie (screen memories); the back parts then take the child’s body through the rest of the setup. They enter a garden with animated/demonic flowers that at first talk kindly to the child, but later turn on the child and attack them. Wasps come and sting the child, and the large caterpillar (the guardian of the garden) tells the child what to do, and how to escape.

The child then enters a huge maze created from hedges. Soon, they are pursued by the “Jabberwocky” (a demonic presence), and must rely upon their theta skills to run and escape, and even leave the body and fly away. The white rabbit and Alice lead the child to safety, but at times will try to “trick” the child until the child learns to rely on themself instead of these capricious demonic “helpers.”

The child sleeps outdoors, trying to get out of the hedge, and runs across the queen of hearts and her court playing croquet (with the severed heads of human children used as the balls). The queen becomes very interested in using the child’s head (the child is constantly called “Alice” throughout the setup, to represent the presentations, since Alice in Wonderland is ultimately presentation programming to remain amnesic and rely on demonic help to do so).

The demonic “Alice” and cheshire cat help “rescue” the child, who then goes through the “valley of the shadow of death.” In the middle is a cottage; it is now nightime, and the weary child knocks at the door, to be greeted by a kindly woman. The child is fed, sleeps, and is warned to avoid the Jabberwocky, which seeks to kill the child.

During the night, the kindly woman gets up. The child is awake, vomiting from the effects of a mild poison they were given in the food. The woman calls in her familiars (wolves) and tries to kill the child, who cries out for help to “Alice” and the “Cheshire Cat” to rescue her. A mage also comes and helps rescue the child, who continues the journey, meeting other characters. Finally, the child ends up at the palace of the Queen of Hearts, who demands a sacrifice (the child was already told that the last child to complete the Alice scenarios will be her sacrifice). The children who live watch the final child come in and be sacrificed in a ritual. This reminds them to never be slow or tardy when coming to a “party” (ritual). The “parties” in the Alice in Wonderland books are always referring to rituals.

Crazy Alice Programming

A subset of the Alice in Wonderland (presenter) programming is the “Crazy Alice” programming, which is meant to warn the Alice controller over the presentation to never allow memories to come up, or they will be labled “insane” and extreme abuse will occur. This is often the root of insanity fears when a person first starts remembering their past.

In this setup (also in France), the child (now called “Alice”) is taken to a mental institution where the inmates are chained, and who rant, rave and curse at her. She is left there for days, with her only food being rancid water and rotten cabbage. The inmates hurl feces at her, verbally abuse her, and the custodians sexually abuse her while she is chained to the wall because of her “insanity” (remembering).

Because she is “sick”, and “mentally ill” Alice is taken regularly down to the basement for “treatment” which consists of electroshocks, drowning, and being held over a rat pit filled with hungry rats that are allowed to bite her feet and ankles. The child is told repeatedly that “remembering” or “telling” will have her labeled “crazy” and that she will be taken to the institution, or one similar, for “treatment.” This is part of developing the presenter amnesia and vows to never remember (or seek treatment).

Wizard of Oz Programming

This programming is also often done first during the preschool years, when the child can most easily internalize the program. The dark core (“Dorothy”) is taken to another dimension, with her goal always to return to the Emerald City (representing ascension and the celestial paradise). The programming represents travel through the dimensions, the dangers involved, and the rewards for “ascending.”

The goal of Wizard of Oz programming is to remind the child that they must always contact, or return home; and to create great fear of remembering (or, they will be placed in a coma and never wake up, unlike Dorothy in Oz, who woke up from “death” only after “returning home.”

Fantasia Programming

Walt Disney was an avowed Illuminist, and his goal when creating Disney productions was to introduce the general public to the occult, especially young children, and to reinforce programming in those raised in the occult.

For instance, animals often “talk” in Disney films, and people can turn into animals, which are actually mage spells. The images are often dark and demonic in the animated movies, and have become increasingly so in recent years.

Disney’s favorite film was Fantasia, in which he took classical music that was used to program young children with, and developed highly occultic themes in the cartoons that accompany it. To the untrained eye, Fantasia seems a bit odd; but the individual in the occult understands that the themes of a mage in training (“the sorceror’s assistant) who must turn to his more powerful mentor for help, and the Greek pantheon (in the famous rain sequence), mythology and even the depiction of an occultic ritual and then the famous strains of ave maria (a Jesuit programming tune) end the film.

Fantasia is blatant occultic imagery throughout, and was used extensively in the 1950s through 1970s to program individuals with. It was superseded in recent years by movies such as the Matrix, which depicts high-level programming, Labyrinth, and others.

Helping the Survivor

Because of the early and repeated childhood betrayals, and the fact that the true host and core and core splits will not present early in therapy, the survivor will be very untrusting, and unable to bond normally with, anyone who tries to help them. The most common presentation is “detached”, since the parts that can attach are hidden very deeply within and are reserved for the Jesuit Fathers only.

While the survivor will not at first present as “needy”, the attachment needs are still there, and will drive recontact programming unless the survivor can learn to form healthy, safe attachments. This will be the challenge for both the survivor, and their helpers, since the wounded, angry parts within will often test those they do bond with again and again, once they feel safe within the relationship.

Theta and spiritual attacks are difficult to bear for helpers, but the survivor will be completely unaware that they are occurring. Gently asking, or even confronting, the survivor with what is happening can help. They will need to learn to pray, and ask inside, to find out what is happening with the parts that they are not co-conscious with yet.

Once co-consciousness is established, and the parts come to Christ and the demonic is renounced, the warfare will usually diminish, much to the relief of the survivor and their helpers.

It will take all of the emotional resources the survivor has, as well as outside support, and a strong walk with Yeshua, to face the original attachment pains, that will go throughout early childhood, infancy and prenatally. This is when praying in the spirit, scripture study, journaling and talking with safe support can help tremendously as the survivor grieves the past, and begins to build a life based upon a new foundation.

Often, Jesuit survivors have never known, or have had very limited contact with, anyone outside of the cult setting until they make the choice to break free. They are literally surrounded from conception on by members of the Order, with their life’s work, friendships, host families and marriages all mapped out early on. Their close friends will all be members; their spouses are always members, since they arrange the marriages; and their families are also Jesuits or members of one of the 12 societies.

