Vatican Book Part 11 (final section)

Note: please be aware that this post mentions programming methods, and Christianity

Recontact Programming

The Jesuit Order has difficult recontact programming to break. This is why very few members of this organization attempt to leave. The recontact programming is based upon two main bases:

The use of infant attachment bonds, and the use of extreme (severe) pain and punishment methods should recontact fail. This is in addition to internal and external reprogramming if these first two fail.

Attachment and Loyalty Bonds

As mentioned previously, the Fathers bond the infant very early on, beginning in the womb when the birthmother rejects the fetus and the fetus comes to believe that the Fathers are the only source of love. This contines in infancy, with the infant being left in a completely dark room, and then “rescued” by the primary Father who gives the infant a bottle, among many other scenarios. The infant, over the course of the first year of life, bonds very heavily to their primary Father, and to Satan himself.

The child becomes extremely loyal to the Fathers, and it literally breaks their heart to think of being taken away. Numerous setups are done during early childhood, of the child being “kidnapped” and later “rescued” by the Fathers, and also of the child being taken away by “traitors” who torture and punish the child, who later escapes to the Fathers. These and dozens of other scenarios are used to reinforce the belief that the child can only be loved, and have their emotional needs met, by the Jesuit Fathers.

The Fathers are the only source of love and bonding the child is allowed to have, since throughout early childhood, all other bonds end up in either betrayal or death. The child literally learns to trust no one other than the Fathers.

Hell Programming

As the child grows older, the recontact program is tied to the internal hell. Recontacting the Fathers is considered a Prime Directive for the system, and failure to comply results in the belief that the system will descend into hell.

The presentation will have no idea that this is occurring. They will feel restless, driven, or even hyperactive when the program is runnning, or may battle tremendous guilt and depression, without knowing why. The programs run unconsciously, and therefore are difficult to identify until enough healing has occurred that the survivor can work with different brain states inside.

Hell programming has nine levels (much like Dante’s inferno). The first three levels will be on one level, the second three on a lower level, with three more at the lowest level, and beneath them all is the abyss (utter darkness). Each level of hell is tied to a prime trauma, as described above.

The first level of hell has individuals chained to poles; demons come and flagellate the victims with whips that have sharp rocks or points attached to them. Since infancy, the young child was taken to “hell” at night to “punish” them for “sins”, and so they have extensively internalized this punishment system. The controllers/guardians for this level originally were punished, then learned to punish others, in this same way, including flogging children and adults to death. They will hold the belief that what they are doing is “right” and that sinners “deserve” punishment, until healing comes and the demonic attachments and rights are broken internally.

The second level of hell involves individuals being chained to stakes and burned alive. Charon is the controller/guardian over this level, and as described above, believe that what he is doing is “right” and that sinners “deserve death,” until this part comes to Jesus and has healing. The presentation will undergo great grieving as these brutal punishers share their experiences, both as an infant, undergoing punishment, and later, as a punisher.

The third level of hell involves a chamber filled with bees that swarm upon individuals and sting them to death. Karydis is the controller for this level, and will have learned to take small children and adults to “hell” where they are swarmed and stung. The controller will have undergone this experience in infancy, first with painful bee stings; then in early childhood, being given anti-venom before being placed where bees would swarm and sting them. The child will have seen traitors tied to poles and stung to death, and will remember these traumatic memories. These memories are reinforced with virtual reality, which recreates the buzzing and the swarming and stinging.

The fourth level of hell involves rats that come and eat at the parts that are trapped there, tied to poles; or the rats will swarm around the parts and chew.

The fifth level of hell involves bugs that bite those within the chamber.

The other levels of hell include crushing, dropping and being torn apart demonically. The deepest level (just above the core) is the abyss, where utter darkness (the primal fear of abandonment described in infant programming) sits.

In addition to “hell,” leadership in the Jesuit Order is often also chained with what is known as :9 by 9″ programming, or one of its variations, which is layered on top of the hell programming.

7 By 7 Programming

7 by 7 involves seven different types of internal pain being placed in through the use of tesla wave and microbursts, as well as ELF and EHF waves. The child is placed within a machine that reads their brainwave activity, creates a specific brain map, and begins entrainment of the brain (over several sessions lasting from 6 to 10 hours, normally, over a period of months with regular reinforcement over the years).

The machine plays harmonic tones that the child has been taught since infancy to “follow” and enter into different brain wave states. As it does so, in one sequence, the brain is taught to rapidly drop brain wave states from high gamma to low delta/death state in less than a second. This causes extreme pain, and even seizure activity. The drops are entrained in over a period of time, with intervals between drops that can last from 4 to 10 seconds, depending upon the person’s recovery rate and pain tolerance. The individual’s infants are put through this sequence, which creates a “startle” reaction and the resulting infant terror.

Another sequence entrained in is a constant oscillating wave form with high-frequency waves that causes headache, extreme heat, and alternating bursts of pain at the limbic level.

Another sequence uses tesla waves, which cause extreme pain throughout the entire nervous system, in synchronized bursts (the sensation is similar to being stung by bees in every nerve at one time).

