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One issue that survivors often face is attempts by the group they left to re-access them. This article was written to help survivors understand what accessing is, and the steps they and their therapist can take to prevent it from happening.

 What is accessing?

Accessing is the deliberate contact of a survivor by the group (or affiliates) that they left, in order to intimidate and frighten parts into doing their cult jobs. Access may be as short and simple as a single sentence in an email that scares a part into shutting down therapy or withdrawing from healthy support. It can also be more complex, for instance, a survivor returning to a cult facility for hours for reprogramming.

If a person was raised in an organized group, they will have programming put in to make them accessible by the group. This is considered base-level programming to prevent their leaving.

How is accessing done?

Accessing is done by several methods, depending upon the stage of healing and awareness of the survivor.

One misconception people have is that accessing is done by mysterious, scary “bad” people who follow the survivor around and try to harm them when out and about. But the number one person who accesses the survivor is the survivor themself. They will have recontact programming installed that makes them become extremely anxious if they do not have regular contact with their cult handlers.

Cell phones are the number one method of accessing used by the cult. All survivors who have left an organized group will have programming in place to contact cult members by phone, or to receive messages or calls from cult members by phone. The survivor often will have absolutely no recollection that they received a text or message from the cult (this is how the amnesia linked to this programming works).

Who contacts the survivor? In most cases, the person’s immediate family will be the members of the group chosen to contact the survivor. This could be a mother, father, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, children or grandchildren, or other family members. Texts back and forth about “family matters” will often have hidden messages or cues within them, reminding the person’s cult parts of their jobs, and the programmed threat that goes with them.

Examples: “Your family really loves you” is a frequent cue to cult-loyal parts to remember that only the cult can love them.

“I love you and miss you” can be a cue that if the person does not re-contact, that the person’s double binds will be put into danger, or tortured.

“We haven’t heard from you in a while” is an even stronger message that the person’s cult parts need to contact, or someone they love will get hurt.

Often, cute videos of family members are sent as reinforcements of the fact that if the person tries to break free, or their parts stop doing their old jobs, the people in the video will be tortured. There may be subliminals in the background reinforcing this message on an unconscious level.

The person’s cell phone bill will not show the more blatant or direct cult calls or texts, because there are special codes that can be entered in that ensure that the calls are not recorded by the phone company.

To break this re-contact programming, the individual’s presentation (or host parts) needs to show the programmed parts that it is entirely possible to disobey the programming directives. This involves breaking the program by

  1. parts realizing there are options besides the directives giving up programmed lies for truth. The presentation parts may want to choose for a period of time to give up phone contact with cult-active associates or family members, until the person is sufficiently healed to be able to relate without being accessed. If the person chooses to give up their cell phone (which should be done in order to break the programming, at least for a period of time), the group will then attempt to access the survivor by other methods. They will usually go to email or online next, since most people stay “connected” in these ways. Emails with triggering subject lines from people the individual knows and trusts will appear around this time in healing. This is because most accessing occurs from people the person has known and loved most of their life. The individual has no idea that these members of their family, or church, or group of friends, is a cult member, since they will be amnesic to this fact until the parts begin coming forward and sharing information with them.