The jobs they have held will often be at “cult” corporations, with bosses and peers all members. Nothing in the survivor’s environment was “left to chance” which is why breaking free is truly a miracle. The person who helps the survivor will often be their first non-Jesuit friend, and it will take time for them to learn to interact in “normal” or non-cult ways.

They will grieve tremendously at giving up their relationships with friends, family, mentors and the Fathers, in spite of the abuse, since this is the only “love” they have ever experienced, and this “love” (trauma bonding) allowed them to psychologically survive childhood. As terrible as the Jesuit Fathers were, they were the only consistent emotional bonds the child was allowed, and so the bonding is strong indeed, as well as the desire to “protect” these loved ones through either loyalty, or amnesia, or both.

The survivor who fears facing their past is one who fears betraying those they love; they are often “held hostage” through the group’s control of or threatening to harm someone they love, whether a child, a mentee, a cult twin, or another relationship. To break free, the survivor must be shown, and truly believe, that only the LORD can rescue and keep safe these loved ones.

They must also be willing to count the cost of getting out, which is very high: no contact at all with former family, friends or loved ones, since they will all have been programmed to access the survivor. Few are willing to pay this price for freedom, and it is often the unconscious (unknown) love bonds that draw the survivor back in.

It can help the survivor to understand the true cost of discipleship:

Luke 14:26
“If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple.
Even more helpful is the LORD’s promise of blessing to those that do choose to pay this price:
Matt. 19:29
And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life
It can help the survivor who grieves the loss of every love relationship they have ever known, to understand that by coming into God’s kingdom, they have actually gained a whole new, safe family:
Mark 3:34, 35
And He looked around in a circle at those who sat about Him, and said, “Here are My mother and My brothers. For whoever does the will of God is My brother and My sister and mother.”
It is a blessing to know that Yeshua calls the survivor who gets out His brother or sister; and to know that they inherit eternal life.

H. Middle Childhood: Ages 5 – 11

Mage Training

All Jesuits undergo mage training. Mages are considered the “top” of the occultic hierarchy, over witches, wizards and other levels of occultism. They are adept scholars, and study the ancient Babylonian manuscripts (which describe the first contacts between man and the “gods” or “ascended masters” which are actually demonic entities), as well as the Egyptian, Roman and druidic writings.

The oldest manuscripts are considered the most reliable. A young mage is forced to memorize the oral histories and spells contained in these texts. They learn to use books that demonically “come alive” and show scenes when certain spells are cast (much more entertaining than a normal picture book to a 5-year-old). With the help of a mentor, they learn the original names of the animals, in order to call them to themselves, practicing standing in the woods and calling rabbits, deer, birds and other normally shy creatures.

They learn to take the form of an animal, often a bird, or a predator such as a wolf. While this sounds impossible, mages do these things demonically. The focus of mage craft is power and control. The young mage learns to battle in power battles, with the help of demonic forces. While young, their spiritual shielding appears red; then they progress to green, then blue, and the most powerful mages have a bright blue-white emanation, signifyiing extreme demonic ‘protection.” The child travels to the fourth dimension, which is filled with ziggurats, and engages in power battles at first beside their mentor (who protects them from being killed by malicious older mages), and then, as they grow in power, they learn to battle alone.

Mages often “pick battles” with other mages upon meeting them, to determine who is “stronger.” There is a constant positioning for power among these occultists, who have extreme pride.

The mages also learn spells for creating a light; and later, spells and curses to cause illness, death, and the cloak of invisibility, among others. Early in their training, the Fathers help the young (3-year-old) mage conduct rituals and sacrifices; later in their training, the mage does their own, or orders others to conduct them, in order to gain power. The greater the sacrifice,the greater the power, according to mage thinking.

The highest level of mage is the ascended master. This is a mage who has undergone death themselves many times, willingly, in order to ascend to the highest dimension and “learn” from the other ascended masters. This is considered the highest level attainable in the occult world.

Coming of Age Ceremony

When a Jesuit is 12 years old, they undergo their coming of age ceremony, at which time they become a full Jesuit. This ceremony is held at the Vatican for the top classes, and is done every year, as new classes “graduate.” The inner courts of the Vatican are cleared, and golden poles are erected throughout it. The public is not allowed near the Vatican for the week before or after this ceremony, and since there is always a “no fly” rule for aircraft at all times, the ceremony is highly secretive.

The first part involves going to Satan’s Throne at the heart of the Vatican, giving a sacrifice on the black alter there, descending to Satan’s throne in the spiritual realm, and being given a name by Satan himself.

A few days later, the other, more horrific ceremony occurs. Top leadership from all 12 occultic societies that serve the Vatican travel to Rome, and sit in the small coliseum in a designated area under their banner. There are banners representing the Order of the Knights Templar, The Order of the Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Magnificat, The Order of the Rosy Cross, Trinity, the Illuminati, and the other occultic societies that are actually arms of the Vatican around the world. It is considered a great honor to be invited to this ceremony.

The Jesuit class comes out. On 1000 golden poles in the arena are tied infants, toddlers and young children, and one by one, the Jesuit trainees must slaughter them. Around the arena are golden bowls which they use to catch the blood from each victim, which is then offered to Satan. There are also golden bowls filled with wine, which the Jesuit trainees drink from when they are thirsty or emotionally overcome by the horror of what they are doing.

At the end of this ritual (called “the slaughter of the innocents”) the trainee is considered an ascended master and a full Jesuit father. From then on, they are referred to as “Father” by others, and they take off the brown robe of the acolyte and don the black robe of the full Jesuit. Due to the terrible nature of the ritual, some falter and cannot continue; they are killed by the other trainees as instructed. Most of these new Fathers undergo a period of collapse after the ceremony; they are never the same again.

This ritual is the culmination of a lifetime of training in how to slaughter others. By this time, the new Jesuit Father has slaughtered literally thousands over the course of their childhood, including assassinations and rituals participated in. The design of this type of bloodguiltiness is to create a type of insanity and the desire to never remember, which feeds the dissociation. The individual will experience a huge amount of guilt, and believe that God can never forgive them for the innocent lives they took.