Another sequence causes a crescendo and decrescendo pounding within the brain, caused by increased intracranial pressure and heating, due to entrainment where microwave bursts hit the brain stem (through the auditory canal).

Another causes the sensation of a hammer pounding within the brain, at 4 to 6 -second intervals (“Vulcan’s Hammer”).

Another sequence is intermittent death: the heart stops and restarts.

When the individual attempts to leave, and stops first physical and then spiritual contact with the Fathers, these sequences are meant to cause the system to “implode” and cause either death or shattering of all systems. The longer the individual goes without contact, the higher the level of pain: there are seven different sequences, each with levels one through seven of pain (hence, the name, “seven by seven”). At peak, all seven programs are running at level seven, which normally results in the heart stopping, and/or core shattering.

The Jesuits consider this program completely unbreakable, since the suicide and psychosis rate for those who try to break it is extremely high. It takes a lengthy amount of time, safety, and significant support to break this, as well as extensive prayer, since the gradual buildup to core shatter level is meant to force the systems to recontact in order to avoid system death.

Experimental Programming

The Jesuits also engage in extensive experimental programming (Protocol I – V programs), which are used for expendable individuals. Protocol V is the classification for endpoint (physical or neurological death as the ultimate result) of the programs. They involve different forms of torture, and the use of new technologies to see the effects on individuals.

The West Coast of the United States has one of the largest experimental theta programming labs in the world; the other four are in Beijing,China (where infants are brought to the center by local contacts), in Russia, in the Ukraine and in East Berlin, Germany. There are other smaller centers that also perform experiments and collect data, including many universities and institutes around the world.

Helping the Survivor

Because of the high level of occultic training that Jesuits undergo, they will experience significant resistance at first from inside parts who feel that they underwent large amounts of pain and death in order to receive high status. These parts will resist giving up this identity, which gave meaning to their pain at the time they were programmed during early childhood, since this was the meaning assigned by their abusers to justify the abuse.

Other parts will resist change, or continue to contact, because they truly believe that by doing so, they are preventing the systems from being shattered, or from going to hell (descension) eternally. These beliefs will be held deep within, at the root of all system controllers, and unconsciously and subconsciously. The parts that hold these beliefs must be willing to come out, and examine the truth, and question what they were taught and programmed to believe. Unfortunately, doing so can cause the survivor to experience tremendous pain and internal pressure, not only from internal conflict and demonic, but from the terrible body memories programmed in to occur if the survivor tries to question old beliefs.

7 by 7 is one of the cruelest forms of programming ever invented. Those who undergo it experience intense, continuous pain until their unconscious mind and parts are able to give up all of the beliefs that drive the program, as well as giving up all spiritual attachments to the program. The top system and master controllers will all be tied to it, along with their infants, and all core splits. Parts are taught to beleive that noone can survive trying to heal from this program.

Breaking it is miserable; and the best helps include prayer, emotional support, the use of medications or herbs that slow brain wave activity (since the pain comes from jumps in brainwave activity that are programmed in, or mini-seizures within the pain centers of the brain). The survivor will always battle suicide programming along with the pain, since core despair is also programmed in; they need to be told, and to believe, time and time again that they can break the program and survive.

V. The Goals of the Vatican: Alexis Paves the Way

The ultimate goal of the Vatican is to prepare the world for the advent of the antichrist, and to usher in the New World Order, which is greatly anticipated. To do so, they have created several mass mind control technologies, under the umbrella of Project Alexis.

Project Alexis

Project Alexis was conceived of in the 1940s, and the earliest forms of implementation in the 1950s were very experimental. It has three arms:

• Security;
• Finances,
• Behavior Modification.

Alexis actually means “without law” and the demonic principality which gave the information to the Jesuits on how to create this project is called Alexis (the spirit of lawlessness).


The security branch of Alexis is involved in the identification of and tracking of every individual in the world. This has already been accomplished today by assigning a numerical code (government ID number or social security number) to individuals, and forbidding them to work for money without this identification number linked to a photo ID and fingerprints.

This branch also involves the development of technologies used to track individuals who might try to “disappear” or not participate in the NWO agenda. This includes the ability to identify and track all individuals through their use of phone (GPS), car (GPS) and online technologies (one reason all laptops today have a camera that can actually show images of the person on the computer and an internal GPS).

Collection and collation software has become extremely sophisticated, and can track within seconds the entering in of data associated with an individual. ATM card use is also used for tracking purposes. The monitoring of phone conversations, emails and all electronic/digital communications of individuals considered “security risks” or antithetic to the agenda of the NWO is routine at this point.

There is no privacy in today’s high-tech age, and this is on purpose. Microsoft Windows has background software that automatically collects data on users, integrates with Google and other search engines, and red flags any users with a “high risk” profile. All modern browsers and operating systems (including freeware) do the same. Encryption software does not work for a simple reason: any offered publicly has already had the master key bought by those who ultimately work for the Vatican.

HD television has collation software that also works in the background, and that can record conversations for individuals considered “high risk” and send it forward.