  1. Subliminal Programming: whenever a survivor uses technology such as a smart phone, goes online, plays video games, or watches current TV programs, they will be fed subliminal messages and images designed to fire off their NWO and other programming. These subliminals are part of Project Alexis, which was designed to prepare the world for the rise of the NWO. The images are fed at a speed of .03 microseconds (faster than conscious sight can see), with extremely rapid audios paired as well. Once a survivor of cult programming signs into their email address, or visits Facebook, or signs into Amazon, or any other sites online, the subliminals linked to their profile will begin automatically feeding through their browser (there is no “safe” browser or operating system that can prevent this). Images of family members being hurt, and other distressing events, will be flashed by faster than the survivor can visually process. Ads with cues and triggers will also be displayed, and the individual may be completely unaware of this fact until they begin healing and working towards co-consciousness. It becomes a “catch 22” in many ways: the emails, texts and subliminals frighten parts into not disclosing about family members, and the person is left wondering why their parts are not talking to them, or sharing much in therapy. The failure to disclose and amnesia keep the survivor in constant contact with cult members, while they are completely unaware of this fact. As a result, their cult parts continue to do their jobs, while the person’s presentation has no idea that this is going on. If a person chooses to give up their cell phone, and to go completely offline (or only limited online use with full accountability, i.e. someone watching while they check their bank statement, etc.) then the attempts to access by other methods will escalate.
  2. Common forms of attempted access at this point will include visual triggering by a visit from a family member if the individual is still in contact, or the cult placing someone who looks very similar to a double bind in view of the person. This could be a child who looks very much like a beloved child or grandchild standing next to the survivor at a store; or individuals who look just like a family member showing up when the survivor is in a public place. These are meant as nonverbal warnings: “If you don’t obey us, this person will get hurt.” These double bind lookalikes may also quickly sign messages to the survivor that they may be amnesic to (such as “help me” or “save me”) in order to trigger their recontact programming. Cards by postal mail with threats may arrive; or voice mail messages with triggers may be left on a message machine. If the person has international presentations, mail addressed to the name of one of the other presenters, or a child or loved one from the other countries, may show up (i.e. “How odd, this mail came here and I don’t know anyone by that name.”)Visual cues may be placed in the survivor’s surroundings: a bouquet of flowers that has a special meaning; a special perfume on a card, or a ‘gift” of a food that has a specific meaning to another presentation may appear. If the above do not work, then attempts at physical abduction may be attempted as a last resort. Often, the survivor will be taken somewhere by someone they know and trust, that they are unaware of as being a cult member, and physical accessing will then occur. If the survivor has too much co-consciousness to allow this, then physical threats and abuse may occur when the survivor is alone or in a vulnerable state. Along with all of the above, the cult will also attempt spiritual access of the individual trying to break free. Dreams, threats and messages via astral projection may be given while sleeping, or even while awake, through demonic means. It is important that the individual prays about any open doors or parts with double binds that were programmed to stay in contact with loved ones who are cult members in this way.
  3. Why is accessing done?
  4.             Internal jobs
  5. As mentioned previously, these jobs could include both “internal”, “spiritual” and “external”/”physical” jobs;
  6. Accessing is done to make sure that the person’s cult parts are continuing to do their jobs and that the presenters continue to remain clueless and amnesic. Continued access will cause continued amnesia and dissociation.
  • Making sure that the person’s dissociation/amnesia is intact
  • Protecting/guarding classified information or parts inside
  • Blocking the person’s healing
  • Undoing the person’s work in therapy
  • Wearing out helpers
  • Sending warfare and division internally and externally
  • Participating in full rituals internally and calling on the demonic

      External jobs

  • Participating in rituals
  • Active physical agendas against Christians and those helping survivors break free
  • Sabotaging other survivors’ safety or healing
  • Assignments like research and assassinations
  • Training of younger cult members
  • Reporting to the cult
  • Disseminating misinformation
  • Discrediting other survivors and therapists

The person will normally be completely unaware that they have been triggered, or that their cult parts are doing their jobs, until later in healing.

Next, we will address a common question that survivors ask regarding accessing.

If I pray, and ask that my Christian Host or presenters be present, could I still be accessed and unaware of the fact?

 Yes. Why? Firstly, because the LORD does not set aside free will in the survivor, including the free will of parts who are still compliant with cult orders or who still want to protect loved ones in the cult way. Also, the Christian host, while a true believer, is often programmed to allow access and may have taken vows of amnesia and access, i.e. the Christian host/presentation is double-minded. Thirdly, the survivor often has a False Christian presentation that takes over the prayer that prays to a false “Jesus” or “God” before the Christian presenters (who pray to the true Christian God) have a chance to pray.

 While the Christian presentation can pray, if other cult programmed parts that the Christian presentation is amnesic to rotate out due to a trigger or cue, the person can still be accessed and be completely unaware of this fact.