Helping the Survivor

The ritual described above creates a demonic stronghold; the new Jesuit truly believes they are unforgiveable by the Christian God (after all, they took the lives of innocents), and so they embrace Satan himself, who welcomes them in this deed and even gives them honor and a high position in his army for doing it.

It takes considerable time, prayer and replacing these lies with scripture and truth to overcome the lifelong effects of participating in this ceremony. The Jesuit leaving the Order will need to hear, and believe, again and again that the Lord can forgive them for this bloodshed.
This is when sharing scriptures about forgiveness can be a lifeline, since the survivor may initially feel deep shame, and even suicidal, when the memory first comes. They may fear they are going insane (from the weight of the guilt), and will need significant emotional support to process this trauma.

This is not the time to emotionally abandon the survivor. If the therapist is going out of town, there needs to be accountability and prayer support present, and reassurance that they are forgiven (they will ask over and over again, “Can God really forgive THIS?” They will need to seek this answer from the Lord, and hear it from Him to truly believe the truth, but initially may need to hear that they are forgiven from a Christian who can represent the love of Jesus to them in the midst of their guilt and pain.

Over time, they will come to an understanding that they are forgiven, and will feel immense gratitude. It takes patience, but the Lord is faithful to show His mercy for those that have survived this type of trauma – the trauma of inflicting death upon thousands.

Computer Training

The Vatican has trained its operatives since the early 1960s in the use of computers, and the equipment they have available is 50 years more advanced than that used by the general public. They have classrooms within the Vatican that the children go to for training in the different areas that they will be active in. This includes extensive training in all computer languages, and “hacker” training in order to get past firewalls and access information.

They are also trainined in bookkeeping, accounting, and business systems, since the Vatican especially likes to keep itself informed about the financial operations of the organizations it works with, and who work for it. The child will spend many hours on a computer, and will learn every method of downloading and sending on information that is requested.

Political Training

By age 8, the child will undergo political and diplomacy training. The child will accompany their mentor to dinners hosted by powerful political figures, and they will later be asked information, such as “who was the most important person at the dinner? How do you tell? What was the most important information shared during the dinner? Why?”

The child is taught to be charming, and to engage in conversation individuals from any walk of life; and how to gather information without the person they are conversing with being aware of this fact. They are also taught how to “listen in” on other conversations while engaged in coversation themselves.

They may undergo specialized training for placement in a politically prominent position; or they may learn how to engage politically prominent individuals, get close to them, and fulfill their mission regarding them.

Book Part 7

Trigger warning: this post contains graphic descriptions of programming and methods

Assassin Training (ages 2-4)

The early assassin training is continued during the second year of life. The parts that will do physical assassinations are taught to wring the necks of kittens and other small animals.

During the second half of this year the toddler will undergo the extremely cruel training to kill that Mengele developed. The child will be placed in a cage with other children the same age (there are thirteen cages in all, with six on the bottom, four in the middle, two above and one at the very top.

The children in the bottom six cages undergo terrible abuse. The children above urinate and defecate on them, since they are at the bottom. They are also painfully raped frequently, and are not given any food or water.  It is a type of “hell” for a small child. Once a day the toddler is taken out, and a kitten is placed in front of them. Mengele then would give the order, “Papa says ‘Kill’”. They are expected to instantly snap the neck. If there is the slightest hesitation, or the child refuses, they are placed back in the bottom row of cages, where the terrible deprivation and abuse occur.

The next day, the child is given another chance. The children that survive learn to instantly and without thinking obey the order. If they do, then Mengele would hold the child in his lap; tell them what a good job they did, and give them a treat.

After two weeks, the child will be either on the top two rows, or dead.  By then, Mengele would spend significant time praising the child, bonding with them, for doing such a “good job.” The animals to be killed were placed in the center of a red circle, and they become bigger. Finally, a small infant is placed in the center of the red circle, the child is given a knife, and the command is given. If the child refuses, they are placed back in the bottom row of cages, and the training begins all over again until they obey or die.

This is a primary assassin code: “Papa says kill” and is used by all Jesuit Fathers and top trainers as well.

Traveling the Dimensions

As part of their mage training, the toddler is taught to begin to travel in the spiritual realm. Before age 24 months, they will have learned to travel to the First Dimension.  Dimensional travel usually involves theta parts which have never had contact with the outside world other than during their first creation in a black room.  These parts are taught to leave the body through the application of intense torture (electroshock, burning, skin peeling, cutting with razors, beating, flagellation, smothering, heart stoppage, freezing, burning or other types of trauma).

The First Dimension

Once the part can leave the body, they are accompanied by an older spiritual mentor, who travels with them to the first dimension. This dimension is described in the Alice in Wonderland books (Lewis Carroll was an infamous occultist, and his books actually describe the demonic realms). In the first dimension, plants and flowers talk, and the young child is fascinated by the seeming beauty of the landscape at first glance. They are initially unaware of the dangers, but quickly learn: the flowers will try and grab the child and hold the child against their will; or will beat upon or even try to bite the child. Oversized bees and insects also come, and can cause great pain.

The child traveling will cry out for help, and will be “rescued” by their spiritual mentor, who will take them back to Gaia (the physical world we inhabit here; that is the name for this dimension).

The controllers for the First dimension are a large cat (the “Cheshire cat” in the Alice books);a large, demonic caterpillar that can sting with ferocity, and the white rabbit. These beings are actually demons that have been trapped in the dimension; they cannot leave it, but try to entice humans to visit them in order to ensnare their souls.

The Second Dimension

The second dimension is fire, and is inhabited by Vulcan. It is very hot, and the dimension is much like entering into an underworld with hot lava streams and fires. The child and their mentor travels, enduring being chased by fire lizards and other creatures, until they meet up with Vulcan.