The financial branch of Alexis has been in effect since the early 1970s, and involves the digitalization of currency, and the campaign to encourage acceptance of first ATM and microcards, and soon, identification chips, for all monetary transactions. This is already nearly in place in Europe (the EEU), and the United States is expected to follow suit soon.

The Vatican founded the World Bank, and it will be the center for finances throughout the world in the future. It already controls currency exchange rates, and helps to determine the rate of inflation in many countries at this time.

Another aim of Alexis is to cause worldwide financial panic, due to severe monetary devaluation, governmental and bank bankruptcy, and extreme inflation. The World Bank will then “step in” to gain control of this financial crisis. It will appear to offer a “solution” to governments and their populations, when in reality, they will gain control of the worldwide currencies.

Mass Behavioral Modification

Another goal of Alexis is mass behavioral modification, in order to prepare the general public to accept the New World Order and its leader. This mass modification was originally conceived of in the 1940s, and crude forms were implemented in the 1950s with the advent of television watching by the general population. Basically, it consists of subliminal images that are displayed at a rate of .03 microseconds, at a rate of 1200 per minute.

The images contain graphics of sexual acts, violence, bestiality, demonic rituals, as well as acts of hatred and brutality directed towards Jews and Christians. Other graphics espouse the coming world leader, and tell people to look forward to his coming. The main image in the graphics is that of Alexis, a composite woman formed by a team of behavioural scientists who studied what images are most pleasing to the most races. Alexis also has a voice, which is slowly being introduced in the background of many television and video shows. When she is finally openly revealed, she will be the “voice of the New World Order” and will appear to be familiar and loved by most, since she has been subliminally fed to the masses for years.

A hologram of Alexis will be used on television to calm people down, and tell them what to do when the NWO is revealed. Her voice tones were again developed by a team of behaviourists, who studied what type of voice appealed to the greatest number of people in all races and ages. Tapes (computerized) of the results have been made over the years. Alexis has already been giving subliminal and background commands to people for many years; they are just not consciously aware of this fact.

Alexis has been fed to the public via television, movies, video games, computer games and the Internet. If an individual watches any of these for more than a second, they will be automatically fed the subliminals. The subliminals tell people that “watching TV is relaxing,” “I need to go online, I enjoy it” and other messages to encourage time in these modes, and thus increase the programming. Even early childhood learning games, used in schools, have these subliminals embedded.

Themes of anarchy, rebellion, and violence are embedded in the Alexis modification. A feeling of impending doom and destruction (unless the world turns to the leader who will come and “save” them) is also embedded.

The Hollywood industry was created in order to also fulfill this agenda, and all major studios are funded by members of occultist groups. The top stars are all mind controlled, and the industry has the directive to encourage through the movies made, the acceptance of the NWO/occultist agenda.

VI. The Current State of the World (2017)

At this time, the New World Order is in place; it is simply not open. The detention camps and military are already in place, with detailed plans for each section of the world for the coming takeover. The New World Order is not a “future” event, but instead a present reality that is simply waiting for the signal to move into place.

Each country of the world, and continent, has Jesuit military commanders and generals assigned, who will give orders to their well-trained and disciplined armies (these armies train at night at most large military installations and in desert and remote regions throughout the world). The major occultic societies of the eastern and western world all have troops and generals ready to command their area of the nations the individuals are located in.

Crowd control technologies (based on tesla and EHF waves) are already in place. If resistance occurs, these will be used; they can cause extreme pain, unconsciousness, or death within minutes.

Once the takeover is complete, resisters are to be placed inside designated detention camps for either “rehabilitation” or death if resistance is final. Leaders within the Vatican and other occultic armies will assume teaching positions, to help implement the NWO directives within the different nations, and to explain the policies and what they mean.

These liasion ambassadors are fluent in every language, and thus are well-equipped to gain the cooperation of the governments (which are already heavily infiltrated and expected to give in without any resistance). Paramilitary and other groups that might provide resistance have been carefully profiled and infiltrated for years.

The one nation that has tried to resist this infiltration is Israel which is why they engender special hostility. To say that the Vatican and its arms have tried to infiltrate the Mossad and Israeli government over the past 50 years would be an understatement; yet to date, the success rate has only been moderate compared to other nations.

The Vatican has entered into numerous highly secret agreements with the Arab nations over the years, in its desire to destroy Israel. For instance, the U.S. financial families were instructed by the Vatican to pour money into engineering and other resources years ago into developing the oil reserves of the Arab nations. Why? Because the Arabs, like the Vatican, hate Israel, and the Vatican wanted them to modernize and be able to fight the Israelis; plus, oil gives them a method of blackmailing governments which have become highly dependent upon petroleum prices as an index for inflation rates.

Oil really is “black gold” and currencies that are no longer backed by gold standards often float based upon current oil prices. Governments now measure their wealth in large part on their current petroleum reserves, needed to fuel industry, transportation and heating, among other uses. The country that cannot purchase oil will lose its industry; and alternative energy forms (especially renewable ones) have been blackballed for years, since the Vatican WANTS the world dependent upon Arabian oil supplies; this allows them to control policies and encourage anti-Israeli initiatives.

