The Real Anthony Fauci

While in modern times, there are numerous people who could be nominated for “representative of evil” in government and finance (as in Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Yuval Harari, Joe Biden and others), there is one official overseeing healthcare in the United States who has done the unconscionable: he and those who surround him have actively worked to suppress health information that could save lives, and instead, have chosen to enroll the United States (and, by exporting vaccines to other countries, other nations) in what amounts to a massive clinical trial.

That man is Anthony Fauci. I understand that he himself is just a puppet (like the others above I named), but some of the experiments on human beings that he has conducted on human beings, including children, with toxic drugs are completely unethical (and extremely profitable for him).

There is an excellent (and for a few days, free, if you don’t mind giving your email address when signing up) movie online that documents what Fauci and others in big pharma have done. This movie can be seen at, and is worth watching for the opening sequence alone. This shows how the response to the pandemic was preplanned months before the first reported case of COVID, including the news reports that would be disseminated.

While the free movie is Part 1, there is a part 2 as well. The interviews document how over the years, Fauci and others with him created highly toxic interventions (that did not work), in conjunction with the pharmaceutical companies, and then turned their focus to vaccines with health-devastating results. I have read the book by the same name and it is sad to realize that those who are in charge of “public health” today are more interested in “personal wealth.”

In 2001, I wrote on my blog that those who are behind the shadows would move out, and work openly, starting in 2020, and that 2020 was considered pivotal in the occult societies for the change from hidden, to open.

I believe that we are seeing this more and more. With increasing censorship and suppression of real science, real thought out views, and the increasing polarization of politics, those who are implementing the governance that will soon be the new world order (as in Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset) are increasingly pushing their agendas.

It is time to continue to be informed, to pray, and to do everything possible to say “no” to these agendas.