Other Dimensions

The other dimensions include:

  • a dimension of extreme cold and ice, overseen by a demonic “ice queen”
  • a “reverse world” where everything is reversed, causing extreme disorientation
  • an underwater dimension overseen by neptune
  • a dimension of extreme dark and nightmares, overseen by Charymedes (god of insanity and chaos) with harpies that chase the child and attempt to kill them:
  • a dimension (the 12th) of electricity charges, overseen by Electra

Each being that rules a dimension will always ask for a sacrifice of some kind from the child, in order for the child to be allowed to return to Gaia. At first, the sacrifices might be “the screams of someone being tortured” or for the child to undergo torture themselves. As the child goes to the higher dimensions, with worlds inhabited by beings such as Charymedes, the sacrifices become much more difficult, and can include betraying the person the child loves most, or killing someone the child cares for, including their spiritual mentor(s).

Traveling the dimensions is considered a primary part of mage training; a mage does not become an ascended master until they have traveled to the 12th dimension, or the 13th (travel to these dimensions involves being put to death for several minutes).

Helping the survivor

The early childhood traumas will be very difficult for the presentation to accept, especially because of the deep denial and guilt that will be programmed in. If the survivor does begin to recover these memories, their punishment programming will immediately begin kicking in (see following section for further details).

Jesuits are always international, highly trained assassins and information gatherers, and the grieving will be tremendous. This is when they will need outside support, to vent the anger and grieving over the abuse and manipulations, and to hear that the Lord can forgive what they were forced to do from a very young age.

The survivor may cry out as Jeremiah did, “Why did I come forth from the womb to see labor and sorrow, That my days should be consumed with shame?:( Jer.20:18). It can help them to understand that the Lord really does understand their grieving and pain, that He took that on the cross for them, and paid the price for every death they were forced to participate in. 

It can help the presentation to remind them that when they came to Jesus, while THEY were unaware of the back parts and their deeds, Jesus knew all along – and forgave them, too; that this information doesn’t surprise Him. His love doesn’t change just because the survivor remembers what they formerly didn’t.

As they attempt to break bonds with their early abusers, they will run headlong into feelings of abandonment and being alone, which are meant to prevent their fully leaving. Leaving will mean giving up all of their deepest unconscious relationships, the ones formed during these earliest (amnesic) years that have been wiped out from conscious memory.

It can help the survivor to understand that the Lord can fill their attachment pain, and stand in the place of father and mother to these young parts:

Ps.68:5. “A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy habitation.”

Isaiah 66:13. “As one whom his mother comforts, So I will comfort you; And you shall be comforted in Jerusalem.”

It can be difficult for the presentation that came into therapy to realize that THEY are not the true “host” (which is placed behind an amnesic barrier). The real “host” the first three years of life will be Jesuit, will have a Jesuit name, and will carry the memories of the first three years that are wiped out when the child undergoes amnesia programming at age three prior to being placed within their host families.

The child at that age will have agreed willingly to forget the Fathers that they love in order to protect them; the presentation must be able to grieve this loss of their early childhood memories, and supported in dealing with the very painful betrayals and loyalty programming that will come up if the true host does ever present in therapy.

D. Punisher Training

An important part of a Jesuit system is the punishers. These punishers are modeled after people and spiritual beings the infant and child have seen portrayed by actors and in VR from earliest infancy. The beings (actirs) come to the infant’s crib, talk to him or her, and tie themselves to the infant with a slender cord, as they teach the infant how the being talks and acts. This becomes internalized, along with the demonic spirit they impart.

The head of the punishment systems for Jesuits are in several layers. In the false Christian layer, these will include a false Jesus (head punisher), a false God, and a false Holy spirit. These parts, who are actually sabotagers and punishers, explain why the presentation can be very “Christian” and yet not be actually listening to the Christian God; instead, their conscience, which is Jesuit-trained, will believe that they must obey “God” and they may be completely misled into actually obeying the group and its directives and feel extremely guilty and even think they will “go to hell” if they disobey.

They will not know that these are Jesuit directives, however; they will believe that “God” is “telling them to stay with their husband (handler)” or that they must “honor their Father and Mother (cult parents)”, etc. They will feel very “Christian” and “peaceful” when they obey these directives, and feel guilt, confusion and anxiety when they disobey, until the programming is broken and they can differentiate between the Lord and the false god placed within.

Core Level punishers will include Vulcan and Prometheus, and the main reprogramming system will be named Saturn (due to the numerous rings and levels of the punishments).

Internal Hell Punishment

The foundation of a Jesuit punishment system will be the deeply ingrained belief, from the core outwards, that the systems must not be allowed to descend and thus enter into the punishments of “hell.” Since earliest infancy, and deep into the subconscious and unconscious, this fear of descending (through disobedience to the order’s directives, or to the pantheon) is inculcated. All core controllers for all systems will unconsciously believe that the punishments are “good” since they are keeping the systems and core from “going to hell” or descending into a mortal state. The pain of the programming (re-experiencing) is seen as “proof” that the systems are descending, since ascended systems “do not feel pain” in the programming scripts.

This will be translated in the presentation into a deep fear of angering God, and an unusual ability to “hear from the Lord” and “hear His direction” which is actually listening to the false god planted inside in order to prevent experiencing the excruciating pain that will result if they disobey. The presentation may experience severe guilt at the thought of the smallest infraction, or fear going to hell for even slight errors, due to the unconscious pain of this programming.


Vulcan is the primary core level punisher, and has an anvil that is used to literally pound the primary system core splits with (ensuring that the resulting pain and trauma go throughout the system being punished). If he fails in his duty, a large black bird swoops down on him, tearing out his liver and entrails and eats them. This is based upon primary infant traumas that involve the Jesuit Fathers bringing a bird into the infant’s crib, and allowing its talons to tear at the infant. The traumatized infant retains this memory, which is built upon over the years.

Often this is reinforced with virtual reality, with a highly realistic predatory bird swooping down and piercing the bowels. Physical needles and knives are used for the initial traumatic pain, which is accessed and re-experienced over the years.