Oil funds have also purchased large amounts of arms for the Arab nations over the years. This was one reason for the influx of foreign geologists into the Sudan region years ago: to quickly develop the oil reserves in order to fund anti-Israeli wars. The Vatican secretly despises the Arabian nations, but they work with them because of their deep hatred for the Jewish race.

The Vatican is also extremely anti-Christian, regardless of the pronouncements of the newest (Jesuit) pope. At its heart, the Vatican is satanic, serves Satan, and wishes to destroy Christianity. While the presenters in its armies may be Christian, the programmed parts will all be loyal to Satan and the antichrist until healing occurs. The anti-christian agenda of the Vatican has been seeded worldwide, with increasing numbers of laws designed to make biblical, authentic Christianity illegal. Within the next 15 years, it will be illegal (a “hate crime”) to be a Christian, and many believers will be faced with possible imprisonment for their faith.

The best possible preparation for the unveiling of the new world order is a strong faith in and obedience to the Lord. The Lord has promised that He, not satan, is in control of world history. While the Vatican can attempt to implement its strategies, it will not win. Revelations makes it clear who the true “winner” in the battle for the minds and wills of mankind is: the Lord of Hosts, who will usher in His millenial kingdom.

There is no mind control technology on earth, that can erase the deep down knowledge of the truth. People can be lied to from conception on, but once the truth is known, most will embrace that truth. This is the basis of healing: replacing the lies with truth, and choosing to walk away from lies.

It is important that the Christian Church “wakes up” to the late hour that we are in. As mentioned previously, the NWO is not a theory, but is nearly ready to come forward publicly. This is a time for Christians to be on their knees, and ask the Lord for HIS strategy for dealing with these things, and for the Christian Churches and their members to be willing to help the flood of survivors who will be leaving occultic societies such as the Jesuits during this time of repentance before judgment.

If you help survivors, pray that others will be raised who have a similar heart; that eyes will be opened to the truth and the need. Pray that the Church will no longer turn away from or disbelieve/discredit survivors, but instead will war with them to break the power of the kingdom of darkness. This is one of the best possible ways of putting into practical action the heart of Yeshua for mankind: to deliver those who are oppressed, and set free those who are captive.

Currrently, the Church is slumbering, and mainstream Christianity seems woefully unaware of the actual spiritual condition of our world today. We truly seem to be acting out the prediction of Yeshua, that in the last days, people will be “eating and drinking and giving away in marriage” and completely unaware that the forces of darkness are at work to draw mankind away from our only hope: Yeshua. My prayer is that the church will awaken to the truth, and take an active part in fighting against satan and his forces. This is intercession of the highest form, to work actively for the Kingdom of God and watch the enemy and his strongholds overthrown in the lives of individuals formerly chained to the occult.

Agreements to not remember and to punish for remembering

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 36 in “Finding Freedom: Helping Survivors of Ritual Abuse and Mind Control to Heal” that I believe could be helpful for those who support survivors in their healing (shared with permission).

Trigger warning: the following information could be very triggering for survivors of ritual abuse or mind control. Please do not read without discussing with your therapist first. This information does not replace work with a licensed professional.

3. Agreements to not know and not remember

Survivors often need to address agreements to not remember and not know anything about the cult, as well as any demonic control over the emotions, information and parts that contain memories. Such agreements are usually coerced through the cult putting parts through horrendous scenarios of pain and terror and/or rejection for ‘knowing’ and ‘remembering’ about the cult, convincing the child that the only way to be safe and stay attached to loved ones is to forget and not know about the cult. These parts serve to remind the front person to not know and not remember the cult. In some survivors, the front person may be the one who has undergone the most severe traumatic conditioning to not know and not remember.

Additionally, after cult events (including both traumatic and non-traumatic cult events), parts are often made to go through specific rituals for amnesia and denial. The rituals include formal agreements made with the demonic, and often involve covenant meals, sexual activity and sacrifices. Through these agreements, demonic spirits can influence how much a survivor remembers, and also torment them with pain and/or distressing emotions. The survivor remains under this demonic oppression after the ritual is over due to:

• Sin in the rituals that need to be identified, confessed and renounced (repentance).
• Belief that God could never forgive them for the agreements and activities that took place in the rituals to forget
• Belief that Jesus is duplicitous, evil, condemning and untrustworthy
• Belief that the demonic spirits protect them from the trauma of the memory
• Belief that the demonic spirits have the right or power to destroy them or loved ones if they try to remember because of the agreements
• Belief that the demonic spirits are more powerful than God/ God doesn’t care to help

Important truths for addressing demonic hindrance to memory work:

• God is willing and able to forgive all sin committed by the survivor.
• God loves the survivor and does care to help.
• God is more powerful than the demonic.
• Vows, covenants and agreements made with the demonic, whether under duress or ‘freely given’, are NOT permanently binding and can be broken (the demonic do not truly keep their sides of the agreements anyway). They are also sin and should be repented of, renounced and revoked.
• These spirits are easily removed by the true Jesus as the survivor repents and gives Him permission to do so
• The demonic ‘protection’ offered these spirits are harmful to the survivor and his/her loved ones; these spirits do not really protect and are just trying to deceive and control people.