Here are two examples from real life. At one time, I took an accountability person (another survivor in therapy) with me each time I went to visit my children in another state (there was a custody battle, and at the time, I was only allowed supervised visitation with her children due to the risk of my abducting them in order to get them away from their abuse). Each time, my accountability person and I, as well as trusted church support members, would pray for my safety and ability to stay in my presentation and not lose time during the visitations.

Throughout the visits, I would pray continuously for safety with my accountability friend On the way home, after each visit, I would thank the LORD with great relief for safety, and the fact that “nothing bad happened” during the visits, and gave praise reports to my church about how the LORD protected me and my friend, and answered our prayers for safety.

It wasn’t until years later, and with more healing and deeper internal communication inside, and the amnesia dropping, that I discovered to my great distress that during each visit with my children, I had been accessed, tortured, and reprogrammed during the entire time. My accountability partner had been programmed to not remember these facts either. This is one reason why in general, other survivors do NOT make good accountability for a survivor.

The “safe visits” were actually cover memories that my Christian presentation was told to believe, or my children would be tortured and/or killed. Because I loved my children, there was a huge investment in not remembering, and so I had no idea of what actually happened during the visits. Memories of taking my children shopping were dealt with by cult members placing the items “purchased” in my car, and quick photos during the last hours of the visit were taken, with each photo staged to show different “fun activities” with my children.

In actuality, each visit was reaccessing and reprogramming by the cult, with orders given to not remember the accessing and to come again in several months. The amnesia at the time was utter and complete, with absolutely no hint of what was actually occurring during the visits. My belief that the visits were safe, and that nothing bad had occurred, was real – and mistaken.

Another example: One survivor who had broken off all contact with her family due to cult memories of them had a short meeting with her brother at a local grocery store. She timed it and had a accountability person come and get her at the end of 15 minutes, to ensure that the meeting was short. She and her brother walked around the store and talked a little. During that meeting, completely unknown to the Christian presentation despite prayer, her brother gave a message to her cult parts. Due to the message, for months her cult parts strongly attempted to sabotage some very important matters for the person. These parts shared what happened only six months later in therapy, after much trouble.

Asking the Christian presenters/Host if the survivor was safe during a time period may not work for several reasons:

  • The false Christian Host was the one actually out praying and reporting how the trip went, and the survivor is completely unaware of this fact
  • The Christian presentation/Host has been heavily programmed to sabotage healing and keep cult contact up. They will be completely unaware of this fact. The person’s day to day Christian presentation/Host may be the most heavily programmed part of the person, and they will not know this at all. The cult will not leave Christian parts unprogrammed; and in fact, will make sure these are the ones that maintain recontact.
  • It can be helpful to educate the survivor and their parts on why it is a good idea to stop cult (family) contact. Some reasons to do so include:
  • The desire to stop cult contact must come from the survivor themselves. While it may be obvious to the therapist and others that the survivor is being reaccessed, they will be oblivious to this fact, and will become very angry/defensive/hostile if confronted about this.
  • With this knowledge, the survivor will need to find out which parts are currently in contact with the cult. One way to do so is to give up all phone, email and online activity for a period of time, such as two months. The parts who are currently contacting will probably complain loudly, or the survivor may even become suicidal. The person may become restless and feel a huge urgency that they are “missing something important” in emails or online (the survivor will always have legitimate sounding reasons for continuing online and phone activities, such as checking bank statements and paying bills, but behind these is their programming to recontact running). The Christian presentation, with support, then has the opportunity to bring truth to these parts and help them break out of their cult-trained beliefs.
  • The cult does not just “let people go” when they become adults, or enter therapy. Instead, the accessing will oftenincrease during this time, as cults or government agencies do not want to lose members.
  • Now that the problem of accessing has been defined, what can the survivor, and their helper do, to prevent reaccessing? Especially with the knowledge that early in therapy, reaccessing occurs in nearly 100 % of survivors? It is very common for survivors to be given cover memories that they “broke free” or that the cult abuse ended earlier in life, while in reality, they have been continuously cult active. It is common for survivors to be reaccessed or have cult contact of some kind, until the amnesia starts coming down.