Vulcan is taught to punish the systems, and even the core, for severe disobedience and/or betrayal. The worst type of disobedience includes failure to maintain contact with the Fathers or their representatives, and trying to leave the Order. To the Jesuits, an individual attempting to leave is considered a traitor of the highest degree. They are actually considered “insane” since only insanity, to their thinking, could cause a person to take the path to descension, feeling the body and mortality, and giving up what they consider “godhood” and choosing to “go to hell.” The members of the Order literally believe that the person choosing to leave is straight on the path to hell, and they will do anything to try and “save” them from this path.

This “salvation” can and will include extreme torture and reprogramming, in order to put the person “back on the right path.” They believe that these measures are needed to bring the person to their “senses.”

Helping the Survivor

The internal punishers and master controllers will also hold these beliefs, unless they can be reached and worked with. They will torture the person into literal insanity and/or death, believing that they are “helping” to “redeem” the “errant” person.

The hell punishers and system punishers themselves will be in agreement with the tortures, since as a child, they were taught to punish severely “traitors” and those who “disobeyed” with these same tortures. They internalized the beliefs of the Jesuit Fathers, and so were in agreement with inflicting this type of pain upon others, first externally, and then internally. They believe they are doing a “good” thing.

As the survivor remembers doing these things, they will feel immense guilt, and believe that they “deserve” these punishments because of what an “evil” person they are. They must be shown that Yeshua paid the full price for their sins, and that they and their systems can never do restitution for their deeds. This can help to break the cycle of guilt, penance and pain that has been set up since infancy.

Meditation on scriptures regarding forgiveness, the love of God, and listening to worship music that underscores the forgiving heart of God can be helpful in understanding this, since music can reach the “right brain” and bypass the faulty logic the Jesuits installed.

Exposing the Vatican: Part 6

trigger warning: explicit discussion of programming, traumas and negative spirituality

Q’Ballah Programming

Mengele always installed the Q’Ballah in those he worked with, and he installed it into Jesuit systems as well. Althea, or the “Tree of Life” is the basis, with the three cords (white, black, grey) roots demonically entwined and going back to the systems described above. There is a primary death trauma for each of the core controllers for each of these roots.

An important part of q’ballah (black Kabbalah) programming is the creation of demonic portals. These are installed at points known as the sephiroth in the body and above it (see illustration below).
There will be death rituals, and demonic entities attached to each of these points, which become a portal or opening for demonic travel and communication. Tiferet represents the core, sits above the umblicus, and is the portal for satan himself. This is the first, or prime trauma, and this ritual involves the newborn or fetal umblicus being burned with a hot needle as the infant is put to death, then resuscitated.

Each portal (sephiroth) is installed via death trauma, and will have a portal guardian who is an ascended master from the grey (celestial)system sitting above it, who is both human and demonic. The guardians will have been heavily programmed to misrepresent their true names, due to the need for cover programming described above. These guardians supposedly “protect” the body and systems from “intrusion” by beings in the dimensions; but in reality, they are open doors to the demonic and must be closed through spiritual warfare (giving up of the demons) and by these ascended guardians accepting Yeshua and giving up their former beliefs in demonic “protection.”

Helping the Survivor

The survivor will often initially be terrified at the thought of closing these portals when this comes up in therapy. This is because of extensive programming to believe that closing the portals will result in “death”, “insanity” or cruel punishment by internal or external masters. They will literally believe that their safety and survival depends upon keeping these portals open, and will question how to survive closing them.

There may be parts instructed to take the other parts into the dimensions and punish parts that try to close their portals, or break this programming. The survivor may even re-experience the death traumas and agony involved in the original creation of the portals. Once the portals are closed, the survivor will be amazed at the relief, and the fact that they are indeed alive and sane. The therapist will need to help counteract the programming with truth, and develop enough trust with the survivor that they are willing to give up this method of demonic interaction.

Once the portals are closed, the survivor may experience significant warfare in retaliation for doing so. This is a time for prayer and spending time with the Lord, and calling on Yeshua for protection.

The Q’Ballah will have an extensive internal reality attached to it, including magic numbers in rooms, and the white, black or silver cords from it running throughout the systems, from top to bottom, including within the rooms that the various controllers stay in. These cords represent the core traumas associated with the creation of each part of the “three rope” cord: infant death traumas and the beliefs associated with these traumas.

There will be an extensive internal reality for the systems and their controllers, with rooms, temples and other representations of the programming that they underwent when a very young child.

More About Mengele

Mengele himself, as discussed before, worked with Jesuit infants during the 1950s and early 1960s. He also bonded these infants to himself in a manner similar to that described above for attachment bonding. His bonding was nearly always installed in the white, or cover level, for Jesuit systems. This was primarily because the Fathers wanted his programming (assassin training in infancy and early childhood) installed, but wanted to reserve the core bonding for themselves, in order to maintain their secrets even from Mengele, whom they did not fully trust. Mengele also installed his own proprietary codes into areas of the systems that he wanted to reserve loyalty to himself within.

The Jesuits also wanted their top trainers trained by Mengele. This is one reason why those with top potential worked with him in his research laboratory, and continued the research after his death.

C. Toddler Training

By the time an infant is a year old, they will have several hundred personalities in place, which have already undergone extensive foundational mind control. Spiritual controllers will have already undergone extremely painful ceremonies, such as hot needles inserted into the umbilicus; or having a long sharp needle pierced through their chest, and being gripped and raised up (“satan’s claw”).

The controllers for the white spiritual systems will be in place, since the infant will have internalized these through virtual reality, holograms, and dramatic enactments of the “deities” by actors. The white spiritual systems include:

• Egyptian deities
• Babylonian deities
• Ancient (pre-Babylonian) deities
• Druidic deities

These are headed up by the white, or Greek, Pantheon of twelve deities.
Each system will have specific traumas attached to it. For instance, Bel, the head of the Babylonian system, will undergo a ritual where he is pierced through with tiny golden needles throughout his body (Babylonian sun ritual). Astarte will have sexual rituals, and Ashtoth will have death rituals associated with him.

The black (Vatican) spiritual systems are also being organized and trained from 12 to 14 months after birth. These include the theta assassin systems headed by:

• Nemesis, who controls
• Phobos (theta fear and dream attacks);
• Thantos (theta death) and
• Chaos (theta insanity programming).