The vow and agreements to never remember or process traumatic memories will commonly manifest as the front parts saying, “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember” to any question asked about the event. The survivor is unconsciously repeating the very vow they originally agreed to take. This becomes a continued agreement with the demonic to keep the information buried in the unconscious. When the front person utters the words “I don’t know”, he or she agrees to forget again and nothing is remembered. It is common to find parts in the system with the name and role “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember” whose job is to block remembering and healing.

Until front parts in the survivor are ready to challenge vows like “I don’t know” and repent of agreements made with the demonic, memory work will likely be impeded. Like the denial, doubt and unbelief parts, the ‘I don’t know” and ‘I don’t remember’ parts carry out their roles in order to protect the person and his or her loved ones. A helpful question for these parts that can encourage them to explore their fears is often, “What would happen if you did know?”

Just like for the denial, doubt and unbelief parts, it is important for “I don’t knows” to have safe experiences of memory processing, where things end up better because of the processing and the survivor remains safe from the demonic and the cult. They usually then become less afraid of memories returning or being processed. This is one reason why in cult-designed DID, it is important for work on traumatic memories to go slowly at a pace that is led by God. Denial parts, “I don’t know” parts and other parts who have been traumatized into fearing healing may need to dip their toes into the water and test that healing is ok, a little at a time, until they get bolder and their faith in God grows.

  1. Agreements to be punished for remembering and processing traumatic events

In agreements for retaliation, the survivor makes agreements with the cult and demonic that he or she would experience physical, mental and spiritual distress and/or death if he or she should ever try to remember and heal. The results of such agreements can be intense, with survivors experiencing symptoms like sleepiness, debilitating migraines, stabbing pains, confusion, panic attacks, flashing lights in front of their eyes if they try to pray, demonic spirits manifesting in their homes in terrifying ways, etc. The vows and agreements usually invoke one or more of the four fears basic to mind control: the fear of death, the fear of pain, the fear of rejection and the fear of lack. (An example of how the fear of death is used to hinder memory work is given in the next section). Retaliation programming is based upon the punishing (retaliatory) parts believing that if the person remembers, bad things will happen; they run their punishments to stop the person/other parts from healing, in order to prevent these bad things from happening.
The symptoms are usually based on the torture that parts received when the survivor was being trained to retaliate against his or her own remembering and healing. For instance, sleepiness can be a body memory of being drugged or completely exhausted from torture, and the debilitating headache can be from devices placed on the head that inflict horrible pain. A very common retaliation program involves parts that look like loved ones being ‘tortured’ internally, causing the survivor to feel terror and horror. These internal scenarios are usually based on real experiences of watching loved ones being tortured; to stop the torture, the survivor has to agree to never remember, and that the loved ones would be tortured again if he or she ever remembers. Other survivors have shared scenarios of being trained to believe they would ‘go crazy’ or ‘be destroyed’ if they remembered or tried to process trauma. The survivor may not consciously remember that experience or agreement at first but will feel the terror and horror whenever he or she tries to remember and work on traumatic memories.
Addressing retaliation against healing involves very similar processes to addressing denial, doubt, unbelief and “I don’t know”:
• Understanding what the fears about remembering and healing are and replacing lies with truth and comfort.
• Breaking agreements for retaliation against self and loved ones for healing; repenting for any sin involved; removing any demonic spirits over self and ties to loved ones; placing self and loved ones under God’s true protection instead.
• Processing the traumas that have created parts stuck in states of pain and distress so that these parts can heal – this takes the sting out of the retaliation program.
• Praying to stop internal re-enactments of traumatic scenarios, and for parts to be able to distinguish current reality from the training scenarios, and to be able to differentiate internal parts who have taken on identities of cult members, from the real external people.

  1. The fear of death

The fear of death is often used to hinder memory work. Cult programmers often deliberately use parts trapped in the state just before ‘death’ (sometimes it is a staged, fake death, and in other scenarios, the survivor may have been clinically dead and resuscitated) to flood a survivor with horrible sensations, in order to shut down any memory work that might bring healing. This is a very specific type of retaliation or anti-healing program.
Cult programmers who track how the person’s mind is responding to trauma carefully orchestrate the progression of trauma so they can induce parts in the survivor who hold experiences that lead up to the worst moment, those who experienced the worst moment and parts who hold the experiences after the worst moment. For example, in a near death experience at a ritual ceremony, parts are divided into three groups: (1) those from the moments before death, (2) those who believe they died, and (3) those who know they survived. Parts who hold the trauma and torture leading up to “death” would replay those moments over and over again, not knowing how to move beyond the worst moment, the fear of dying. The parts who experienced “dying” (near death or death experience and then revived) continue to believe they are dead. In this “death state”, the parts fear coming back to life because they believe the body is a place of torture. They believe they are in a disembodied spiritual state and feel nothing. If they go back into the body, they believe they will be back in the pain of torture that happened before they “died”. They often have a covenant with the spirit of death to keep them free of pain.
The parts created or in a state after “death” commonly have been “resurrected” from death in Satanic power and are numb. These parts are sometimes told they are ‘zombies’, and are taught to believe have no soul, no conscience and no ability to choose for themselves. Depending on what the cult is trying to achieve, these ‘post-death’ parts may also be told they have ascended and are now stars, celestial beings, immortals (and other similar lies) who are now free from pain and can enjoy bliss, rest and peace. Survivors have also reported, besides zombies and celestials, these parts being given another chance to be ‘reincarnated’, or were ‘sent to hell’ for eternal punishment. The point of whatever post-death storyline the parts were given is to create mindless obedience, a fear of ever returning to the death state or the body, and creating a dissociative barrier that prevents the trauma from being processed.
Healing will involve addressing the conflicts against healing or returning to the body that were created by these deceptions. Each group related to the trauma will have specific conflicts to resolve. Taking the zombies for example, the pre-death group is afraid of dying. The second group is afraid of living again because it means feeling pain again. The last group knows they survived but they don’t want to remember they are human because they will have to face what they did to other victims as unfeeling, demonically controlled ‘zombies’. The ritual is designed to force the parts into agreeing with the demonic to do their deeds in order to survive and not have to be in pain and torture anymore. If these parts resist the cult programmer’s plan, they are put through the rituals repeatedly until they give in. This is a typical way that victim and perpetrator parts are created within the system. The conflict is created between being a victim part or a perpetrator part, and the worst moment (fear of dying) separates the two through a covenant and spirit of death. The cult instills the belief that you must be either a victim or a perpetrator because being neither one is not an option. This causes the internal system to become a divided house with internal perpetrator parts continuing to victimize the victim parts (e.g., re-enacting the trauma memories internally). Both victim and perpetrator parts are still controlled by the demonic.
Sometimes the intense internal conflicts between systems seem impossible to resolve, with the systems staying stuck in their positions. A helpful intervention to bring some relief to these groups is to ask the true Jesus to take authority over the unclean spirits of each group and bring truth to each group as they are ready to receive it. Ask the LORD to stand between the groups to allow the information and emotions to flow together at the right pace and time. For the victim ( pre-death) parts, ask the LORD to move the experience of time while skipping over the worst moment that these parts don’t know how to resolve and ask Him to connect them up with the moments after the worst time to let them know they survived the experience. Once they learn that they actually survived, it often gives enough capacity to get unstuck and go back to the worst moment of ‘dying’ to actually move through the rest of the memory. The “death state” group will need to have the covenant with death removed and then ask the LORD to help them experience the body as it is currently without the torture experienced in the memory. This shows the parts that they can return to the body without feeling the constant state of pain. The zombies will need to know that they were deceived into living out of a false identity. They will eventually come to realize that they are human and can be forgiven.

What the Church and Survivors Need from Each Other

During the past few months, I have been helping to edit a book, Finding Freedom: Helping Survivors of Ritual Abuse and Mind Control to Heal. Below is an excerpt from one chapter (shared with permission) that I believe addresses an important issue.

What churches and survivors need from each other

What do survivors want and need from the church? The brief list below gathers a few things we have heard survivors share over the years:

  • A place where their story can be heard, and not invalidated, ‘pre-judged’, ‘categorized’ or ‘evaluated’ before the survivor has had time to sort it out for himself or herself.
  • A place where they can have any distortions, hurts or wrong beliefs about God, Christianity, themselves and the cults heard, sorted out, replaced with truth and comforted without shaming, judgment or condemnation.
  • A place where the rhythms and stages of their healing journey, including times of discouragement, times when the survivor does not understand what is going on in his/her life, or times when the survivor feels like he or she ‘takes three steps forward then two steps back’, is heard, accepted and prayed for without others trying to inappropriately or insensitively analyze, explain or ‘fix’ quickly.
  • A place where they can, together with others, mature in their true identities, persevere through trials, grow in their gifts and purposes, serve and bless others and enjoy life.
  • Relationships, belonging and accountability without manipulation and control.
  • Prayer, inner healing and deliverance provided in a sensitive and Spirit-led manner.

What do churches want and need from survivors? This second list describes a few things we have heard churches and supporters share over the years:

  • Churches want survivors to help them understand what the survivor needs and is going through. Often, they wish that the survivor could explain better (which is very difficult with internal conflicts, dissociation and concerns about not being believed, seen as crazy or attention-seeking, and when the survivor really does not know how to explain what is going on himself or herself).
  • Churches want survivors to be patient with them, to forgive them, and give them another chance to help when they honestly don’t understand, are not skilled to help or do not have enough resources to give, as they do sincerely want to help. 
  • Churches want survivors to know that they are human too, and often make mistakes and hurt without intending too, but this does not mean that they do not care or do not want to help.