Extensive training is undergone, where the young child learns to control and read thoughts (Galileo training), and to attack others using the theta skills they are developing. The foundations of early Mage training are also begun (mages are the highest level in the occultic world).

The “goddess of Death” and other demonic spirits will have temples and altars dedicated to them, where regular internal sacrifices are conducted. These re-enactments represent the external realities the toddler experienced.

The toddler will be taught to enjoy the experience of killing within certain parts, either through sexual stimulation, or direct brain stimulation (of the euphoria center) following obedience.

Controller Programming

The Jesuits use extensive setups to teach the internal controllers to do their jobs during this second year of life. Typical ones involve tying several young children with ropes (normally, six) to the waist of the toddler. She is told to “mind the children” and make them obey her. The setup will consist of having candy, or beautiful objects such as glass balls, in the middle of a room. The toddler is told that the children tied to her must NOT touch the objects in the middle of the room, or they and she will be punished.

The problem is that it is very difficult for a very young child to control others. The six children tied to her waist will try to yank her around, and grab at the objects or treats. Finally, in spite of her best efforts, she will tire, and one of the children will reach the table and grab a treat.

The child is instantly killed by a Jesuit Father waiting in the wings. The two-year old must now make the other, now quite obedient, children obey her, while dragging around the body of the dead child, a reminder to this young controller of what happens when she fails in her job.

By the end of the setup, which can last for several days, all of the children tied to the now very traumatized controller will have died (the result of disobedience and her failure to “mind the children” who in hunger will reach out and try to grab food and water, which are forbidden). The extremely traumatized controller will be very committed to exacting complete obedience to those under her, to prevent their experiencing a similar fate.

All of the controllers inside (dozens) will undergo this and other training. This creates an extremely controlled system, with the internal controllers believing that even slight disobedience will result in death or shattering. This belief is based upon numerous experiential setups when the child was less then 3 years old, and it will take time to work through the terrible grief of being unable to “save” the children in the controller’s care, and the rage that this type of manipulation creates in the survivor once they realize the truth.

Master-Slave Programming (ages 2 to 5)

There is a program to training obedience when a Jesuit child is very young. In this program, they are conditioned to be slaves, and obey their Masters, the Jesuit Fathers (who are all ascended masters). They address them as “Master” and “My Lord” and their day consists of menial labor as the Fathers order.

Typical tasks might include scrubbing the stone floors of the monastery on hands and knees while the Fathers taunt the “slave”; they may even urinate on the floor the child has just spent hours cleaning, and tell the child to clean it up again.

The acolyte will learn to cook; clean; do yard work, and will obey orders without question or thought, when asked to do tasks. This is considered an important part of the early training in obedience.

The spiritual parts (thetas) are taught to respond spiritually to summons from the Fathers – instantly. Any hesitation is immediately and terribly punished (such as being hung inside a dark well). The Fathers also have golden whistles that they wear around their necks; each child is assigned a set of notes, and must respond physically and/or spiritually immediately when their notes are played.

The child is inside the walls of the monastery these first few years of life. By age 24 months, the child goes to classes, where they learn not only languages (the Fathers speak Latin and Italian in daily life, and are all fluent in numerous other languages), but also oral history and the black arts as part of their mage training.

Internally, the survivor will have “masters” (controllers) and “slaves”; slave parts are taught to instantly obey masters.

Wolf and Sheep Training

During the second year of life (12 months to 24 months) it is important to the Jesuits that high barriers are placed between the “front” or presentations, and the “back” or loyal parts. One way this is accomplished is with “wolf” and “sheep” programming.

The back, or hidden, parts are taught that they are wolves. The Jesuit Fathers raise wolves for this purpose, and will take the young child and place them in a pen with a mother wolf and her cubs. The child will have been sprayed with wolf scent, and the mother will normally let the child join her cubs. The child is told that he or she is a wolf, and is treated exactly like one: the child nurses on the mother wolf; is fed with the cubs, and is taught to crawl on all fours, and even to growl like a wolf. They are taught that wolves are strong, cruel, fierce and protective, and that they must guard the “weaker” systems by doing the tasks that “sheep” cannot do.

Once this program is in place, the front systems undergo “sheep” training. They are placed with sheep, and eventually believe that they are lambs or sheep; eating with the sheep, sleeping curled up with the other lambs, and in every way being treated as if they are a sheep.

To place a barrier between the systems, the Fathers then cause the two systems to traumatize one another. The “wolves” are told to “attack” the sheep and to try to kill them. This causes the front to become angry and to distrust them. The wolves are also taught to hate “sheep” and believe they “stink” by having a slain lamb tied to their back for several days. The carcass becomes ridden with flies and stinks terribly; the body itches and the child becomes violently ill, and they are taught that this is the result of being close to a sheep. These parts cannot come close to front parts, that they believe are sheep, without smelling the rotten carcass that made them so ill as a very young child. This makes the back very unwilling to come near the front.

Other barriers between front and back are also installed during this second year. This includes a wall with gargoyles and demonic guardians that is erected between the front and back, which is overseen by Janus (the Roman deity with two faces). One face observes the “front” or presenting systems; the other, the back, or hidden systems. Certain parts can pass through the doors, but those without authorization are immediately torn by the demonic guardians placed between front and back. The demonic is allowed to pass freely between front and back.

In addition to these barriers, others are placed. One is an extensive “buffer” system. These have entrained neurolinguistic programming in place, and their role is to be emotionless and to stand between the front and the back, “ buffering” the front from any knowledge of what the back is doing, and vice-versa. Their role is to prevent the two sides from actually meeting or communicating, and to keep the amnesia in place through constant ingrained “wipeout” programming.

This wipeout programming can consist of a combination of traumas that are re-experienced, such as internal shocks to the head, EHF and/or microwave bursts to the frontal lobes, or other similar traumas that were used to originally wipe out memories of assignments. If the survivor attempts to cross the barrier, they may experience flashing lights, blizzard, extreme headaches, eye pain, nausea, dark bursts within the deep brain, or other trauma that occurred when the barrier was originally put in.

Exposing the Vatican: Part 5

Survival of the Fittest

Mengele was a firm believer in the “survival of the fittest” and during the 1940s,1950s and 1960s infants trained by him and the Jesuits underwent terrible trials to determine which infants would live, and which would die. This helped them determine not only which were the strongest infants, but also which ones had the strongest will to live, a requirement for the terrible programming that Jesuit children undergo.

As soon as the infants can crawl (around 3 months of age in these highly intelligent infants), the first survival trial is conducted. Dozens of infants are placed in a room, with a barrier in front of them. In the center of a large room are three bottles of milk. The babies are hungry and thirsty, since they have not been fed for a day.

The barrier is raised, and the infants literally race by crawling to the center of the room. The strongest crawl over others and push the smaller or weaker ones aside. The first ones there get the bottles, and must keep it and drink it while other infants are trying to grab it away.

The three that “win” get to drink the bottle, and then watch the systematic slaughter of the infants that did not get a bottle, because the losers were deemed “inferior.” This installs a terrible survival guilt at a very early age; the infant wants to eat, and to live, but is shown that their living means that others must die in this setup.

The message that only the strong are allowed to live is ingrained very deeply through this and similar experiments. After several trials, the Jesuits have created their first classes, or groups. Jesuit children are raised in classes of twelve at a time, and these infants will become closer than any physical brothers during their childhood, in part because of their ability to survive and trauma bond with one another.

This is one reason that the survivor will fear and despise weakness in themself and others. To them, weakness has always meant death.

Early Attachment Bonding and Utter Darkness

The basis of obedience within the Jesuits is formed upon two primary forms of programming: the avoidance of pain (the pain of “descending” and thus going to “hell”), or operant conditioning; and the formation of extremely deep attachments to primary figures. Their belief is that the combination of these two create “unbreakable” programming, and the truth is that very few Jesuits every truly do leave the order. The attachment bonding described here, in earliest infancy, makes it extremely difficult to do so.

When the infant is only a few weeks old, it is placed in a completely darkened room, with no noise or stimulus of any kind, and abandoned. This abandonment, which lasts for several days, is extremely traumatizing to the infant. At first, the infant cries in a normal manner (distress), which then turns to anger as the abandonment continues. Eventually, the infant becomes exhausted, sleeps for longer and longer intervals, and stops crying; instead, it whimpers as utter despair begins to hit.

The infant is psychologically unable to cope with impending death, as its body and psyche begins shutting down in the early stages of dying. The infant comes to the realization that no one will ever come and rescue them, and they will die in complete and terrible darkness.

In complete despair, the infant is dying, when a soft light enters the room. A Jesuit Father comes in, carrying a warm bottle; behind him is Theo (their name for the “benevolent” manifestation of satan). With kind words, the Father picks the infant up, soothes him/her and gives a life-sustaining bottle. The infant is insanely grateful for this deliverance from “utter darkness” (the deepest level of “Jesuit hell” for the worst deeds, such as treachery and betrayal of the order). As the baby takes the bottle and is comforted, they bond completely to the Father, and to the being (Theo) who is superimposed upon the Father. The Father begins programming that they “owe their life” to him, that he “rescued them from utter darkness” for a “special purpose”, that the infant is to “live and not die.” Trauma bonding at a deep level occurs, and the Father appears like a god to the infant, and in fact, will hold the “theo” (God) position inside.

This bond will be built upon and layered upon over and over as the years go on. The infant will NOT be allowed to truly attach to ANYONE ELSE for the rest of their life. All other caretakers and friends in the early years will either be killed or appear to be killed, or terribly betray the infant/toddler/child to teach them that there is only one who can be trusted: the Father the infant formed a primary bond to, and the spirit “Theo.” This is the core level of Jesuit bonding, and is by far the most difficult programming to break.

The infant will later “see’ the nannies that cared for him/her killed, or will even be asked to “kill” them or agree to their being killed, by the Father they bonded to, to prevent the Father being killed (in terrible setups where the infant must choose which lives and which “dies”). These setups also test the strength of the infant’s loyalty bond, which must be deep and unbreakable for successful later programming to occur. From the first days of life, the Jesuits begin installing utter and complete loyalty to them, represented by the primary Father the infant bonded with; and later, by three others they will also be allowed to attach to.

The primary mentor will always be a Jesuit Father that the infant (who is kept very young in the system) loves above any other, as described in the cruel abandonment scenario. The Father-mentee relationship is the deepest of all, as the Jesuit Father mentors others and molds them into his image. He will hold a “theo” or god place within the system, and this bond will be the hardest to break, since it represents the deepest attachment of the core to a human being.

The purpose of this mentoring is to draw the infant into a relationship with “Theo” (satan’s benevolent personification) from its first days on earth. The Father will bond the infant to himself, and in doing so, bond the infant to the spiritual theo as well.

Helping the Survivor

The survivor of Jesuit programming has extremely disorganized attachment due to the fact that they have attached to satan himself (Theo) as well as their primary Father (referred to as “Father Theo”). There is a no less reliable being in creation to attach to, yet this was the infant’s only choice during early childhood if they were to survive. If given another option, the infant would have rejectedbonding to satan.

The early trauma is so severe, that it can take months or even years to grieve for the manipulation and “detach” from these primary figures. It takes intense prayer, and a deep desire by the survivor, to break free of this programming that pivots upon the Jesuit’s demonic use of infant attachment. The only real answer is for the survivor to choose to renounce the bonds to satan and the primary Jesuit Father, and to bond with Yeshua. During the interval, they will also need to bond at least temporarily with a caring figure who can represent the love of God to their systems, since these infants have never experienced this.

The older parts, once they become Christians, can help “reparent” the infants, helping them to understand that the Christian God truly does love them, and can keep them safe. Realizing at a deep level that Yeshua paid the full price for sins on the cross, and that their systems will not “descend” into hell and utter darkness, and realizing that the internal representations are based upon setups and manipulation, can help break the hold of this early attachment.

The survivor will experience attachment pain at the core level when these early setups and betrayals are remembered. They may feel infant terror at the thought of utter darkness. It is important to bind the demonic, and to prevent it from enhancing these memories, or the fear. They will often feel suicidal as the core despair, and the memory of the pain and betrayals comes up.