3. Challenges to the church helping RA and MC survivors

In our thirty years of ministering to survivors and their supporters, we have found that many survivors run into all sorts of difficulties when they seek help, support or understanding from the church. In some of the most difficult situations we have seen, the church and the cult survivor (despite wanting the relationship to be a mutual blessing) end up deeply wounding each other to the point that the survivor never wants anything to do with any church ever again, and the church never wants anything to do with any cult survivor ever again. In many other situations, the church desires to follow through and persevere in helping the survivor and making him or her part of the community, but is completely perplexed by the survivor’s story, issues and behaviors. Churches and Christian individuals also often, honestly, do not know what on earth to think when they encounter a church member or seeker hinting at or openly disclosing a history of ritual abuse and mind control.

In general, we have never seen a church that does not want to be truly helpful, or a survivor who does not want to be helped and supported, and to contribute to his or her church life in every way he or she can. So what makes it hard? Many things do! In this section, we will briefly list several of these things that churches, prayer ministers, supporters and survivors have shared with us over the years:

1. Uncertainty regarding the very existence of ritual abuse and mind control. Church members and survivors may remember the “Satanic ritual abuse panic” of the late 1990s, where ritual abuse was publicly painted as “false memory syndrome” and ‘debunked’. Survivors were discredited and therapists and investigators trying to help survivors were sued or maligned. Since that time, there has been little public notice or education regarding ritual abuse and mind control, leaving behind the general impression that RA and MC are ‘nonsense’, or simply a pet topic of conspiracy theorists. Most people will need to take the time to learn more about these things before they can decide if they even exist (See Chapter 1 Do satanic ritual abuse and mind control really exist?). If the church does not know that RA and MC are real, then they may attempt to help the survivor instead as if he or she has personality or delusional disorders, or even view him/her as ‘attention-seeking’, ‘suggestible’, ‘deceived’ or ‘demonized’. Survivors themselves often struggle to know what to make of the truth of their own memories, which can be extremely confusing to church members who are trying to be helpful, and reinforce (mis)perceptions that the survivor’s primary issues are mental health-related.

2. Lack of understanding of how ritual abuse and mind control affects a person (i.e. extreme trauma, dissociation, strong attachments to the abuser group, being raised in an anti-Christian culture, etc.). The lack of understanding usually becomes a problem when the church and/or or the survivor are not aware that there is a lack of understanding. In these situations, deep hurt, confusion, shame and disappointment on all sides can erupt as the church’s practiced solutions or expectations are applied to the survivor’s needs, issues and behaviors without further context or education. For instance, if a church is used to doing deliverance ministry successfully with members who experience demonic harassment, they may be puzzled when the typical deliverance ministry does not ‘work’ with a member also dealing with ritual abuse-induced dissociation. In looking for the ‘roots’ or unconfessed sin still ‘giving ground’ to the enemy, the survivor may end up feeling shamed, unworthy, or very frustrated as he or she really does not know what else to ‘confess’ or ‘surrender to God’ (the information is still dissociated), and the minister may begin to wonder if the survivor is ‘not ready to heal yet’, ‘in rebellion’ or ‘wants attention’.

3. Lack of education, support and resources on ritual abuse, mind control and dissociation. Churches who want to help survivors may not know where to start learning how to help in a skilled manner based on godly principles. Educational resources and training on RA and MC, whether secular or Christian, tends to be sparse. If a church or survivor is wary of ‘secular knowledge’ and strongly prefers only Christian material, the amount of available resources drops. Ministries that focus on helping ritual abuse and mind control survivors are few in number, compared to ministries that focus on other needs. Many of the larger well-established schools of healing do not talk very much about ritual abuse, mind control or dissociation, and only start training their students in these areas, if at all, in the advanced training levels. Usually, only larger churches or individuals specializing in prayer ministry or Christian counseling would have members who have been through the advanced training).

4. Cultural or faith practices in the church that are difficult for or hurtful to survivors. Many churches are (unfortunately) a hotbed of gossip. It is especially hurtful to survivors when gossip is spread under the guise of ‘sharing prayer requests’. It can also be very hurtful to survivors if their ‘testimony’ or ‘answered prayers’ are shared without their permission, or if they are ‘encouraged’ to publicly share before they are ready. Church members who hurt survivors in these ways are often completely unaware of the hurt it would cause the survivor, and are usually well-intentioned! Also, many elements of church services (such as the corporate worship and reading aloud of scripture), Bible studies, Christian symbols (like the cross, dove, flames of fire) are extremely triggering for at least a few parts in many survivors, who may react with fear, confusion, contempt, anger, distractibility or numbness. These reactions are often misunderstood by the church. Often, the survivor does not understand these reactions himself/herself until later in their healing journey and so he or she is not able to help the church to understand. Many simple aspects of church life can also be hard, for instance, a survivor may be deeply ashamed that he/ she can’t ‘pull him/ herself together enough’ to volunteer at church when ‘everyone else does’.  Other church members may sincerely invite the survivor to ‘participate more’ or ‘serve’ without realizing that the survivor is already at capacity.