The survivor will test the love and caring of those they bond with outside of the Jesuit Order again and again. This is because they feel a huge “push pull” inside, and swing between craving love and nurturing, and wanting to distance themselves from any loving attention, which feels terrifying. Healing of this type of early wound is a process, and cannot be rushed, or the survivor will attempt to cope alone – and fall prey to reaccessing – since these infantile needs are used to push recontact programming.

Helpful Scriptures

Ps. 27:10. “When my father and my mother forsake me,Then the LORD will take care of me.” This can help with the deep core attachment pain, to understand that the Lord loves the survivor, even when it seems that no one else ever has. It can be extremely difficult for the survivor to come to the terrible realization that they had NO real father or mother; only manipulative, abusive Jesuit Fathers and programmers during infancy.
The comfort that can only come from knowing that the Lord truly loves the survivor, and cares for them, can help.
Ps.71:6. “By You I have been upheld from birth; You are He who took me out of my mother’s womb. My praise shall be continually of You.: This verse counteracts again the lie that the Jesuit Father and satan “let them live” and instead shows the truth that the Lord is the one who gives life at birth.
The following scripture shows the spiritual condition that the motherless and fatherless Jesuit survivor find themselves in, and how the Lord responded to them. It answers how the Lord responds to this deep abandonment pain: It also shows why the survivor was able to survive the horrors of childhood and how it is possible for the survivor of this type of abuse to come to know the Lord:
Ezekial 14:4-16
4 As for your nativity, on the day you were born your navel cord was not cut, nor were you washed in water to cleanse you; you were not rubbed with salt nor wrapped in swaddling cloths. 5 No eye pitied you, to do any of these things for you, to have compassion on you; but you were thrown out into the open field, when you yourself were loathed on the day you were born.
6 “And when I passed by you and saw you struggling in your own blood, I said to you in your blood, ‘Live!’ Yes, I said to you in your blood, ‘Live!’ 7 I made you thrive like a plant in the field; and you grew, matured, and became very beautiful. Your breasts were formed, your hair grew, but you were naked and bare.
8 “When I passed by you again and looked upon you, indeed your time was the time of love; so I spread My wing over you and covered your nakedness. Yes, I swore an oath to you and entered into a covenant with you, and you became Mine,” says the Lord GOD.
9 “Then I washed you in water; yes, I thoroughly washed off your blood, and I anointed you with oil. 10 I clothed you in embroidered cloth and gave you sandals of badger skin; I clothed you with fine linen and covered you with silk. 11 I adorned you with ornaments, put bracelets on your wrists, and a chain on your neck. 12 And I put a jewel in your nose, earrings in your ears, and a beautiful crown on your head. 13 Thus you were adorned with gold and silver, and your clothing was of fine linen, silk, and embroidered cloth. You ate pastry of fine flour, honey, and oil. You were exceedingly beautiful, and succeeded to royalty. 14 Your fame went out among the nations because of your beauty, for it was perfect through My splendor which I had bestowed on you,” says the Lord GOD.
This wonderful verse also shows the destiny of the survivor called out from this fatherless and motherless upbringing and training: to be wholly the Lord’s and to be clothed with His splendor, and become a testimony to His goodness.

B. Early System Organization

During infancy, the master and system controllers are created, along with the parts and roles within these systems. The Jesuits program three main levels into their systems: a white, or cover layer. This will appear to be Illuminati, Templar Knight, Opus Dei, or another occultic group, and is complete, even to the “core” for this level, which is a false core meant to mislead anyone who attempts to break into the system without authorization.

This cover layer is there for a reason. The Jesuits often have their agents highly placed within the occultic organizations they oversee, and they don’t want the organizations to realize that the individual is not an actual member. The system is created to look completely like the system of someone raised and programmed by the organization. The agent is actually there to review and report on the activities of the group’s leadership to the Vatican.

There is another reason for this cover programming. Jesuit agents often spend time in Israel and other countries doing intelligence work; if picked up by the Mossad (Israeli intelligence) or Spetz (Russian intelligence), and interrogated (tortured), the other organization will believe that the agent works for one of these groups, and have no idea that they actually work for the Vatican.

Jesuits who leave will always remember their white, or “cover” programming first and believe this is all there is inside. The other layers are much more loyal and difficult to uncover.

Beneath the white level is the black, or Vatican level of programming. This is where controllers and parts loyal to the Vatican, the Jesuits, and to Satan reside. High priests and priestesses that were involved in Vatican ceremonies will be part of the black theta system, just as high priests and priestesses loyal to the Illuminati (or other group)) and its deities will reside in the white theta system.

Beneath the white and black levels is the silver-grey, or new world order (antichrist) level. These systems have been created to serve the antichrist, and the NWO, are given specific roles, and are controllers for the two other levels. The grey level controllers and parts have always undergone extensive death and resuscitations, since this level is composed of “ascended masters” who have overcome their fear of death, and in fact, many of these parts live in a near-death, ecstatic and numb state of being. The Phoenix is the sign of an ascended master who has overcome death and risen again.

The infant is taught to organize their system along brain wave states, and to respond to cues. The earliest cues include golden whistles that play different notes worn by the Fathers, to summon specific parts; colors (the infant is taught to crawl to a green light when a gamma controller is out; to a blue light when a beta controller is out, a white light when an alpha controller is out, etc.).

Tones are also used extensively in early master programming. The top master controllers are each assigned a tone, to correspond with a brain wave state: the highest tone represents gamma, next highest, beta; next highest, alpha, then epsilon, then theta, and finally, the lowest, delta. Hearing the tone pulls the controllers for that system forward (the infant is taught with shocks and trauma combined with rewards to respond immediately).

Master controllers for a system are programmed to respond to the entire continuum, and internally, can “sing” the tones and hear back the response tones for their systems, for vary rapid and unconscious feedback loops and triggers. Jesuits always have perfect pitch because of this extensive use of tones and harmonics combined with the early songs used in programming, and have perfect auditory recall.