5. Trauma responses and immaturity in both the church and the survivor. Basically, this means that the church and the survivor do want to get along and help each other, but both have ‘baggage’ that gets in the way. The problem with trauma responses and immature responses in the church is that often, the church is unaware of and unreflective of what is really driving their response to the survivor. Instead, scriptural or ethical reasons are given. For instance, a pastor may push a survivor to heal or change a certain behavior; the real reason is that pastor feels like he himself is a failure at taking care of his flock if a member is not ‘healing’ or ‘growing’. His response is rooted in his childhood experiences with a demanding father who expected high performance, but the pastor may not be aware of his own insecurity and sincerely think that he is just ‘holding the survivor accountable’. The survivor may struggle with similar issues which usually strains his or her relationships with church members. For instance, a survivor may persistently take offense where none is intended and react with aggression or withdrawal without exploring the issue with the other party. Parts in a survivor may deliberately sabotage relationships to ‘prove’ that the church can’t be trusted. Or, a survivor may not know how to tell when another church member is just having a bad day and needs grace, or when the other person is a bully so she or he needs to enforce stricter personal boundaries.

6. Fear. Churches and ministries may have concerns about being sued by the family members of survivors or have concerns about handling ethical and legal responsibilities when survivors start disclosing criminal activities occurring in their town or city. These concerns should be taken seriously, discussed by the leadership and where appropriate, addressed through consultation with legal professionals and other churches or ministries with experience dealing with these issues. In general, to address these issues responsibly, the church needs a clear understanding of what is reportable to the police (or not), the general attitude towards occult crime by the police and local government in their particular town or city, and what a citizen’s responsibility is regarding reporting of past crimes or suspicion of present crime, particularly when vulnerable victims may be involved and/or when the person disclosing these crimes is dissociative and often unsure about these disclosures.

The church should not react to these concerns by just silencing the survivor (e.g., telling him or her that they do not want to hear anything about ritual abuse or mind control and that he/she only talk about these issues with a mental health professional) or by asking the survivor to leave the church. Or, a church may expel or isolate a member disclosing a ritual abuse or mind control history out of fear of the occult realm, harassment by the cult, or the belief that the survivor is trying to harm the church. Yes, cult-active survivors typically receive assignments against a church, but it does not mean that the church has to bar its doors! The church has been given the love, power and authority to address any weapon of the cult. Excommunicating the survivor out of fear is an embarrassingly poor witness of God’s love and power.

The Real Agenda Behind the Occult

As I have healed, my parts inside have shared more and more of the “real picture” of what was going on during my life. Early on, I had recovered some memories which were part of the story, but by no means the whole story of my life.  This is due to the fact that healing is a process, and over time, as parts deeper within the system have shared information, I have learned more. Early in my healing, I had only learned about my six brainwave systems (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, theta) (see my earlier article on this) and had not discovered the six systems that were previously unknown to me (omicron, mu, null, lambda, omega, and chi).  When I remembered these other six previously unknown systems, I remembered more about the cult’s agendas, as that information was held in these systems.

When I was younger, I believed that the goal of occult groups, including the one I was raised in, was to create a “better world” through the coming New World Order.  I truly believed, in my cult host, that I was serving mankind by preparing to help usher in the time of “he who is to come” (link) who after his birth was known as “he who as come” as well as by other names.

I worked hard to improve things, and dedicated to my life to what I believed would be the betterment of mankind. What I had not remembered at that time was the secret held by my core (Chi) system, which was wholly dedicated to Satan: that the group I was in, while publicly stating their desire to bring in new world order filled with joy and peace, was actually committed to the complete destruction of mankind.

The reason for this is simple: they serve Satan, and that is his agenda; he wants mankind destroyed because he hates all men, who created by God, who loves them. The chi system parts were programmed since they were in the womb to absolutely hate God and all men (mankind was labled as “mortals” who were a fallen, descended state) and to desire the destruction of all mortals so that the immortal, or ascended, could reign.

This, in a nutshell, was the theology I was taught while in the group. This knowledge was hidden from my conscous awareness until late in my own healing journey. it was terrible to remember that I participated in meetings with others who were planning and looking forward to the destruction of mortal mankind; or the programming and torture in the womb of my birth mother and I by actors who stated scripts such as “we are mortal men, and cannot help ourselves from hurting you” and other similar ones. Later, these fetal parts were “rescued” by Satan, who then whispered “one day, you will be able to take revenge for what men have done to you.”

Even most of my cult parts were completely unaware of this programmed, hidden (to myself) agenda. Many cult loyal parts thought we were working to create a better, kinder world and it caused deep distress to realize that the real agenda of the group I was raised in was quite different.

What comforts me is the realization that while those in occultic groups are planning these things, their agenda will fail. The Bible has already described what will happen: Satan will make his play for power, using men and hybrids who serve him, and he will not win. It won’t even be a contest, because the God of the Christian Bible is the creator, not the created; and will bring about the real new creation and reign on earth that mankind is looking towards.

The difference? The Christian God truly loves His creation, while Satan despises it. I am thankful that the One who loves me and all mankind, the true God, is the One who will win. Satan’s time is limited; he knows this, so he will attempt to draw men into his plans and schemes. My prayer is that those who have believed himi will become aware that Satan is a liar; and the Christian God tells the truth.